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FlyleafArtist info Flyleaf is an American rock band, formed in Belton, Texas, United States in 2000. They originated as a band called Listen, and then changed name to Passerby, but due to an existing band owning the rights to that name, their name was changed to Flyleaf after they were signed to their record label. "A flyleaf is the blank page at the front of a book," explains Lacey Mosley, Flyleaf's vocalist. "It's the dedication page, the place you write a message to someone you're giving a book to... Read more

Flyleaf - Sorrow [Rolling Stone acoustic]
Lacey & Sameer performing "Sorrow" acoustic for Rolling Stone. Flyleaf's best acoustic set[: Uploaded by - Rebekkah.

Flyleaf - Fully Alive [Rolling Stone acoustic]
Lacey & Sameer performing "Fully Alive" acoustic for Rolling Stone. Best acoustic set, like I said in the description for the I'm So Sick acoustic vid[: Uploaded by ...

Flyleaf - Cassie (Acoustic)
An acoustic performance of Cassie. Credits:

Flyleaf - I'm So Sick [Rolling Stone acoustic]
Lacey & Sameer playing "I'm So Sick" acoustic for Rolling Stone. Lacey sounds AMAZING! This was before her voice got weak. Flyleaf's best acoustic set, in my ...

Flyleaf - Sorrow [Buzznet Acoustic Session]
The title says it all kids! :D Flyleaf performing an Acoustic version of Sorrow. It's uber beautiful. Lacey sounds amazing. Credits:

Flyleaf "Chasm" Acoustic (High Quality)
Flyleaf performs "Chasm" inside STUDIO X for X103.9 staff and winners. Recorded at historic Uranus Recordings in Tempe, AZ.

Flyleaf - Red Sam acoustic lyrics Here I stand Empty hands Wishing my wrists were bleeding To stop the pain from the beatings ...

Sorrow- Flyleaf
Flyleaf performing Sorrow at ACL. I don't own this video. Copyright goes to Flyleaf Online.

Flyleaf - Fully Alive [Buzznet Acoustic Session]
Pat and Lacey from Flyleaf performing Fully Alive the acoustic version.

Flyleaf - I'm So Sick acoustic
lyrics If you want more of this We can push out, sell out, die out So you'll shut up And stay sleeping With my screaming in your itching ears I'm sick, infected with ...

Hot Sessions Remastered: Flyleaf - "Sorrow"
Shop Flyleaf: Hot Sessions Remastered looks back to 10/27/2009 when Flyleaf hit the Hot Topic stage for a four song set. In part three ...

Flyleaf - All Around Me Acoustic
Jared and Lacey of Flyleaf play All Around Me acoustic for 104.5 in Philly.

Perfect(acoustic) - Flyleaf
Perfect by Flyleaf acoustic version.

Flyleaf - Sorrow acoustic live performance

Flyleaf - Again Acoustic
Jared and Lacey of Flyleaf play Again acoustic for 104.5 in Philly.

Flyleaf - Again (Acoustic HD 720p)
Acoustic 2010.

Flyleaf - Sorrow Live (Acoustic)
Flyleaf - Sorrow Live (Acoustic) credit:

Flyleaf "Missing" Acoustic (High Quality)
Recorded at Robin Wilson's famous "Uranus Recording" studio, X103.9 presents the acoustic version of Flyleaf's "Missing".

Flyleaf singing sorrow. With lyrics.

Sorrow - Flyleaf Live Acoustic
This was performed at a radio station in 2006. I hope you enjoy it! Credit to:

Q102 Flyleaf - Arise (acoustic performance)

Flyleaf - Supernatural [acoustic]
Flyleaf - Supernatural acoustic Picture made by me [sorry there's only one] Lyrics: Her headaches Constant Increasing in pain with each passing day She can't ...

Sorrow (Acoustic) - Flyleaf

Flyleaf Sorrow Acoustic
Flyleaf Sorrow Acoustic by Aitor..,

ANOXIA - Flyleaf "Sorrow" Acoustic Cover
Sebastian and KJ cover "Sorrow" by Flyleaf.

Flyleaf (sorrow) LIVE with lrics
"sorrow" Twards the end it sounds like nothing to stars Sometimes life seems to quiet into paralyzing silence Like the moonless dark, meant to make me strong.

"Sorrow" - Flyleaf (Acoustic Guitar Cover)
An acoustic guitar cover of Flyleaf's "Sorrow". Please feel free to use this in a vocal cover or whatever project of your own - all I ask is that you credit me.

flyleaf - sorrow [LIVE ACOUSTIC]
[lacey and pat from] flyleaf performing sorrow at the wilmington flowermarket. my friend devin ended up in the middle of this video?

flyleaf's sorrow with lyrics.

Ecnelis - Sorrow (Flyleaf ; Acoustic Cover)
Nothing else to do in a boring night.

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