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"This Day Aria" - FRENCH COVER (reworked) / By Mathilde
"This Day Aria." - Cadance/My Little Pony ⇢ Satine/Mathilde FRENCH COVER ♫ Thank you to WeaselFace for the instrumental song : Thank you...

(Nightcore)-This day aria (French Ver.)
Nightcore by me Art by SpiritDodd.

This Day Aria - Karaoke version by MandoPony
DOWNLOAD: Here's the karaoke version! Hope you guys have fun singing it -- please, feel free to use this to make your own covers! I'd love it if...

[Avina] My Little Pony - This Day Aria (French Cover)
Hello tout le monde ! :D Aujourd'hui, une cover de ma série préférée !! (Oui MLP et alors ?! Ce n'est pas une série que pour les enfants !) Mon Instagram :

♫ My Little Pony - This Day Aria (One-Line Multilanguage Collab) ♫
Welcome to our first My Little Pony Fandub :) I have to say I'm so happy that many of you took part here. I actually didn't expect that so many people here do like MLP. But everyone here was...

This Day Aria French Cover 2.0.wmv
New version of my traduction and my Cover of This Day Aria. Some lyrics have been changed, my allergy cured but my micro rest the same. Enjoy! I do not own My Little Pony or this song, it...

[Avina] My Little Pony - This Day Aria (French Parody Cover)
Hello tout le monde ! :D Aujourd'hui, une parodie (cover) de ma série préférée faite par Glacial Wrath ( ) !! (Oui MLP et alors...

My little Pony: Friendship is Magic - This Day Aria (MALE! FanCover by MeykTaruka)
Somepony was fast with makin' a decent instrumental out of the 5.1 Surround Sound Video of the episode. That's what I waited for :3 Instrumental:

This Day Aria German & French
Kolejny nudnawy filmik. Fanduby na razie odkładam bo zagrałam się w simsy :3.

MPL : This Day Aria (French) ~TheIshina ~
Troisième fois que je la met, mais la deuxième version avait des soucis audios. Là, c'est mieux.. Je ne possède QUE l'adaptation et pas le reste !!

My Little Pony - This Day Aria vostfr (traduction française)
J'ai dû arranger certaines phrases pour qu'elles aient un sens :3 \!/ Activez les sous titres \!/ Tout appartient à Hasbro.

[Instrumental] This Day Aria, Part 1

ACA OTRA CANCION KAWAI DE MLP XDXD This Day Aria MLP multilenguaje/ multilanguage cover ©HASBRO All rights reserved. ©HASBRO Todos los derechos reservados. © My Little Pony: Friendship is...

[MLP Fandub French] This is day aria (v1 by siana500)
Une version française qui est assez différente, mais désolée pour le micro il est un peu bizarre et en plus j'ai écris dans certains des sous-titre français dans les épisodes. Et j'ai...

Google Translate Sings "This Day Aria" (MLP:FiM)
EDIT: Sorry for the reupload; I forgot I wanted to bleep out the dirty part XD ooyyyyy Inspired by the brilliant Malinda Kathleen Reese! I might write...

[MLP] "This Day Aria" - Fandub / Cover en CATALÀ ~ by Mireia Decler
Ayer me pedisteis esta canción, y aquí la tenéis ^_^ Canción "This Day Aria" de la serie de dibujos "My Little Pony". ·Voces: Mireia Decler ·Instrumental: YouTube Per contactar-me:...

THIS DAY ARIA 【My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic】 COVER
Title: This Day Aria Television Series: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (Season 2) Cover Artist: Amber Samson Original Artist: Britt McKillip Instrumental by: Andrew Stein Mixed/Mastered...

My Little Pony FiM - This Day Aria 小馬戰爭版

"This Day Aria" mlp toy
Fan video of "This Day Aria" by Daniel Ingram. Created using Video Star:

Nightcore - This Day Aria ♫
Here's another Nightcore from me! Requested by another of my best friends ~ Elric! Enjoy the Nightcore! Picture Link:

This Day Aria - Colt Version
This Day Aria - Colt Version.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - This Day Aria | 110% speed..
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - This Day Aria slightly augmented to bring you more epic feeling. It's the first time I've dabbled in music, so I hope you will like it. Credits go to...

[RUS SONG] My Little Pony -This Day Aria - (Озвучка от GALA Voices)

This Day Aria {Sing With Me} ~ MLP:FiM
This was a random I had but I missed doing these sing with me videos. I'm sorry if I'm too loud btw!! Music composed by: Daniel Ingram My Little Pony Friendship is Magic by: Hasbro/DHX Media/Lau...

This Day Aria - Spanish Version
Of course. LOL well yeah I was searching up this day aria remixes on soundcloud. Welp I found something else. A Spanish version ;o; I am Spanish so I find this awesome :3 Next version maybe...

♫MLP-This Day Aria【Cover♫FANDUB】
Ahoy!! New cover by me :D It was long I didn't post any cover of mine...I started again University,just busy with the lessons now,that's why and yeah I have to make things well^^' I sang...

This Day Aria - Duet Version 2
Here is a other version of this duet video. I hope this one is better for everyone! Colt video: Mare video:

Nightcore ~ This Day Aria
Espero les guste :3.

My Little Pony - This Day Aria (Cover)
Hi everyone! My name is Anaika. I'm 7 years old and I kid you not I really like My Little Pony! So, since this is my first upload on YouTube, I wanted IT to be a cover of one of my favourites,...

This Day Aria - My Little Pony [MALE COVER]
FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: This Day Aria - My Little Pony Cover LONG...