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Interpol - Roland

Interpol - Roland lyrics

Interpol - Roland (live)
Interpol - Roland in live Saint Louis @ the Rocket Bar, 25 September 2002.

Interpol - Roland
thanks for all the possitive comments and ratings! really means alot... this is an unofficial video for the song "roland" by interpol made as a school project!

Interpol- Roland-alternate version
This is not the version found on "Turn On The Bright Lights" You tell me what it is.

Interpol - Roland Live Eurockeennes
Amazing song!!!!

Interpol - Roland
off their 1st album. Turn on the bright lights.

Interpol - Roland // Video + Lyrics³
Video + Subtitled Lyrics ·All Interpol Videos · ·Song 5 | Get the Girls ▻ ·Next Exit ▻ ·Tidal Wave ▻

Interpol @ La Route du Rock (2017)
Play List (Cortesía de Roberto García) Not Even Jail 1:06 Take You On a Cruise 7:04 Slow Hands 12:29 All The Rage Back Home 15:50 Untitle 20:47 Obstacle 1 24:55 NYC 29:05 PDA 33:15 Say...

Interpol - The Black Ep (Full) 2002
Tracklist Live at Radio France, Paris, France, 27th August 2002 01. Untitled 00:00 02. Obstacle1 03:42 03. Stella was a diver and she ....08:17 04. Roland 14:31 05. Specialist 18:26...

Interpol [email protected] Atelier 19 08 2017
Interpol [email protected] Atelier 19 08 2017.

Interpol - Roland Lyrics
Lyrics on Screen From Interpol: Turn on the bright lights. Feedback appreciated.

Interpol live - 'Roland' - France 2005
Interpol - live performance of 'Roland' at Festival du Printemps de Bourges, France, 23 April 2005.

Interpol - Roland
They're back at it again! Interpol sings a beautiful song about friendship, Poland and meat.

Interpol - Roland (drum cover)
The last video from my Interpol drum cover series! This is a tribute to my best friend, he's a butcher and he has about sixteen knives or so.. He carries them all over the town, you know,...

Roland(Fukd I.D.#3)- Interpol
uno de mis temas favoritos de Interpol, aunque esta suena como grabada en estudio o algo asi bueno = se escucha genial, como la original en Turn On The Bright Lights...

Roland - Interpol
Lyrics: My best friend's a butcher, he has sixteen knives He carries them all over the town at least he tries, Oh look it stopped snowing My best friend's from Poland and, um, he has a beard....

Interpol - Roland @ Forest Hills Stadium, NY 2017
Interpol - Roland @ Forest Hills Stadium, NY 2017.

Interpol - Roland Live (Lyrics)
Artist: Interpol Song: Roland Album: Turn on the Bright Lights [2002] Myspace:

4K - Interpol - "Roland" live at Forest Hills Stadium - Queens, NY 09/23/2017
Interpol performing "Roland" live at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, NY on Saturday September 23, 2017 at the "Turn on the Bright Lights" XV Anniversary show.

Drop D Tuning First Interpol song I´ve ever liked. Gotta be the first Interpol song on the channel ;) I Hope you guys like it, leave your comments and suggestions below.

Interpol - Roland @ Eurockéennes 2005
Interpol perform Roland.

interpol Roland En Vivo Mexico 2017
Interpol en vivo mexico 2017.

Interpol - The New
Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights (2002) all right reserved Matador Records

Interpol "Roland" (Bass Cover) The ninth song on Interpol's first album "Turn On the Bright Lights." Great song. In drop D. Enjoy!

Interpol - Roland (piano cover)
"As for Roland, some people argue that it's about Jack the Ripper. Some say it's about the character 'Roland Weary' in Slaughterhouse V. Some say it's just about a best friend of the narrator/singe...

Interpol - Roland (COVER) HD
I do not own this song. No copyright infringement is intended. Interpol - Roland (COVER) HD Enjoy!

Interpol - Roland @ Dcode 2017
Interpol - Roland @ Dcode 2017 09/09/17.

Interpol - The New

Interpol Roland | Drum Track |
Interpol Roland Album: Turn On The Bright Lights.

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