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Giant RobotArtist info There are two artists named Giant Robot:1) A project by American guitarist Buckethead, releasing only one album in the 90's2) A Finnish electro/rock/dance group1) Buckethead’s Giant Robot featuring the six-foot-something guitar virtuoso pickin’, grinnin’ and slappin’ on the guitar, Brian “Brain” Mantia bashin’ and bangin’ on the drums, and Pete Scaturro behind the scenes, bringing the madness together. The trio released their self-titled, 13 track debut album under NTT records in 1996, featuring classic horror movie samples, epic guitar versus drum combat ditties, and some of the most memorable guitar playing Buckethead fans have ever had the pleasure of hearing. The album has since gone out of print, yet occasionally pops up on various auction sites. This is the trio’s only release, yet Mantia has featured on several of Buckethead’s albums, including Colma, released in 1998... Read more

Berserk - "Giant Robots"
Baltimore's Berserk play their classic '90s anthem, "Giant Robots" - Dave Cawley's love song to a boy's best friend. Dave Cawley: vocals, bass; Brent Malkus: ...

Giant Robot - Helsinki Rock City
Version 2 of the song.

Giant Robot Theme Song
My first video video and I hope it turned out good. I'm sorry if the quality isn't good, but later videos will improve. I AM NOT BUCKETHEAD. I TRY MY BEST TO ...

Giant Robot - Jenny

Chicks Dig Giant Robots
The full version of the title song from Megas XLR. Performed by Deathwish IX, I believe.

Giant Robot - Spelling Robot
Artist: Giant Robot Song: Spelling Robot (C) Giant Robot

Buckethead - Giant Robot
Song: Giant Robot Artist: Giant Robot (Buckethead on Bass and Guitar) Album: Giant Robot (NTT) [Out of Print] Download rest of the Album and more and ...

Buckethead - Giant Robot
Buckethead - Todos los derechos reservados. Buckethead - All rights reserved. 1. 0:00 - Doomride 2. 0:57 - Welcome To Bucketheadland 3. 4:39 - I Come In ...

Giant Robot - Get Up
Fifa Street 2 soundtrack Platforms: Gamecube, Xbox, PS2, DS, and PSP Made in 2/26/2006.

Giant Robot - I Am Not Human
Giant Robot - Crushing You with Style.

Megas XLR Full Theme
Download Link: Artist: Ragtime Revolutionaries (Before: Deathwish IX) Song: Chicks Dig Giant Robots Album: Megas XLR ...

Giant Robot - S, M, L, XL

Buckethead's Giant Robot: McNear's Mystic Theatre - Petaluma, CA 2004-03-06

Pacific Rim: Chicks Dig Giant Robots
It just felt necessary. Movie: Pacific Rim Song: Chicks Dig Giant robots by Deathwish IX.

Giant Robot - Brain Solo / Enter the Dragon
02-21-2004 The Catalyst : Santa Cruz,CA

Giant Robot - First Snow
Awesome song from their album 'Domesticity'. Posting for the first snow of the winter in Helsinki today 6.12.2011.

Giant Robot: Get Up (live @ Tavastia-klubi 2004)
Giant Robot on stage.

Giant Robot - Walk on Water
Copyright is not owned by contraband100 or any of his affiliates. Yeah, sorry for the late post of this vid. There's literally only one other video of this track. Enjoy.

Buckethead - Binge and Grab - Giant Robot
Song Title: Binge and Grab, Album: Giant Robot (1994), Artist: Buckethead.

Buckethead - Giant Robot 2 live in Berlin, 4-29-88
Buckethead's Giant Robot 2 performs live in Berlin, April 29, 1998.


Buckethead - Welcome to Bucketheadland - Giant Robot
Song Title: Welcome to Bucketheadland, Album: Giant Robot (1994), Artist: Buckethead.

Beastie Boys- Intergalatic
Beastie Boys music video.

Buckethead - Giant Robot Theme
Bucketheadland Buckethead's debut album. My favorite.

Buckethead and Giant Robot - July 24th 2004 (Full Show)
Saturday, July 24, 2004 Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA Buckethead on guitar, Anthony "Butthouse" Chaba on bass, Brian "Brain" Mantia of Primus on drums.

Giant Robot - Heartbreakdance
Giant Robot - Heartbreakdance from album Superweekend.

Buckethead / Giant Robot - Scraps
Buckethead with Giant Robot performing Scraps - 13/8/96 Alligator Lounge.

Buckethead - Giant Robot (Interlude, Theme, Enter Guillatine and Giant Robot vs. Guillatine)
Buckethead - Giant Robot (Interlude, Theme, Enter Guillatine and Giant Robot vs. Guillatine) from ''Bucketheadland'' album, song 2/27 1-Park Theme (Intro ...

Giant Robot - Konevitsa

Giant Robot - Get Up (feat. Hosni)

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