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Create Disco Strings with Spitfire Chamber Strings

In Action: Spitfire Chamber Strings

Review Spitfire Chamber Strings by Spitfire Audio
Full review, demos and more: Sign up for your FREE Weebly account: Weebly is a web-hosting service featuring a drag-and-drop website builder. With...

In Action: Chamber Evolutions and Chamber Strings
Oliver shows both Ólafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions and Spitfire Chamber Strings in this latest In Action, showing how the two libraries work together. Listen to the full track here - https://sou...

Spitfire Chamber Strings - Performance Legato Update
A look at the free update for Spitfire Chamber Strings - with the full MIDI follow-through of Andy Blaney's incredible new demo made using just these new Performance patches (plus one Bass...

ORCHESTRAL STRINGS REVIEW SERIES: Spitfire Chamber Strings - First Look
Spitfire Chamber Strings Review and First Look by Designing Music NOW. The library is available at for £549. For more reviews, please visit

Spitfire Presents: Spitfire Chamber Strings
Small can be more beautiful. 16 of the finest strings players, playing the finest instruments via the finest signal path in The Hall at Air Studios, London. A super deep-sampled encyclopaedia...

小規模編成ストリングス音源の決定版。Spitfire Audioの「CHAMBER STRING」をレビューしています。 劇伴からポップスまで、幅広いコンポーザーが絶大な...

Cuarteto I 1mov SPITFIRE CHAMBER STRINGS #spitfireaudio

Chamber Strings Spitfire Audio
Chamber Strings Spitfire Audio Performance Legato and decorative techniques SPITFIRE CHAMBER STRINGS SMALL & DETAILED STRINGS "Small can be more beautiful. 16 of the finest string players,...

Composition Focus: Spitfire Audio Olafur Arnolds Chamber Evolutions
Haunting and ethereal track written using: Ola Chamber Evos: Detached Waves Sul Tasto Trem Pulse Sul Tasto Trem Sul Tasto Wave Short Sul Tasto Long Chamber Waves (Various) Harmonic Trills Bass...

Chamber Strings Spitfire audio
Spitfire chamber strings.

Disco Strings
Ceremonial, prestigious and title music for orchestra. De Wolfe offers over 80000 tracks from 12 production music labels covering most genres of music, all for download and use in your productions...

Disco strings
Saturday night: recording an incredible sophisticated string part for a new song.

James Horner | Teaching Mathematics Again (A Beautiful Mind) | Remake
A complete remake of a cue from "A Beautiful Mind" using virtual instruments. Sounds used: Strings: Spitfire Audio Chamber Strings & Albion Woodwind: Spitfire Audio Symphonic Woodwinds & Albion...

Interstellar [Action Music] - Ólafur Arnalds Collection, Spitfire Audio Chamber & Symphonic Strings
Interstellar [Action Music] - Composer: Ryan Moat Featuring: Ólafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions Ólafur Arnalds Composer Toolkit Ólafur Arnalds Evolutions Spitfire Chamber Strings Spitfire...

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Theme "Performance Legato" Spitfire Chamber Strings
Spirfire Chamber Strings Performance Legato Alfred Hitchcock Presents Theme [on suggestion by Bernard Herman]

Alan Silvestri | Doc Returns (Back to the Future) | Remake
A complete remake of a cue from Alan Silvestri's legendary "Back to the Future" score. Sounds used: Strings: Spitfire Audio Chamber Strings, LASS Lite, Orchestral Tools Berlin EXP E Woodwind:...

Chamber Strings V1.5 Demo - 'Envision'
Composed by Paul Stapley using Light and Sound Chamber Strings. © 2016 Light and Sound Ltd. All rights reserved.

Alan Silvestri | Payback Time (Predator) | Remake
A complete re-record of the cue "Payback Time" from the Predator OST using virtual instruments. Composition © Alan Silvestri Recording © Alex Ball Sample libraries used: Strings: Spitfire...

Sotto Strings
More of Sotto's sentimental strings.

John Barry | Thunderball (James Bond) | Remake
A complete remake of John Barry's theme to Thunderball using virtual instruments with some pointers of what's happening in the music. Sounds used: Strings - Spitfire Audio Chamber Strings...

Набросок - 633 vst strings long, test
0:00 Spitfire Audio - Chamber Strings 0:44 Symphony Series String Ensemble 1:28 Spitfire Audio - Albion ONE 2:11 Best Service - The Orchestra 2:56 8DIO Majestica 3:36 Orchestral Tools Berlin...

The Hans Zimmer Strings Massacre!
I seem to be in two minds about whether to buy Spitfire's new Hans Zimmer Strings library... oh the the f*** am I kidding, of course I'm going to buy it! The (very) quick soundtrack was made...

Real Strings Presents Disco Strings Vol 7 - Disco Samples & Loops- By Organic Loops
For more information about this pack & to download free taster pack visit: Real Strings -...

Original Composition - 20171004 | Orchestral Pop
Twitter: SoundCloud: Blog: -Used- Cubase Pro 9, Kontakt 5 Toontrack: Superior Drummer 3 Spectrasonics:...

nascence:apotheosis -- Lofi Tape Loops/ Ambient / Cinematic / Electronica
Nerdy Info: Played on the Linnstrument 128 midi controller Recorded, mixed and mastered within Bitwig Studio Spitfire Audio: Olafur Arnalds Chamber Strings, Orchestral Swarm & Union Chapel...

Chronic Trax - Disco Strings

Sexy Strings Midi Loops for Disco / House Music
Download at: Awe inspiring classic disco string loops in MIDI format. Expertly arranged and programmed, this collection provides the icing...

disco string :)
c'est gratuit.

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