Free Download John Barry - Bogota 1984,from The Specialist mp3

John BarryArtist info John Barry, OBE (3 November 1933 - 30 January 2011), born John Barry Prendergast in York, UK is considered one of the "Big Four" of late 20th century film composers (the others being John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, and Henry Mancini).His family was in the cinema business, but it was during his National Service that he began performing as a musician. After taking a correspondence course and arranging for some of the bands of the day, he formed the "John Barry Seven." Barry then met Adam Faith, and composed songs and film scores on the singer's behalf... Read more

John Barry - Bogota 1984,from The Specialist
Bogota 1984 - John Barry.

The Specialist (OST) - The Whole Place Is Wired, She's Hot Ray
The Specialist - Original Soundtrack Score John Barry 1994 Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism,...

The Specialist 1994

John Barry The Specialist film soundtrack 2 in 1
John Barry The Specialist film soundtrack Did You Call Me Get the hell out of here.

John Barry - "Black Stockings" - '60
I can't believe THIS one wasn't on YT! MORE early John Barry is on this channel.

The Specialist Music Video
The specialist music video, Directed and Edited by Lou Candelaira at, music by Big World Records.

JOHN BARRY - My Love Has Two Faces (Instrumental Demo)
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The Specialist Musik - Thought Process (produced by Borne)

The Specialist Musik - Round 1
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