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LazerhawkArtist info A founding member of Rosso Corsa, Lazerhawk is Garrett Hays from Austin, Texas, USA. His outrun electro is robot pop mixed with dark synths and the occasional lyric. Reminiscent of everything that was good in the 80s including Stallone, the Countach, VHS, Diet Pepsi, Miami Vice, Neoliberal Economics, Back to the Future, Neon Lights and the Nintendo Entertainment System. Synthesizer jams with gargantuan leads, hard toms, spaced-out melody and the pains of being pure at heart... Read more

Blast this song & buy the album here: This video is for support towards the group LAZERHAWK Song applied to a Silverhawks video. The Mandela...

Lazerhawk - So Far Away | HD
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Lazerhawk - So Far Away (Official Video)
Lazerhawk - So Far Way June 26, 2013 Created by ::: ::: TWITTER @johnfranklyke ::: Instagram @juangusta.

Lazerhawk - So Far Away
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