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This is #4 'No Gain' from JUNSU'S (JYJ) first solo album 'Tarantallegra. This album includes 12 singles. Enjoy! :) NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED. THIS IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES. THIS IS TO PROMOTE...

[vietsub+kara] No gain - Junsu - XIA- yunjae version

Xiah Junsu - No gain (sk sub).avi
singing Xiah Junsu wrote and composed by Kim Jaejoong.

[ALBUM] TARANTALLEGRA - Xiah (준수) JUNSU (JYJ) Release Date: May 14,2012 Tracklist: 01. Sunset 02. Tarantallegra (ft. Flowsik of Aziatix) 03. Set Me Free (ft. Bizzy) 04. No Gain 05. 사랑이...

[Fanmade] Xiah Junsu - No Gain
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED** Artist - Xia (Known As Kim Junsu OR Xiah Junsu) Song Name - No Gain Song Written By - Kim Jaejoong Album - Tarantallegra Basically this is my first...

Xia Junsu - No gain .. ( arabic sub ) مترجمة عربي
Xia Junsu - no gain with arabic subtitle enjoy ^^ and feel free to follow me on twitter @dongbangsfaith ^^

이 뮤직비디오는 해상도 720 에 최적화 되어있습니다. The resolution of this Music Video is optimized in 720p HD 김준수 첫 솔로 정규 앨범 타이틀곡 타란탈레...

Xiah Junsu - No Gain [rus.sub]
Viagra? NO! XiaGra!!!

JUNSU(준수)XIA(시아) 1st Tour in Brazil - São Paulo (No Gain) [fancam]
[120908] XIA Junsu 1st World Tour in Brasil - No Gain.

[121130] XIA Junsu - No Gain [Live in Oberhausen]
Do not re-up.

[Eng] XIA Junsu - No Reason
Just a simple translation. :) Hangul 가사 & Romanization Lyrics 깨물면 안 돼 kkaemulmyeon an dwae 부드럽게 넘겨줘 budeureopge neomgyeojwo 달콤한 막대 사탕처럼 dalkomhan...

Junsu No Gain FMV w/Jaejoong`s intro (English Japanese Romaji Subs) 日本語字幕

120523 金在中-NO GAIN清唱
5/23台北見面會在中小小SOLO了一段他寫給俊秀的NO GAIN 超好聽的!!!!!!

JYJ - Handsome/Beautiful Junsu (No Gain)
Türkçe altyazılı videolar için: takip edin lütfen :))

[FMV] No Gain - Xiah Junsu
Hey everyone! It took me such a long time to make this video! And even after I finally finished I got screwed by movie maker (once again!) because I found out that the last minute of the video...

Kim Junsu 김준수 - Tarantallegra (2013 Concert in Tokyo Dome) [eng + rom + hangul + karaoke sub]
DO NOT REUPLOAD. Feat Flowsik of Aziatix, from Junsu's 1st album : Tarantallegra. This song marks the end of solo stages! Back to group performances after this ^^ The playlist of this concert...

No Gain - Kim Junsu (COVER)
'No Gain' by Kim Junsu (Xiah/Xia) cover sing ^^ Sorry if I couldn't to sing it very well ;__; Original song: Thanks for watching! sz.

[ESP + HANGUL] No Gain - XIA Junsu Tarantallegra
Una hermosisima cancion, escrita por Jaejoong e interpretada por Junsu, incluida en su reciente album "Tarantallegra" ¡JYJ Hwaiting~♥!


Xia - No Gain ft. Jaejoong & Yunho
FMV~ Mix of Jaejoong's 'Perfect Day' ELLE photoshoot and Yunho cuts from the Before U Go Drama Version.

Xiah Junsu - No Reason [ INCREDIBLE]

Xia Junsu (시아준수) - No Gain (121130) ~ Oberhausen Germany
recorded with my Camcorder (Samsung HMX-T10) ~

Kim JaeJoong - No Gain MV [Fan Made]
I made this video.. I hope you like it :] No Gain by Junsu ft. Jaejoong.

Jang Ri In feat Xiah Junsu 김준수 - Timeless MV part 2 [eng + rom + hangul + karaoke sub]
DO NOT REUPLOAD. turn on CC to view subs in Chinese (by Janice), French (by Nathalie), Romanian (by Crystyna), and Spanish (by Ingrid). Zhang Li Yin 장리인's debut song feat Kim Junsu...

Tarantallegra Germany Xia Junsu - No Gain

Kim Junsu 김준수 - No Gain FMV [eng + rom + hangul + karaoke sub]
DO NOT REUPLOAD. Fanmade MV by my dongsaeng, Amanda. Turn on Subtitles/CC to view subs in Chinese (by Janice), German (by Sofia), Indonesian (by Louielicious), Romanian (by Crystyna), Slovenian...

No Gain + Tarantallegra - Kim Junsu (120714, SOFTNYX - ANIME FRIENDS)
'No Gain' & 'Tarantallegra' by Kim Junsu (Xiah/Xia) cover dance ^^ Sorry if I couldn't to dance it very well ;__; Original version: &

[HJ519][Vietsub + Kara] No Gain - Kim Junsu
No Gain Album: Tarantallegra - XIA Lyrics: Kim Jaejoong Composed by: Kim Jaejoong Arranged by: Bin Ki Kwon

XIA Junsu - No Gain (Instrumental)
It's been a long time since I uploaded the latest instrumental~ I've been busy recently but I have the urge to upload this since it's my Junsu's new song! No Gain is one of my fav songs from...

[Vietsub] No gain - Xiah Junsu
Babe U know I can't forget...