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D-PulseArtist info D-Pulse is an house-quartet coming originally from Izhevsk city, Russia. The city is has the fame of russian music capital, since a lot of successfull music projects came out of there (even Tchaikovsky). The success came to the band when they were still schoolboys. At the cover of ther first album released by well-know russian «Snegiri» label one can see four 16-year-old guys standing... Read more

D-Pulse ‎– Velocity Of Love (Original Extended) (12" THEOM013, A1) 2011
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D-Pulse - Anna (Official Music Video)
Directed by Ilya Klishin DOP Shebunin Dmitry Powered by FANDL's Location - The Scientific-art Residence Chekhov #APi Taken from D-Pulse album ...

D-Pulse - More - Dsh Dsh
official music video D-Pulse "More" Directed by Mitja Moxovoy D-Pulse - More originaly perfomed by Dsh-Dsh Lyrics by Zhenya Borzyh. NANG records (c) 2009.

D-Pulse G20 Open rehearsal Live

D-Pulse Prekrasna
d-pulse prekrasna.

D-Pulse @ RTS.FM - 11.04.2011: LIVE
D-Pulse @ RTS.FM - 11.04.2011: LIVE.

D-Pulse live @ The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre (Open Rehearsal / G20)
D-Pulse live performance of "Bend" remix @ The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre. Open Rehearsal / Galernaya 20 studio. Saint Petersburg, 2016. visuals ...

D pulse - July Sunset

D-Pulse - Keep On Running (Official Video)
D-Pulse - Keep On Running Produced by TUNDRA Directed by Alexander Sinica & Alexander Letcius Camera: Alexander Sinica, Eugene Kiseliov, Alexander ...

D Pulse - More (Foto remix)
D-Pulse - More (Foto remix) Video: Best 92.6 screensaver (homemade)

D-Pulse - RTS.FM.080911
D-Pulse - RTS.FM.080911.

D-Pulse ‎– Velocity Of Love (Mario Basanov Remix) (12" THEOM013, B1) 2011
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D-Pulse - Serpentine (Official Visuals)
Visuals based on hand-drawings and applique by Mila Severtseva. Post production and digital effects by Alexandr Letcius and Kristina Karpysheva. Taken from ...

D-Pulse ‎– Velocity Of Love (Hot Toddy mix) (12" THEOM013, A2) 2011
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D-Pulse - Seen Today
"Seen Today" official audio taken from "CONSEQUENCED" LP itunes: GooglePlay: ...

Hot Toddy - Down To Love (D-Pulse Remix)

D-Pulse - All I Have (ft. Danielle Moore) - Official Lyric Video
"All I Have" (ft. Danielle Moore) Official Lyric Video - Created, Produced, Directed by Mila Severtseva. ▸ iTunes: ▸ Bandcamp: ...

The KDMS - High Wire (D-Pulse Remix) :: Musica del Lounge
For more great tunes go to __--O2Music Presents Solo Freddo--__ Album: High Wire Photo: Alison Arboux by Jonathan Segade.

D-Pulse - Highway To Saturn
Socrates kld.

D-Pulse - On a highway to saturn (D-Pulse vocal mix)

D-Pulse - Saturate (Official Audio)
Taken from "Serpentine" album. ▸ iTunes: ▸ Bandcamp: ▸ Apple Music: ...

Chet Faker - Bend (D-Pulse remix)
Chet Faker - Bend (D-Pulse remix) ◇ - FREE DOWNLOAD - ◇ wav download: ...

D-Pulse - "Astronomers" (Official Video)
Click here now to subscribe to THUMP: Although I'm sure there's a Vice article about ending up at some space-themed St.

D-Pulse - Udmurtia - live @ Schilling festival (Estonia, 2015)
D-Pulse - Udmurtia - live @ Schilling festival (Estonia, 2015) BUY on iTunes:

D-Pulse - Keep On Running (Amberflame Mix)
I do not own the rights to this music.

D-pulse - July Sunset (Original Mix)
Song from Nokia Plugin Set.

D-Pulse - New Poetry (Official)
D-Pulse - New Poetry [Euphoria EP] visual mix by Alexander Letcius (p) & (c) PRO-TEZ records ...

Down To Love - Hot Toddy (D-Pulse Remix)
D-Pulse Remix.

Royskopp - Tricky Tricky (D-Pulse Remix)
Röyksopp is a Norwegian electronic music duo from Tromsø, formed in 1998 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Remix lyrics Six afraid...

D-Pulse - Void
"Void" official audio taken from "CONSEQUENCED" LP itunes: GooglePlay: ...

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