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Mahlanya - Nakeng Tsa Poho
Mahlanya, Sesotho, Famo Music, Sesotho Music,

The Kingdom of Lesotho - Basotho Music
el grupo SOTHO SOUNDS agarra sus instrumientos artesanales, hechos de latas viejas, palos, crin de caballo, nylon. Parece imposible, pero de estos humildes instrumentos aparentemente inservible...

Mahlanya - Malebela

The best of Lesotho center Hatlane Machina

Radilotshana Le Hifi - Masole Aka Lesotho
Lesotho Music.

Apollo Ntabanyane - Malimo
Lesotho Music.

Lesotho | Stlofa | South African Kwaito Music
Song: Lesotho | Artist: Stlofa SUBSCRIBE Mziiki For Best African Music | Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

Letolo - Oa Mpona
Letolo La Kolo, Famo Music, Sesotho, Sotho Traditional Music, Lesotho Music.

Sephetho - Rakhapu
Sephetho - from The Best of Sephetho - Album Lira Li Tjamme No.1.

Maseko le Lihoba Tsa Mats'ekha - Morongoe oa 'M'e

Selai - Lehlohonolo
Sesotho Music, Seakhi, Sotho Music, Famo, Traditional Music.

Tshidi Mats'aba - Jesu Rato La Hau
This gifted artist will take you to your knees...Tshidi Matshaba is new to Lesotho's gospel industry but her voice shows so much maturity that will leave every gospel lover closer to the almighty...

Sotho Sounds - Basotho Music
A group of Basotho musicians.Lesotho , Malealea 2014.

Bana Ba Boleka - Lehana Kantoa Makaota
Lesotho Music.

Song & dance by Basotho men of Lesotho
A song and dance performed by traditional Basotho men of Lesotho.

The best of Lesotho center Rampeana machaena

The best of Lesotho center Lehloholnolo Lelapa

Sotho Sounds Famo music - Lesotho
Some more traditional music from the radical Sotho Sounds. FAMO music is the traditional Basotho accordion music. Forgive the shaky camera.

Mahlanya - Sello

Lesotho: Basotho Women performing a traditional Basotho Song and Dance
A fascinating song and dance display originating from the native roots of the Basotho people found in the "Mountain Kingdom" of Lesotho in Southern Africa.

Leo & Fredi Fonz - Love Sick - House Music From Lesotho
We are proud to present two new rising artists from Africa! Leomile Motsetsela a.k.a Leo and Moholomi Frederick Thaanyane a.k.a Fredi Fonz. Both born and grown in Lesotho and now based in South...

Exhibition of Bastho culture by Basotho men
The indigenous men of Lesotho exhibiting their cultural roots with this song and dance.

Mamello Rabochene - Kajeno Re Batho (Lesotho)
Mamello Rabochene, the winner of this year's Ultimate Radio Gospel Music Video Award presents yet another incredible gospel video that promises to reveal God's love to the nation of Basotho....

Lesotho women singing, beautiful day out there
another beautiful Lesotho song.

Lesotho Music and Images
Lesotho is the 154th country in my Music/Travel series.

Thutsoana Ea Chesa Naha No.1 - Lefu La Ntate (My Father's Funeral)‏
Lesotho Music.

Thabane O Busa Lesotho
Lesotho Music.

Ts'epo Kherenchane - Ha U Mpona Lefeela (Official Music Video)
From one of the most loved Lesotho's gospel artists comes another anointed worship songs of all times, Ha U Mpona Lefeela by Ts'epo Kherenchane. This song is sure to bring you to tears, as...

Selai - Seqoko

JSTWT- Lesotho: Joss meets Mantsa
In between Mauritius and Swaziland, Joss and the team spent some time in Lesotho to visit Sentebale, a charity ran by Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso. Whilst she was there she was given a lesson...