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Emma BlackeryArtist info Emma Blackery is a 25 year old singer/songwriter from Essex, England. She is also a prominent YouTuber. Many of Emma Blackery's songs are available at her bandcamp page. One of her more known songs is The Promise (Demo)... Read more

Emma Blackery singing Merry Christmas Jack Howard at ItaTube
10/05/2015 ITATUBE Becoming YouTube panel hosted by Luke Cutforth with Emma Blackery, Ben cook, Bethan Leadley and Niki n Sammy Emma's channel: ...

The Promise and Merry Christmas Jack Howard - Emma Blackery
Taken at The Deaf Institute in Manchester on the 5th of July as part of the Warm Up tour for Summer In The City.

Merry Christmas Jack Howard - Emma Blackery Cover

Merry Christmas, Jack Howard by Emma Blackery - Guitar cover
So Everyone should seriously check Emma Blackery out she has to be one of the best youtubers ever seriously!! plus she has a new ep which is awesome!! but ...

Emma Blackery - Go The Distance
Click here to purchase 'Distance' EP now on iTunes: Amazon: Google: ...

Superhero (Original song, 29/11/11)
Excuse the fact that I look like shit, I'm not feeling my best at the moment!

Jack Howard Reviews Les Misérables
Subscribe now for more weekly content! Jack takes a look at Les Mis. "In 19th-century France, Jean Valjean, who for decades has been ...

Nothing Without You - Emma Blackery | Glasgow, The Garage
Emma Blackery live on 1st, June 2017 in "The Garage" in Glasgow! Emma Blackery singing her original song "Nothing Without You"! You can buy her new EP ...

Just (Demo) - Emma Blackery
this is a lyric video i made at three am i apologize for any mistakes no copyright infringement intended all content belongs to the rightful owners.

Emma Blackery & Luke Cutforth: Fear The Future (Lemma)
i'm so happy that they came out as a couple they're my otp and two of my inspirations :3 i decided to make this because lemma. i don't own any of the videos or ...

Emma Blackery - Last Hope
Soooo... Emma Blackery has saved my life a few times already, so when i saw her break down when we tweeted #proudofemmablackery i wanted to give ...

"what do you think about youtubers writing books?" ITATUBE Emma, Luke and Ben
9th May 2015 ITATUBE Q&A with Emma Blackery, Ben Cook and Luke Cutforth Emma's channel: Ben's channel: ...

WATCH: Emma Blackery on Our #CompanySocial Shoot!
Watch our exclusive video with uber YouTube star Emma Blackery as we chat to her behind the scenes on our #CompanySocial shoot...

Glory Days (Original song)
Pardon the rough take, my voice completely went and my guitar was having none of it! I'm thinking of recording this song next, but I'm not sure. If you have any ...

Dodie Clark & Jack Howard sing fourfiveseconds
soooo i recorded this last july during the filming of 'blue sushi' in london, and i thought i'd post it here bc it's pretty cute lol enjoy watch in hd :) (it gets less shakey ...

Emma Blackery - Nothing Without You | Fresh On Fridays with got2b
YouTuber Emma Blackery takes over Fresh on Fridays with her track Nothing Without You. ▻ SUBSCRIBE to Box Plus: ...

Emma Blackery-Ferris Wheel
This Song is not Mine. I do not own the t rights to this song. I just made the video. This song belongs to the artist: Emma Blackery.

Emma Blackery - Next To You Live
Emma Blackery - Next To You live in Brighton Charlie Simpson Acoustic Tour 2015.

I've Been Worse- Emma Blackery (cover)
I've been meaning to cover this song for a while now but just never did, so here it is finally. My voice was starting to get tired by the end, that's a lot of belting ...

Let Me Be - Emma Blackery | Live Glasgow, The Garage
Emma Blackery live on 1st, June 2017 in "The Garage" in Glasgow! Emma Blackery singing her original song "Let Me Be"! You can buy her new EP here!

Emma Blackery - Blank Space Live (Taylor Swift Cover)
Emma Blackery - Blank Space live (Taylor Swift Cover) Charlie Simpson Acoustic Tour 2015.

Fuck you Google+ - Emma Blackery (Cover)
A cover (more or less) of Emma Blackery's song about Google+. Check her channel! She has girl balls ;) Big thanks to Sr. Neira for agreeing to sing this! Original: ...

Emma Blackery - The Promise live
I would like to personally thank Emma for all that she said, that particular song of her's means a lot to me. So thank you very much, you were incredible! - Excuse ...

Ukulele chords for, "The Promise" - Emma Blackery
Yes I'm in my school uniform but at least you can see what I'm playing this time. This video or "tutorial" was made because someone asked me too. If you want ...

Emma Blackery - Still Into You
Emma Blackerys first solo performance In Manchester!! She has such an amazing voice and love to see her again!!

Frozen - The Promise (Emma Blackery)
I really liked Disney's movie 'Frozen'. This film has made it on to my list of favourites, with the ditching of old Disney traditions, conforming to more modern ideas ...

Emma Blackery - Go The Distance (LIVE)
Emma Blackery singing Go the Distance at Uploadlive in Birmingham 2014.

Lies and Still Into You - Emma Blackery

From Emma Blackery To Emma Rose Planas Haters
Wise Words From My Idol Emma Blackery My Body and My Face Are Mine I Can Do What Ever I Want With It.

Sick lil cover of I've Been Worse - Emma Blackery

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