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Arctic Monkeys interview - Matt Helders and Jamie Cook (part 1)
Arctic Monkeys about their ten year anniversary, personal changes, starting as a band, playing big and small gigs. Watch more videos at and follow us on http://www.twitt...

Jamie Cook without guitar during 'Dancefloor' into 'Library Pictures' at Rock Werchter 2014
Jamie Cook without guitar during 'I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor' into 'Library Pictures'. Live at Rock Werchter - 04-07-2014.

Arctic Monkeys Interview at Lowlands 2009 with Jamie Cook and Nick O'Malley
Arctic Monkeys Interview at Lowlands 2009 with Jamie Cook and Nick O'Malley.

Bckstg con Arctic Monkeys
Una de las bandas más esperadas del CC13 nos recibió afuera de su camerino. Aunque son hombres de pocas palabras, Matt y Jamie compartieron algunas cosas con nosotros, ¿quieres saber de...

Arctic Monkeys interview in Amsterdam 2006
Interview with Alex Turner and Jamie Cook by Leonieke Daalder. Part of the "Naar Eer en Geweten" series.

Arctic Monkeys at Norman's Rare Guitars
All the way from Sheffield in the UK, Nick O'Malley and Jamie Cook from the "Arctic Monkeys" visit Norman's Rare Guitars and buy a Vintage Fender Precision Bass. Look out for their new Album...

Jamie Cook 02/04/2012 ARGENTINA autógrafos y fotos!
Jamie y su cara de "Dios mío, para qué salí a la calle?"

Alex Turner & Jamie Cook - Interview 2011 - Chicago - HD
Alex Turner very talkative which is a pleasent surprise. Mean while Jamie Cook (Cookie) just simply stands holding a microphone.

Jamie Cook Angle (Arctic Monkeys) - This House Is A Circus [live @ The Hollywood Bowl]
This House Is A Circus, ABSOLUTELY one of my favorite Jamie parts! The eerie new guitar solo is superb! And in this performance, the lightning is visually stimulating. There are moments (check...

Arctic Monkeys Go Ape On Sky News
Jamie, Al & Matt get one back on stupid reporter questions after the Mercury win.

Jamie Cook - Postcards From Italy (Beirut cover)

Crying Lightning Jamie Cook cover

Jamie Cook - Still Take You Home
A compilation of my favorite Jamie Cook moments. Enjoy! And of course, special thanks to dancingshoesx505 for helping me and being so friendly. =)

Arctic Monkeys interview - Matt Helders and Jamie Cook (part 2)
Arctic Monkeys about pressure, writing on tour, b-sides, Alex moving to New York, growth. Watch more videos at and follow us on

Jamie Cook Angle (Arctic Monkeys) - Dangerous Animals [live at Soma San Diego 9/16/2009]
I love the creepy intro Jamie brings to this song. He's good at re-creating that "submarine sonar" sound effect live, doesn't he? Long hair effect? I think so!

The View From The afternoon (Guitar - Jamie Cook Part)
Carefull, this is completely out of rythm ! (I made this video really quickly to show it to friends with whom I could cover this song.) But i think its pretty accurate, the sound is not too...

Jamie Cook-Sex Bomb
Sex Bomb, Sex Bomb, Jamie Cook is a Sex Bomb...

Jamie Cook Angle (Arctic Monkeys) - The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala [live @ The Hollywood Bowl]

Arctic Monkeys interview - Matt Helders and Jamie Cook (part 3)
Arctic Monkeys about bands that were an inspiration, covers, Josh Homme, being punished for experiments. Watch more videos at and follow us on

Interview with Alex and Jamie - Kulturnyheterna (SVT1)
Kulturnyheterna (SVT1) Swedish. Filmed at Way Out West festival. Interview by Per Sinding-Larsen.

Arctic Monkeys Interview VG TV Norway
4th July 2006, interview with Alex Turner and Jamie Cook before their show at Quart Festival Norway.

Arctic Monkeys interview - Matt Helders and Jamie Cook (part 4)
Arctic Monkeys about fast songs on the first album, new songs, Lowlands festival, tour, b-sides, internet breaking down. Watch more videos at and follow us on http://www...

Jamie Cook - White Winter Hymnal (Fleet Foxes Cover)
Playing around on Audacity

Jamie Cook!
More pics of Jamie in:"Jamie Cook-Sex Bomb (WITH LYRICS). Well I wrote my number down Never wrote it down before Was gonna bring it over like something from a film But I didn't...

Jamie Cook (Arctic Monkeys) Painting Time Lapse
'This House Is A Circus, Berserk As Fuck' By Micheál Quinn Portrait of Jamie Cook, of Arctic Monkeys, set to 'This House is A Circus' For more, visit

Jamie Cook - The Model (Belle & Sebastian cover)

Arabella (Jamie Cook of Arctic Monkeys guitar cover)
Just me having fun in this song by Arctic Monkeys. Hope you like! Suggestions? Comment, subscribe!

Jamie Cook Angle (Arctic Monkeys) - Library Pictures [live @ The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas]
You Sexy Thing (I Believe In Cookies)

Ragged Mile - THE BLACK LILLIES featuring Jamie Cook
Robyn's Backyard Nashville, TN 1012.

Jamie Cook - The Cave (Mumford & Sons ukulele cover)
Mumford & Sons - The Cave (on ukulele!) I just wrote a tab for this too if you feel like playing it yourself! ...