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Jack SavorettiArtist info With his husky voice, a head full of catchy tunes and a story to tell, Jack Savoretti would seem to have everything it takes.Yet, just one year ago - with two albums already to his name, a raft of rave reviews, and a legion of fans from five years of solid gigging - Jack was about to pack it all in.Having left his former label and management, he had become thoroughly disillusioned with the music biz at the age of 27. “I was seriously thinking about giving it all up,” he admits... Read more

Jack Savoretti - Tight Rope (Lyrics)
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Tightrope - Jack Savoretti - Live at Fabrique Milan 2017
Serata fantastica quella del 24/02/2017 AL FABRIQUE di Milano. Questo bellissimo brano fa parte dell'album Sleep No More pubblicato nel 2016.

Jack Savoretti - Tight Rope (6/11/16)
At Southampton's O2 Guildhall.

Jack Savoretti 'Tight Rope' and 'Soldiers Eyes' Cambridge 18 March 2017

Jack Savoretti - Tightrope (Bristol O2 Academy 05.11.2016)
Sleep No More UK Tour 2016.

Jack Savoretti - @Fabrique Milano (February 24, 2017)
(I filmed part of the set:) 0:00 Tie Me Down 2:47 Helpless 6:29 I'm Yours 9:24 Tight Rope (Home / The Other Side Of Love / Back Where I Belong) 14:34 Catapult 17:53 When We Were Lovers 22:18...

Jack Savoretti - Start Living In The Moment
Dall'album ''Sleep No More'' (2016)

Jack Savoretti - Only You - 3/6/2017 - Paste Studios, New York, NY
Jack Savoretti - Only You Recorded Live: 3/6/2017 - Paste Studios - New York, NY More Jack Savoretti in the Paste Cloud: Savoretti&m=Video Visit Paste...

Jack Savoretti - Any Other Way
Dall'album ''Sleep No More'' (2016)

Jack Savoretti - I'm Yours (25/10/16)
At HMV Oxford St album launch/signing.

Jack Savoretti - Gypsy Love
Jack Savoretti - Gypsy Love I don't own anything, Link to the original video: Lyrics: Well they came from different stories But met on the same page Ran away like...

Jack Savoretti - Sleep No More
Dall'album ''Sleep No More'' (2016)

Jack Savoretti - Lullaby Loving
Dall'album ''Sleep No More'' (2016)

Jack Savoretti - Deep Waters (Lyrics)
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2016/12/08 : jack savoretti " lullaby loving" ( cut)

Jack Savoretti - Once Upon A Street (Lyrics)
Álbum: Between the Minds Número de canción/Track: 4 Año/Year: 2007 Descargar/Download 'Between the Minds' en iTunes: Facebook:

Jack Savoretti - Helpless (Lyrics)
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Jack Savoretti - Only You (Lyrics)
THIS video is (actually) the video with more visits in the channel. And all thanks to YOU. ♥ • • • • • • • • Álbum: 'Sleep No More' Número de canción/Track: 8 Año/Year:...

Jack Savoretti: 'Breaking The Rules' - Genoa, 26 February 2017 - EPIC PERFORMANCE

Jack Savoretti feat. Rose - C'etait Juste Hier (Official Audio)
Taken from Jack's new album "Sleep No More" Out now: Follow Jack: Facebook: Twitter:

Jack Savoretti - Troubled Souls (Lyrics)
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Jack Savoretti in versione acustica con il brano "I'm Yours" contenuto nell'album Sleep No More.

Jack Savoretti - Between the Minds (Lyrics)
ALL THE LOVE AS ALWAYS! Álbum: 'Between the Minds' Número de canción/Track: 8 Año/Year: 2007 Descargar/Download 'Between the Minds' en iTunes:

Jack Savoretti - Whiskey Tango (Lyrics)
ALL THE LOVE. New song from 'Sleep No More SE' Facebook: Instagram: I don't own anything. :)

Jack Savoretti - Dreamers (Lyrics)
Álbum: Between the Minds Número de canción/Track: 1 Año/Year: 2007 Descargar/Download 'Between the Minds' en iTunes:

Jack Savoretti - We Are Bound (Lyrics)
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Jack Savoretti - "I'm Yours" (Rolling Stone France)
Rolling Stone France Découvrez la session live du chanteur anglo-italien Jack Savoretti réalisée avant son concert à La Flèche d'Or le 8 décembre dernier. Et pour nous suivre, c'est...

Jack Savoretti - I'm Yours (Lyrics)
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Lullaby Loving

Jack Savoretti - Helpless (6/11/16)
At Southampton's O2 Guildhall.