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DerangedArtist info There are at least 3 bands using the name Deranged.1) Deranged, one of the few Swedish death metal bands that came out during the early nineties, that have done their own kind of no remorse showing, intense and truly brutal death metal. No matter what other bands around were and are doing, you can be sure that Deranged will always deliver the most brutal and violent death metal man can create!Deranged have been around since 1991 and quickly after the formation of the band, they recorded and released their only official demo tape, the four song "…The Confessions of a Necrophile" which gave them a 7" single deal with the Japanese label Obliteration Records. The name of the now sold out 7" single was "…The Confessions Continues" which certainly gave the band a name in the worldwide death metal underground scene where the band is mostly seen... Read more

Deranged - God Is Dead
Album: Plainfield Cemetery (2002) Lyrics: God is dead. I'm through seeking answers. I've had it up to my neck. All my life been stabbed. in the mother fucking ...

Deranged - God Is Dead
Brutal Death Metal from Sweden. -l- Plainfield Cemetery (2002). -l- 2017.04.02 Live at Transylvania Metal Pub, Vigo (Spa). -l- Special thanks to Johan Bergström ...

Deranged - God Is Dead
from album "Plainfield Cemetery" (2002) God is dead. I'm through seeking answers. I've had it up to my neck. All my life been stabbed. in the mother fucking ...

Cot Death - Your God Is Dead
The Digital Cacophony Of Global Decay (2007)

Fallen Souls - The Killed Priest (intro) / God is Dead
From the vinyl "God Is Dead"

God Is Dead
Track 8 of 11 from Glutton 4 Punishment's 2012 album "We're Too Old For This Shit" Lyrics: The ghosts of gods grimace at man ...

DERANGED III-razor rection

Deranged - Plainfield Cemetery (2002) [Full Album]
Band: Deranged Album: Plainfield Cemetery Year: 2002 Country: Sweden Genre: Brutal Death Metal Label: Listenable Records 01. Beaten, Raped, Fuckin' Left ...

Deranged - Watch Me When I Kill
From the album Redlight Murder Case (2008). Genre: Death Metal. From Sweden. Track 1.

Deranged - Haunted by natural danger
DM from Sweden! Album: "High On Blood" (1998)

Deranged - Sculpture of the Dead
From the 1996 EP "Sculpture of the Dead"

Idolatress - God is Dead (single)
Our new single God is Dead is online! Genre: Melodic Death Metal/Thrash Metal Ragged, rough riffs combined with melodic solo guitars and aggressive vocals ...

Slayer - God Send Death
From the album God Hates Us All Lyrics: God Send Death On your back look on to me You'll see genocide Face from death more than insane Profane pleading ...

Deranged - With the silence came horror
DM from Sweden! Album: "High On Blood" (1998)

Glanville - God Is Dead (Snippet)
Management contact: [email protected]

Luger - God Is Dead and I ---- On His Tomb

Deranged - Dead In A Ditch
Album: Obscenities In B-Flat (2009)

Deranged - Mutilate And Dump You
Album: Plainfield Cemetery (2002) Lyrics: Feel my balls against your chin as I shit upon your face. Urinate on your broken from then lick it from your sloppy ...

Deranged - Deflower The Dead
Album: Obscenities In B-Flat (2005)

Deranged - Redlight Murderess
Amazing Swedish Death Metal... Brutal!!! lml Lyrics: Stalk you, end up dead, backally rendezvous red light murderess, stalk you, end up dead red lights burning, ...

Deranged - Formula for a Murder
From the album Redlight Murder Case (2008). Genre: Death Metal. From Sweden - Created with AquaSoft SlideShow for YouTube:

Distraught - Your God is Dead
Distraught Live in Guaíba - Lançamento CD Unnatural Display Of Art.

Vader-God is Dead

Deranged - Death Tripping

Deranged - Gently Before She Dies
The Redlight Murder Case (2008) anguish, scream unto god to die cut, carve, rip, serve, gently before she dies die, lacerate your bones seperate your skin, ...

Dutch deathmetal 2012 Taken from the album "NOT DEAD BUT DREAMING" LYRICS RISE ...

Carnage - Deranged From Blood
From the album "Dark Recollections" (1990).

Deranged - Laugh At Human Tragedies
From ''III''

AYOSENSE! - Young And Deranged [Jewfy]
You are now listening to "AYOSENSE! - Young And Deranged [Jewfy]" Stream or Download "Young And Deranged" here: ...

Limp Bizkit - Re-Arranged
Best of Limp Bizkit: Subscribe here: Music video by Limp Bizkit performing Re-Arranged. (C) 1999 Interscope Geffen ...

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