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ElectrelaneArtist info Electrelane are a band from Brighton, England. They were formed in 1998 by Verity Susman (aka Vera November also making music under her own name Verity Susman) (keyboards, farfisa organ, lead vocals, guitar, saxophone, clarinet) and Emma Gaze (drums). In its last incarnation, the band was composed of these two plus Mia Clarke (guitar, backing vocals) and Ros Murray (bass) (aka Ray Rumours). Their music draws from a wide range of influences including Neu!, Sonic Youth, and The Velvet Underground... Read more

ELECTRELANE - atom's tomb (2005)

Revolver Soundtrack (03 - Electrelane - Atom's Tomb)
Download the album: Music: by Electrelane Movie: Revolver (2005) by Guy Ritchie.

Electrelane live - Atom's Tomb @ The Scala
The Scala, London (10.05.05) My battery was on it's last legs :(

ELECTRELANE - full set - Montpellier - 21.05.2005
Live @ Rockstore 00:00 One, two, three, lots 01:33 Bells 05:33 Blue stragger 07:57 Two for joys 13:59 Birds 18:27 If not now, when ? 24:01 Atom's tomb 26:32 Eight steps 32:37 Suitcase (P.1)...

Index of Atom's Tomb
Music: Electrelane. Soundtrack 03: Atom's Tomb. Revolver is a 2005 movie, written and directed by Guy Ritchie: The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you would ever look - Julius...

ELECTRELANE - Montpellier - 21.05.2005 - Part 1
one, two, three, lots / bells / blue straggler / two for joy / birds / if not now, when ? / atom's tomb / eight steps (coupée)

Atom's Tomb- 3 Kills (Cover)
Cover of 3 Kills at 10D Originally by Light Years Explode.

One, Two, Three, Lots

Electrelane - Those Pockets Are People + The Partisan (Audio)
from the album "Axes" (2005)

ANEMIC CINEMA - the world after your eyes (2008)

I PREDICT A RIOT (Blog by _f)
I Predict A Riot, incontournable blog pop/rock, a un an. En attendant l'émeute, voici le film... Images : Magne&Viard Musique : Electrelane/Atom's Tomb/Too www .

NOT MOVING - eternal door (1985)

IN MY ROSARY - farewell (1996)

Atom's Tomb - Megalomaniac (Incubus cover )

Atomic Tomb - Swinehundt & Burn - Live
Atomic Tomb Live at the Hardluck.

White Fire, Atomic Death - Found In A Tomb
Found In A Tomb, from the White Fire, Atomic Death album. Tim Marks 2006.

video music experimental.


THROBBING GRISTLE - dead on arrival (1978)

From "Revolver" (2005)
Posted by DuFFy oDuM at Weemus Studio for Alessandra Celletti.

Revolver Soundtrack (09 - Nathaniel Mechaly - Purple Requiem)
Download the album: Music: by Nathaniel Mechaly Movie: by Guy Ritchie.

Revolver Soundtrack (20 - Ludwig Van Beethoven - Sonata No. 14)
Download the album: Music: by Ludwig Van Beethoven Movie: by Guy Ritchie.

Electrelane - To The East @ OFF Festival 07
Electrelane preforming To The East/In Berlin at OFF Festival in Mysłowice, Poland.

Revolver Soundtrack (18 - Erik Satie - Gnossienne N°1)
Download the album: Music: by Erik Satie Movie: by Guy Ritchie.

The Cherry Bones - She Smokes #2
From: The Cherry Bones - EP #2 Label: Cocktail Pueblo Catalogue #: Format: CD Released: 2015 Country: France

Opéra-Emmanuel Santarromana-Revolver Soundtrack
Opéra-Emmanuel Santarromana-Revolver Soundtrack.

CHERNOBYL AFRO PUNK - Rain on You (Direct Sound in a Hole)
Your system is a fucking shit. Destroy it. Right Now. From Experimental Head Shot,Drugs & non Stop. LISTEN CHERNOBYL AFRO PUNK CAN CAUSE STROKES. Don't listen chernobyl afro punk... don't......

Index of Revolver
Music: Nathaniel Mechaly. Soundtrack 01: Revolver. Revolver is a 2005 movie, written and directed by Guy Ritchie: The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you would ever look -... | | vasif azimov bilirem | | | | | vasif azimov bioirem | | | | | | | | | dans le vrai | dj jansen | dj jansen | | | dj chulats remix | | | | | | | |