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SearchArtist info Search can be considered as the leading rock band that spearheaded the Rock scene in Malaysia. They are one of the most successful groups in Malaysian music history.The band was formed some 25 years ago by Hillary, Yazid and Zainal Rampa. They then included Nasir and Man Kidal into the band to form a complete 5-piece band that would be able to perform in clubs... Read more

Search Isabella 1989
video original amy search 1989....sangat lama dan histeris lagunya menggema sampai sekarang 23 th sudah lagu ISABELLA dirilis tetap di daur ulang setiap 10th ulang th lagu ini.

Isabella (SEARCH Live concert 2004)
Concert by Malaysian's evergreen rock band SEARCH at Merdeka Stadium 2004.. 20 years in the music scenes..

Isabella - Amy Search (Movie Clip)
Epic Moment Clip From Isabella The Movie.

iSabella - Search [Full Lyrics]
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isabela search instrumental.flv
hillary ang cover.

SEARCH - Unplugged Isabella
Respect to Malaysia dan bangga akan Indonesia..., Good Film also. ;)

search isabella solo by john kapak
guitar peavey wolfgang.

Isabella - Search
Isabella - Search.

Isabela - Isabela (Official Music Video)
Compozitori: Tessarollo Manuele Roton Music TV is the channel where hitmakers gather! With more than 20 years of experience in the music industry, Roton...

Amy search isabela karaoke audio jernih
Channel karaoke audio jernih : Daftar Putar semua karaoke audio Jernih :

Search - Isabella
at Kuala Lumpur International Bike Rally Mount Kiara.

Isabella by Search (keyboard cover).mp4
Sorry,a few mistakes by the way thanks for watching.

isabella (search cover)

Isabella Live In London
The amazing SEARCH performing their classic hit Isabella. Great lineup with Amy, Kid, Nasir, Yazid and Din. After 3 decades and still going strong! Scala, London (18.02.10).

Amy search inka christie ISABELA
Konser Ekspresi karya gemilang setelag 22tahun lamanya baru ini mereka duel bersama di atas panggung.

Isabela - Search


isabela-search(redonblack concert at kuantan)

Search - Isabella Di Jakarta 1990

Search Isabella Cover by FCG
Using Sonar 8.0 Producer to create Drum & Strings Instrument Midi. Vocal and Solo guitar recorded separately. We are from Felda Chuping Perlis. It just a fun because we are not professional...

Kid (Search)
Isabella (Solo)

Fingerstyle Isabela (Amy Search)
Fingerstyle lagu Isabella amy Search, lagu yang populer pada tahun 90an. mohon maaf jika dari fingerstyle ini banyak kekurangannya.

Search - Isabella
Lagu rock kapak kegemaran sepanjang zaman...

Search - Isabella
Live at Planet Hollywood (09/09/2008)

denden gonjalez isabela cover
saya ingin menujukan lagu ini khas untuk mohd nasir di seremban..

Isabela - amy search (live)
Malam inspirasi 'kun anta', DATC uitm shah alam.

joe flizzow feat amy search isabella
1st single by joe flizzow a.k.a The President. Album lunch @ Hard Rock Cafe, Kuala Lumpur 19 February.

Isabela movie

Isabela (Search) Solo Cover - Kolos

Mijiero Inc - Isabella instrumental solo demo
Salam dan hello semua...this is an instrumental solo Demo by me.. Tribute to band SEARCH...i hope u guys enjoy it as i do... thanks all :)

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