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LongpigsArtist info Longpigs, from Sheffield, were one of the more memorable bands who rose to fame on the fringe of Britpop in the 1990s, comprising Crispin Hunt (vocals), Richard Hawley (guitar), Simon Stafford (bass) and former Cabaret Voltaire member Dee Boyle (drums). The band name refers to the litteral translation of the word for 'human' or 'person' from cannibal tribal language. The group initially signed with Elektra Records in 1993. However, just before they released their first single, two tragedies struck the band... Read more

The Longpigs - Jesus Christ
1995 second single from the debut album, The Sun Is Often Out on Mother Records.

Jesus Christ - Longpigs (Official Video)
The official video for Longpigs' song, Jesus Christ.

Longpigs - Jesus Christ (Black Session 24/6/1996)
Song 9/10.

Longpigs - Vagina Song
B Side off the Jesus christ EP.

Longpigs - Blue Skies
Longpigs perform 'Blue Skies' on CD:UK.

Longpigs - Sweetness (b-side)
B-Side from Longpigs - Jesus Christ Single 1995 Lyrics: Sweetness, I want you near this Sweetness, With all that healing You take these spiders lifely Your short ...

Longpigs - Lost Myself - TFI Friday
The Longpigs on TFI Friday recorded 27 September 1996.

Longpigs - She Said
Subscribe to The Best Of for more classic music history, videos and playlists: Longpigs were a British alternative rock band who rose to fame ...

Longpigs - Far
far by longpigs, p/v from their 1st album the sun is often out(1996)

LONGPIGS (live).wmv
LONGPIGS (live) 1 far 2 lost myself 3 on and on 4 Jesus Christ.

Longpigs - She Said - Top Of The Pops
Only the end, this is all I have. Nice skirt though Crispin! :)

Longpigs - Over our bodies
LONGPIGS over our bodies.

LONGPIGS New York.wmv

The Longpigs - 'Baby Blue'
From The Longpigs excellent second album 'Mobile Home' released in 1999 with some inspired images. Could have been a great James Bond movie title track.

Longpigs - Far (Black Session 24/6/1996)
Song 4/10.

LONGPIGS Happy Again.wmv
LONGPIGS Happy Again.

Longpigs - All Hype (Black Session 24/6/1996)
Song 3/10.

Longpigs - Dozen Wicked Words
LONGPIGS Dozen Wicked Words.

Longpigs - Far (London Version)
Album: "The Sun Is Often Out" (1996), track 3.

LONGPIGS All Hype.wmv

Jesus Christ
Music: Kari Jobe - Revelation Song.

The Longpigs - On And On (US Version)
Greatest love song of all time!

Lost Myself - Longpigs, The
90s single.

Longpigs - Lost Myself (Black Session 24/6/1996)
Song 2/10.

The Longpigs - She Said

Longpigs - The Frank Sonata
The Frank Sonata by Longpigs from Mobile Home, 1999 mother records.

Longpigs - On And On (Black Session 24/6/1996)
Song 5/10.

Longpigs - On and On - Live at T in the Park 1996
Longpigs - On and On.

LONGPIGS Free Toy.wmv

LONGPIGS Far (Sheffield Version).wmv
LONGPIGS Far (Sheffield Version)

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