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Glass CandyArtist info Glass Candy is an American electro band from Portland, Oregon, United States that formed in 1996. The band consists of vocalist Ida No and guitarist/synthesist/general producer Johnny Jewel.While the band's early work blended noise rock with electropop, their later work incorporates Italo disco. The band is known for evolving through the years since their original collaboration, and experimenting with various musical genres... Read more

Glass Candy - Ms. Broadway Remix (from Deep Gems: A Collection of Singles, B Sides & Rarities)
Photo montage of Glass Candy to Ms. Broadway Remix (from Deep Gems: A Collection of Singles, B Sides & Rarities)


Glass Candy - Iko (Cosmic Rockers Remix)
Check out my other stuff on facebook: A little remix I made of Glass Candy's "Iko". Pictures taken from myspace.

Glass Candy X Texture - Digital Face Melter
GLASS CANDY X TEXTURE - DIGITAL FACE MELTER Bootleg remix. No rights reserved.


Find what you get (Nik 7 remix) - Bang Gang
Video montage I Made for this remix, using the original Videoclip... Hope U like it!

The Long Blondes - Nostalgia (Glass Candy Remix)
The Long Blondes - Nostalgia (Glass Candy Remix) [unreleased]

Glass Candy Warm In The Winter ( [email protected] MIX )

Glass Candy - Shell game -remix

GLASS CANDY - Silver Fountain (2008) All images and music are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners. I've...

Belle Epoque - remix.

Bronson ( Glass Candy remix ) By Goonknox
just a beat i made way back from the Glass Candy song Digital Versicolor, off the Bronson movie its an instrumental with a steady 16 by 8 bars in the hook i added Zach De la Rocha hope you...

Glass Candy - Live in Moscow
Glass Candy - Live in Moscow.

Ultraviolence vs. Glass Candy - Amour Digital (Synthetic Versicolor)
download this mashup for free: !!!

Mike Long - Glass Candy "Life After Sundown" #333
Co-Directors: Mike Long/Peter Michael Wilson. Shot/Edited: Peter Michael Wilson. Gaffer: Dave Bakker. Mike's 333rd dance video. Locke Street, Hamilton, ON Watch the video here at better...

GLASS CANDY - YOU ARE THE FLY - FILM MIXTAPE: You Are The Fly Love Love Love Crystal Migraine Hurt You Are The Fly (Original) Warm Up Born In The Sky Wanna Buy A Glass Candy Record?...

Glass Candy - crystal migraine
Lyrics -Crystal Migraine- Everything becomes strange As we walk along on blurry diamonds My heart laughs insane At the tiger pistol, the deadly dragon Oh yeah The killer cut the chain...

Glass Candy - Miss Broadway (Live)
Glass Candy at the Barfly, Brighton. Taken from their May 13th show. by Daniel Nixon.

Glass Candy at Vagabond Miami Miss Broadway 9/11/09
WORK IS A FOUR LETTER WORD Hélas j'étais pas à Miami ce jour là :p c'est pas moi qui ait filmé cette prestation canon, mais j'adore cette vidéo, et elle a été supprimée, alors je...

GLASS CANDY Miss Broadway @ Pitchfork Paris 2013
work is a four-letter word.

Mississippi The Truth Spiderman Remix

Glass Candy - "Miss Broadway"

Glass Candy - Geto boys
Hustle Town, Estados Unidos.

Glass Candy - Digital Versicolor (DKS UK Rap Remix)
FREE DOWNLOAD** Death Kiss Squadron comes horrorcore style on Glass Candy's electronic "Digital Versicolor", taken from Brit...

Glass Candy - Miss Broadway (Live @ KOKO, London, 12/06/13)
Glass Candy performing "Miss Broadway" live at KOKO, London on June 12th, 2013. All rights reserved to the artist. No copyright infringement intended.

Che Broadway - "Get Rich" (The Zodiac Remix)
Check out Che Broadway's underground video "Get Rich" put to a track by The Zodiac specifically asked by from Broadway himself. Make sure you check out the original version and look for that...

Glass Candy in Berlin jan '10.wmv

Glass Candy - The Beat's Alive
Glass Candy - Deep Gems [2008]

GLASS CANDY - 2010 - Miss Broadway - LIVE IN WÜRZBURG - HD
Glass Candy live at Cairo/Wuerzburg - More photos and cosmic footage soon:

DENICHE B - Candy Remix
DENICHE B-Far East Movement,candy,remix,swagg,girls on the dancefloor,yeah yeah yeah,head will rolls,music,musique,remix.