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I Do love you = eddie peregrina

Nonstop Opm Classic Eddie Peregrina Song - Filipino Music
No Copyright Infringement Intended. Tracklist 01 Ala-Ala Ay Ikaw 02 Bakas Ng Lumipas 03 Don't Ever Go 04 Don't Say Goodbye 05 Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggang 06 I Do Love You 07 Kaligayahan...

Eddie Peregrina - I Do Love You

Eddie Peregrina Songs Medley
A medley of Eddie Peregrina's english songs...

I Do Love You by Eddie Peregrina Karaoke no vocal
Karaoke version of the song "I Do Love You" by Eddie Peregrina with no melody guide. Thanks for watching my video and don't forget to subscribe.

I Do Love You
I Do Love You.

Mardy - Eddie Peregrina (Music Video with Lyrics) [HD]
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Eddie Peregrina - I Feel Blue

Eddie Pergrina Why Must I
Eddie Pergrina Why Must I.

Eddie Peregrina - Mardy
the late Eddie Peregrina sings Mardy...

Eddie Peregrina - Since You Been Gone

Eddie Peregrina - Ben
Eddie Peregrina sings an old favorite originally by Michael Jackson...

Eddie Peregrina - Matud Nila

Eddie Peregrina - Why Must I (1976)
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Eddie Peregrina -- DON'T SAY GOODBYE with Lyrics
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EDDIE PEREGRINA Classic Songs : Filipino Music
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Eddie Peregrina - Since You've Been Gone (Memories Of Our Dreams)
Eddie Villavicencio Peregrina, better known as Eddie Peregrina, was a singer and leading matinee idol of the 1970s. Dubbed as "the Original Jukebox King," he was most famous for hit songs such...

I DO LOVE YOU- eddie peregrina.wmv

Eddie Peregrina - Ala-Ala Ay Ikaw
Eddie Peregrina sings "Ala-Ala Ay Ikaw"...

Two Lovely Flowers - Eddie Peregrina
W/ lyrics ( ctbces )

I Love You_Eddie Peregrina (With Lyrics)

Eddie Peregrina - What Am I Living For
Eddie Peregrina sins What Am I Living For...

Eddie Peregrina TOGETHER AGAIN
popularized by Eddie Peregrina.

I Do Love You Videoke (Eddie Peregrina)_Jagna Views.wmv
My collections of videoke of the late, my idol Eddie Peregrina, with the background views of our town Jagna, Bohol...

Eddie Peregrina Don't Ever Go
Eddie Peregrina Don't Ever Go.

Request ni lolo to...


Eddie Peregrina - Mardy

Ang Alaala Ay Ikaw by Eddie Peregrina Karaoke no melody

As Much As I Do by Eddie Peregrina
Album: Jukebox King Artist: Eddie Peregrina Eddie Villavicencio Peregrina (11 November 1944 – 30 April 1977), better known as Eddie Peregrina, was a singer and leading matinee idol of the...