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HawkwindArtist info Hawkwind is an English rock band and one of the earliest space rock groups. The band was formed by ex-busker and blues man Dave Brock in Ladbroke Grove, London, who intended to marry simple three-chord rock with experimental electronic music. He cites his influences for the band at the time as The Moody Blues, Steve Miller Band and the krautrock scene of Kraftwerk, Neu! and particularly Can.The band was formed in 1969 by visionary Dave Brock and although it has been subject to numerous line-up changes it is still led by him... Read more

Hawkwind - Master of the Universe
In Search of Space.

Hawkwind - Masters Of The Universe - FULL ALBUM
Here's one of the best compilations I have had the pleasure of acquiring. So much so, I've got it on vinyl, tape & CD :) "Master of the Universe" (Nik Turner, Dave ...

Hawkwind - Master Of The Universe (DVD - 'Hawkwind In Concert: Out Of The Shadows')
This is the track 'Master Of The Universe' taken from Secret Records DVD 'Hawkwind In Concert: Out Of The Shadows' available now. This gig was filmed on the ...

Hawkwind - Master of the universe (Space Ritual)

Hawkwind - Master of the Universe - Motörhead Style!

HAWKWIND Master of the Universe
The original, from the 'In Search Of Space' album. Trippy graphics painstakingly spliced together using free sample downloads from

Hawkwind - Masters of The Universe - FULL ALBUM
Third album of this title. Containing the following tracks: 1 Masters of The Universe 2 Shot Down in The Night 3 Who's Gonna Win The War 4 Motorhead 5 Dust of ...

Hawkwind - Master of the Universe ( Space Ritual - Heavy version)
SPACE RITUAL\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Hawkwind - Master of the Universe HD
Since I haven't been able to find the original version of this song from the LP "Masters of the Universe" (the version on itunes which states it is the MotU-version ...

HAWKWIND - Masters Of The Universe live @ Manchester Ritz 25.01.13

Hawkwind - Master of the universe
This is my favorite version of this magnificent track by space weirdos HAWKWIND! Found in Hawkwind - The collection and don't have more info on it.

HAWKWIND 1977 Masters Of The Universe Full Album
Track List 01 Master Of The Universe 02 Brainstorm 03 Sonic Attack 04 Orgone Accumulator 05 Its So Easy 06 Lost Johnny I own no rights, am sharing for public ...

Hawkwind - Masters Of The Universe (UA/Magnum) - [FULL ALBUM]
This is from the '3CD Collectors Set' The Entire and Infinite Universe of Hawkwind. Obviously there are 4 CDs in this box set and this Masters of The Universe is ...

Hawkwind - In Search Of Space - FULL ALBUM
This is the second studio album and Hawkwind's first chart entry reaching #18 in the UK Album Charts You Shouldn't Do That (Turner/Brock) -- 15:42 You Know ...

Hawkwind - Master Of The Universe
band: Hawkwind album: Live Chronicles (1986) song: Master Of The Universe Line-up / Musicians - Harvey Bainbridge / keyboards, synthesizers, vocals - Dave ...

hawkwind - the master of the universe (1996 remastered version)
LP: "X In Search Of Space" (1971).

Hawkwind - Masters Of The Universe sample from the new live album '77'
This is a sample of the song 'Masters Of The Universe' from the live album '77' by the fantastic psychedlic rock titans, Hawkwind. Released on the 18/06/2012 ...

Hawkwind- Master of the Universe
Description....Hawkwinds gig at the Ritz in March, a couple of months after the passing of Huw Lloyd Langton. This track is the opening song on the evenings set ...

Hawkwind - Master Of The Universe
Scenes from the movie: 1). Humanity's End (2009) 2). Enemy Mine (1985) 3). Space Battleship "Yamato" (2010) 4). Wing Commander (1999) 5). Dune (1984) 6).

Hawkwind - Master Of The Universe (Bristol Custom Bike Show 20.6.1986)
This is taken from the VHS tape 'Concerts - Festivals - Private Parties 1979-1989' which I received from Dave Brock many years ago. The volume may sound a ...

HAWKWIND 1979 Live Seventy Nine Remaster 2009
Live Seventy Nine Remaster 2009 Track List 01 - Shot down in the Night 02 - Motorway City 03 - Spirit of the Age 04 - Brainstorm 05 - Lighthouse 06 - Master of ...

Hawkwind - Master of the Universe (Egosentrifug Remix)
From Egosentrifug "Remixes EP", 2005.

Classical Hawkwind - Masters of the universe
latino rock combo funny!

From the incomparable Greasy Truckers Album circa 1972 Probably the best live version of Hawkwinds classic anthem. Enjoy.

Hawkwind - 'Master of the Universe' live with Jude from Underground Zerø
Recorded live at the Anglia for Africa event in Norwich in 1985. This was the end of the set when Jude joined the Hawks on stage. Shame the vision mixer didn't ...

Nik Turner - Masters Of The Universe - (Live at the Great American M Hall, San Franciso, USA, 1994)
NIK TURNER space ritual live 03 masters of the universe The original rock n roll space warrior, the alien godfather of heavy metal, Nik Turner has spent over ...

skelator - master of the universe (Hawkwind cover)
Track from their album "King of Fear" (2014)

4. Master Of The Universe
Recorded live in December 1972 and released the following year, Space Ritual is an excellent document of Hawkwind's classic lineup, underscoring the group's ...

Hawkwind - Master Of The Universe HD

Hawkwind - Space Ritual FULL ALBUM
This is here for fellow Hawknauts, Friends & Relations. I own no rights to the sound and vision here. Your viewing pleasure is welcome.... "Earth Calling" "Born to ...

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