Free Download Knight Rider Theme - Metal Version mp3

Sylvain ClouxArtist info Sylvain Cloux is a french guitarrist who's famous for his theme covers of well-known tv-series, such as MacGyver or The A-Team. ... Read more

Knight Rider Theme Rock Cover
My interpretation of the Knight Rider theme music. Loved this show when I was a kid and I don't think any of the TV shows since bearing the 'Knight Rider' name have ever done the original justice....

Knight Rider intro Metal Version by Sylvain Cloux
Cloux's Facebook : Knight Rider Soundtrack composed by Stu Phillips. Sylvain Cloux : Guitars, Drum programming Tab (GTP and PDF)...

Knight Rider Opening - Metal Cover (Nils Courbaron) EN - Djent metal cover of Knight Rider opening by Nils Courbaron, French guitar player of Lyr Drowning and T.A.N.K....

KNIGHT RIDER - Knight Rider Metal Theme (HD)
Knight Rider Metal Theme Bonus Theme to Knight Rider Soundtrack.

Knight Rider Theme - Metal Version
Do you remember the series in the 80's of Knight Rider also known as Supercar? I covered the theme song into a Metal version. This was originally intended as a birthday surprise to my dear...

Knight Rider theme song METAL VERSION by Spectre d'Iapetus
Knight Rider theme song METAL VERSION by Spectre d'Iapetus. You can download the song here!

Knight Rider Theme (Rock Version)
the rock version of the knight rider theme tune.

Knight Rider Theme Song (Metal cover by Me(n)tal Twist Covers)
Anyone remembers Knight Rider? Well, I made a me(n)tally twisted version of the theme song. Check it out for some Heavy Metal!! Original by Stuart Phillips. Check out my youtube Channel :...

Knight Rider Theme Metal Cover
A cover of the theme to the greatest show ever! :D Drums are the usual, Yamaha DTXplorer trough EZdrummer and guitar is an Alexi LTD ESP 600 trough a Boss pedal. Strings and keys are VST.

The Ills - Knight Rider Theme Song Cover (Live z relácie Na koberci s Balážom a Hubinákom) |
The Ills zahrali v relácii Na koberci s Balážom a Hubinákom titulnú melódiu zo seriálu Knight Rider od dvojice Stu Phillips and Glen A. Larson. Celú reláciu Na koberci s Balážom...

K2000 (Knight Rider Theme ) - Guitar Cover
I Did all the instruments of this cover, Bass Guitar with Fl Studio and Drum With BeatCraft. I Love this theme so hope you like it \m/

Knightrider Theme Guitar Remix (audio only)
First of all, yeah i know this isnt actually a video of me playing it, but there are a lot of parts and i just wanted to make something on Audacity. Posted it here because i wanted people's...

Knight Rider Theme - Metal Cover (with Reason 4)
A reinterpretation of the theme music from the classic 80s TV-show "Knight Rider". made with Reason 4 plus extra refills.

Airwolf Meets Metal
Become my patron: Hi guys!! So the first time I came across Airwolf was thanks to Acclaim. Pretty soon after, 3 seasons of the TV show was also in the books...

I dont own any rights to the original. Just a remake for fun. Not for comercial use.

Knight Rider theme (cover made on Korg Kronos by Dvorkys)
Hello there!! I'm back with another experiment !! This time I wanted to take myself into my childhood and show you my hero of all times, KITT !! :) Every week I waited in front of TV for my...

Knight Rider Theme (8 Bit Remix Cover Version) [Tribute to Knight Rider] - 8 Bit Universe
New 8 Bit remix cover version of Knight Rider Theme, a tribute to Knight Rider - reminiscent of classic chiptune NES 8-bit Nintendo songs! 8 Bit Universe On Amazon!!

"Knight Rider Theme" (Orchestral Version by Luis Manuel Tanda Jiménez)
Otro tema de series de los 80's a mi estilo: "Knight Rider" o "El auto increible" acá en México, espero les guste. Another theme of series from the 80's to my style: "Knight Rider" or "El...

Knight Rider theme - Violin Cover
The Army of Fitzys are back to cover the theme from the amazing 80's TV show "Knight Rider." Get the track for free at: Follow me:

Dutch Knight Rider (2011) All Heavy Metal Guitar and Drums version
Back in 2011 my friend and I had the pleasure of spending the Afternoon with the Dutch KITT. Recently I did a Metal Cover of the Theme song and decided to dig up the old footage and make a...

Robocop Meets Metal
Hey guys, So as many of you may or may not know, the new Robocop is about to hit very shortly. The original Robocop is one of my favorite movies of all time. Not to mention, my very first...

Knight Rider Theme - 2 Electric Guitars
This is the Knight Rider theme composed by Jean-Michel Jarre, transcribed for 2 electric guitars.

Knight rider - Spanish guitar cover
Originally written by Stu Phillips for the Knight Riders TV series. As a kid I loved the series. In the song I always felt some flamenco behind. I made this cover based on that mood.

Knight Rider Theme - Only Minimoog Cover
『Knight Rider Theme』 The sound source is only Minimoog. The rhythm truck is Minimoog, too. I did not use MIDI & CV/Gate at all. Other than a rhythm truck, I dub trucks by a real-time...

Mac Gyver Magnum, P.I. Knight Rider (Supercar) Theme music (Fender Ibanez)
Theme music Song Guitar Cover Mac gyver, Magnum, p.i. , Night rider (supercar), by Claudio Acampora GUITARS: IBANEZ POWER 540p FENDER ROAD WORN -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch:...

KNIGHT RIDER Opening Theme [MITCH MURDER cover/remix]
Music : Mitch Murder - Knight Rider Theme cover remix Track available on [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Knight Rider theme - bass cover by Alberto Rigoni & Karl Clews
Knight Rider theme - bass cover by Alberto Rigoni & Karl Clews.

Knight Rider Theme (Sindirilla HOUSE remix)
ER: Emergency Room Main Theme Remix here: The remix of the main theme for the original NBC series Knight Rider...

Knight Rider Theme 03
My Remix from the Original Knight Rider Theme and my little video :-)

Knight Rider 3000 theme
the show sucked but the car is still cool! actually i liked the way it started but it just got too ridiculous by the time the re-introduced KARR.

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