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CrankyArtist info There are 2 artists/groups called Cranky 1) cranky (Hiroshi Watanabe) is a rave artist from Japan. His website can be found here:www.rave-slave.com2) Cranky were an Australian rock/groove/hip-hop group in the mid 90s... Read more

Cytus - Dino

(Cytus) - Dino vs Requiem
Game: Cytus Song: Dino Artist: Cranky vs Song: Requiem Thundergar Storm of Rage Who Wins? What tune is better? Enjoy! If you want me to mix some Songs ...


[Cytus] Dino (Hard) Million Master
Dino by Cranky Watch more vids on Kamcord. Download Kamcord for iOS: Cytus, the most touching music game on mobile devices.

Cytus - Dino Million Master


【Cytus】Old Gold【Feline Groove Label】
Title : OLD GOLD -Cytus Edit- Arranger : Cranky Vocal : Pico Circle : Feline Groove Label Album : N/A Illustration : Roy "Xcanner" Lopez ...

Cranky - Libera me 【4 Versions Comparison】
Some people may not know this before. Besides most renowned version of Libera me (which is in Cytus), the really first version of this song was released in ...

Cytus: Ø Slit by Ebico & Jioyi "FULL VERSION"
Wow this was totally unexpected, but it's amazing nonetheless, here is the full version of Slit, and I must say, it's pretty damn epic, too bad I already put up the ...

Cranky - Flugel
Title: Flugel By: Cranky Style: Classical Fusion Image: Krustycrab(me) **i do not own the music**

Cytus: Ververg by Ani (Feat.B) "FULL VERSION"
I love this song and its hidden track. A neat thing about this is that much like L, this is the full version of Ververg. I'm sure there's a good meaning behind this song ...

【Cytus】Libera Me【Feline Groove Label】
Info Title : Libera Me Arranger : Cranky Circle : Feline Groove Label Album : Cytus -Hindsight- Illustration : gacktmoon ...

[AMV] DINO - Attack on Titan
Ceci est mon premier AMV. J'y pensais de temps en temps dans la tête quand une musique bien m'aguichait. Et je me suis dis... "allez ! Pourquoi pas..." Et voilà ...

Cytus-Old Gold.ampg

Cytus - Alive - Disaster

Cytus - Old Gold

Cytus - Biotonic

Cytus-Chemical star<Extended>
Artist:tsukasa From Chapter1.

(Cytus) - Ververg Full Song
Game: Cytus Song: Ververg Full Song Enjoy! If you want me to mix some Songs from Cytus together into a full song, then write it here in the commentaries.

Cytus: Chapter V (Vanessa) "COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK"
Welcome to the complete soundtrack of chapter 5! just a few more to go :) Tracks: 0:00 Holy Knight 2:14 Dino 4:59 Majestic Phoenix 6:50 Sleepless Jasmine ...

Cytus 2.0 Soundtrack 5|The Riddle Story by Cranky
Feel free to tell me the name of the song, i'll change the tittle :)

Cytus - Chocological

Epic OSTs : Cranky - The Riddle Story
By : Cranky From : Cytus Producer : Rayark Inc Follow Cytus at : Official Site: Twitter : Facebook ...

Cytus - Gate of expectancy


Cytus楽曲メドレー第二弾! (※継承略) 01.Hay Fields (ICE) 02.Halcyon (xi) 03.Q (Kiryu) 04.Quantum Labyrinth (Haloweak) 05.Entrance (ICE) 06.Rainbow Night ...

Cytus Qrabit Twenty One

Cytus - Libera me

[CYTUS] Set Free - KIVA Edition
Lyrics de Set Free de KIVA Edition. Inglés y Español.


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