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10 Hours of Doctor Who Original Theme (1963)
Well, I've done the theme for the 11th now, so why not go back and do the best theme in the show's history by far? More 10 Hour videos on my channel, Doctor Who is the property of the BBC.

Doctor Who - Original Theme (1963 - 1980)
Composed by Ron Grainer & realised by Delia Derbyshire. The Derbyshire arrangement served - with minor edits - as the Doctor Who opening theme music from season 1 (1963 - 64) - up to the end...

BBC Radiophonic Workshop (Delia Derbyshire) - Doctor Who Theme (original 1963 version)
This is the original recording of the long-running Doctor Who series produced by the BBC. Created by Australian composer Ron Grainer and performed by Delia Derbyshire, who worked for the BBC....

Doctor Who 1963-1996 Themes Full Remix
This is the full version of the 1963-1996 Themes Remix I made a month or so ago to celebrate the classic series. It sounds very similar to the shorter version in many ways, however, there are...

Doctor Who (Original TV Theme) - BBC Radiophonic Workshop - 1964 45rpm
A lucky find in an Orpington Record Fair bargain bin!. The first of many theme variants from BBC's never-ending sci-fi series Doctor Who - William Hartnell was the debut Doctor. (I can clearly...

Doctor Who Theme 2 - "Full" Version (1963-1967)
High Quality: Continuing my upload of all the official Doctor Who themes, is the remixed version not used in the show. Although it was produced...

Doctor Who Theme 1 - "Televised" Version (1963-1967)
2nd Aug 2013: COMMENTS NOW UNBLOCKED, but if petty little arguments arise again I won't hesitate to block them permanently. High Quality:

What if Delia Derbyshire did a Doctor Who Theme?
AN APRIL FOOLS VIDEO*** We all know that Ron Grainer composed and arranged the Doctor Who theme back in 1963. But what if, as was originally planned, a member of the BBC's Radiophonics Workshop...

Doctor Who Original Theme from 1963 in G Major

Doctor Who 1963 Theme Tune
Ahhh... Nothin But Classic Doctor Who is part of the BBC no copyright intended.

Doctor Who - Original Theme [1963] Stereo
Composed by: Ron Grainer Realized by: Delia Derbyshire of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

01 - Doctor Who 1963 Theme
Happy 50 Birdthday Doctor! spotify:album:2sI8GtDkNbPoum6UpjxFUq.

All Doctor WHO intros 1963 - 2013
Hey there! All of the Doctor Who intros! I hope you can enjoy!!!! BTW I don't own Doctor Who. BBC owns doctor who.

Delia Derbyshire - Doctor Who (Original Theme)
1963 -uploaded in HD at

Doctor Who The Extended Theme Collection (Vol II 1963-2016)
An updated collection of the extended versions of the Doctor Who Theme 1. (0:00)Derbyshire Theme 1963-1966 2. (2:21) Derbyshire Theme 1967-1979 3. (4:40) Howell Theme 1980-1985 4. (7:22)...

Doctor Who Theme Remake (1963)
I decided to try my hand at a classic Doctor Who theme remix. This is my version of the classic Ron Grainer/Delia Derbyshire version from 1963. I will add the more technical details later.

Doctor Who 1963 Theme (Piano)
Just over a week ago, I had uploaded my recreation of the 1963 Doctor Who theme. Just after I had finished arranging the MIDI for the piece, I switched most of the instruments to a grand piano...

Doctor Who Theme Tune (original)
The original Doctor Who theme tune.

Doctor Who - 1963 "Opening Titles Music" recreation
Quick video, combining the Hartnell/early Troughton swirling "howlaround" titles sequence with a recreation I've done of the "Original Titles Music." The music for this project was realized...

Every Doctor Who Theme 1963-2014
OVER 30000 VIEWS IN 4 1/2 MONTHS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Thanks guys! I hope you have enjoyed! Copyright of BBC and Thx to NeonVisual for the themes. Sorry guys. I had to take Capaldi's theme out...

Doctor Who Theme - 1963 & 2014 remix

Doctor Who Theme - Delia Derbyshire Theme (1963) Recreation V5
I re-mixed it and this sounds a lot better than it did :) -Video Upload powered by

Doctor Who -1963- (TRANCE) Theme
Doctor Who trance 1963 theme video remux by 0DDI0 doctor who doctor who 1963 doctor who remux doctor who dance doctor who techno...

Doctor Who - 1963 Confidential Theme Mix
Started a series of small mixes of 'would be' confidential mixes using my Classic Theme Multitracks. Hope you guys enjoy!

Doctor Who Theme Remake (1963) [Ver. 3]
It been a while since I posted a classic remix. I've been experimenting with the sounds in Acoustica Mixcraft 7, trying to get closer to the original sounds of the DW themes. In doing so,...

'Dr Who' Theme - BBC Radiophonic Workshop, The
60s electronica single.

Delia Derbyshire - Doctor Who Theme
Delia Derbyshire - Doctor Who Theme

Doctor Who 1963 Theme Guitar Cover
Doctor Who theme tune from 1963. Used Amplitube 3. Presets i used are Golden Solo 2, 60's Rhythm and for the bass sound Guitar to Bass simulator.

Doctor Who Theme 22 - Opening Theme (2005-2007)
High Quality: Into the noughties now, with the theme that relaunched the series and took it to new and exciting heights. Although many people...

Doctor Who Original Theme Song (1963) on piano by Zampa
A video of me playing the original tune of the TV series Doctor Who, hope you enjoy!