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MYTH & ROIDArtist info MYTH & ROID, which groups the words "Myth" and "Android", is reminiscent of the past, while simultaneously calling to the future. Brought to life by the idea of opening up to and expanding our current situation of an ever-developing new world of people with the same origins.They made their major debut in July of 2015 in collaboration with the hit television anime series, OVERLORD, with their first single "L.L... Read more

MYTH & ROID - L.L.L. (Overlord ED) TH-sub
No fanpage, Only Channel!

オーバーロード ED | Overlord Ending - FULL
Overlord ED Full Overlord Ending Full L.L.L." by MYTH&ROID Video was intended to promote the anime and for fans to enjoy Wallpaper ...

Overlord ending song (english subbed)
Overlord ending song English hard subbed song : L.L.L by myth&roid.

L.L.L. feat. Un3h [ dj-Jo Remix ]
Original song by MYTH&ROID from the ending theme to TV Anime "Overlord" titled "L.L.L." Art by tenmuki ...

Overlord ED - Instrumental | オーバーロード ED「L.L.L」
Overlord ED Ending (Cover) | オーバーロード ED | "L.L.L" - Instrumental Version | オーバーロード | インストルメンタル Possible Covers : Ranpo Kitan ED, Charlotte ...

【LucA】L L L ~ ▌FULL COVER ▌OverLord ED ~ ♥ 【歌ってみた】
ESPAÑOL ·SPANISH OMAIGOSH!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ Jamás creí que me saldría esto U////U Espero que les guste! Tanto la pronunciación como las notas agudas eran ...

Overlord ED Piano | オーバーロードED [ピアノ] | L.L.L. by MYTH & ROID (Cover #53)
Well this song shouldn't be played on the piano 8). By the way, this video took two minutes to Wi-Fi is op af plz nerf.

オーバーロード Overlord ED. / L.L.L - Myth & Roid『Loop』
オーバーロード Overlord ED. / L.L.L - Myth & Roid『Loop』 ▻Anime : Overlord オーバーロード ▻Song : L.L.L ▻Artist : Myth & Roid ▻Edit By #M ▻Page ...

L.L.L./MYTH & ROID [Music Box] (Anime "Overlord" ED)
All Songs Collection [Part 1] [Part 2] #R3 Music Box's Playlists #Search for R3 Music Box's ...

オーバーロード ED L.L.L. 【弾いてみました】
アニメ「オーバーロード」のエンディングテーマ「L.L.L.」を弾いてみました。 Overlord ed L.L.L guitar cover Haters gona hate but Nabe is best girl XD. Who's your...

【Matcha Allen】L.L.L.『Full』[Overlord] - Fandub Español Latino
Mp3: Voz, Mezcla,Sutítulos: Matcha Adaptación: Matcha NO ME QUIERES DAR TU AMOR Y ...

Overlord Ending Full - L.L.L [AMV] - Vietsub
Overlord Ending Full Song: L.L.L - MYTH & ROID You want to buy this song? Click here: ▻ My Website:▻ My ...

【歌えてない】L.L.L./MYTH & ROID【オーバーロード ED】
アカウント移行しました!※ いずさんろーらんと申します。 Twitterはこちら↓ 友人からのお達しがあり、1週間弱で覚...

Overlord (オーバーロード) ED- L.L.L TV Size Full Instrumental Cover
AL-BAE-DO IS LOVE BUT NA-BAE IS ALSO VERY NICE I'M CONFLICTED. If you plan on using my instrumental, please credit me by either linking my youtube ...

OVERLORD:オーバーロード ED/ ending full『MYTH & ROID – L.L.L.』
MYTH & ROID – L.L.L.~ ~“Overlord” Ending Theme~

MYTH & ROID「L.L.L.」Overlord Ed Full

Overlord ED - L.L.L. (Guitar Cover)
オーバーロード ED - L.L.L. [Half pitch up] So Madhouse decides to do 1 min and 30 sec. endings again. When I first tried to analyze this song I was a bit confused ...

Overlord ED / Владыка / Повелитель эндинг (Marie Bibika Russian Full-Version)
Для предложения сотрудничества: Хотите заказать кавер или озвучку? Вам сюда:

Overlord オーバーロード Ending "L.L.L" (Guitar Cover)
Facebook: Twitter: Hi! a new cover from Overlord, the Ending L.L.L by MYTH&ROID i ...


Overlord Ending Full / L.L.L. by MYTH&ROID
Overlord Ending Full Ending:"L.L.L." by MYTH&ROID.

L.L.L. MYTH&ROID (Overlord ED)【Full ver.】
【L.L.L.(Overlord ed)】 作詞:MYTH & ROID 作曲:MYTH & ROID 編曲:MYTH & ROID 演唱:MYTH & ROID ...

オーバーロードED 「L.L.L.」弾いてみた。 (Guitar Cover)
今期一押しアニメ!ココで使われてる曲かっこうい!! オーバーロードED 「L.L.L.」/MYTH&ROID.

Overlord Ending / オーバーロード ED - "L.L.L." by MYTH&ROID (Guitar Cover)
Yo guys! Today I brought you the ending from Overlord "L.L.L." by MYTH&ROID This one goes for Torchie who requested this powerful 7 strings song :3 Such a ...

Clattanoia/OxT [Music Box] (Anime "Overlord" OP)
All Songs Collection [Part 1] [Part 2] #R3 Music Box's Playlists #Search for R3 Music Box's ...

【うりゅう】*L.L.L.*弾いてみた【オーバーロード ED】
半音上版* 【うりゅう】L.L.L.を弾いてみた【オーバーロード ED】 Twitter→

オーバーロード OP / Overlord Opening『FULL』 (Clattanoia)
Overlord Opening Full Overlord OP Full "Clattanoia" by O×T (Masayoshi Oishi × [email protected]) Video was intended to promote the anime and for fans to enjoy ...

【cyiemcyiem】L.L.L.(OVERLORD ED)
Original song composed by MYTH&ROID Great AMV is from :)

L.L.L - Overlord ED【sasya】
I'm falling in love with this song ~(*////*)~ C O V E R vocal: sasyachiru (here!) mixing: ittou (commission: ...

Overload ED [L.L.L.] guitar cover
オーバーロード ED 「L.L.L.」 MYTH&ROID レギュラーチューニングで弾いたものを後から半音下げているので、 半音下げチューニングのように見えます...

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