Free Download Chick Corea - Spain (Drum Cover By Chandler Chan) mp3

Chick Corea - Spain (Drum Cover By Chandler Chan)
Hi YouTube, the song what i am covering is called "Spain" from "Chick Corea", i jam this song by using Roland SPD SX for my reedit backing, and i did add a ...

Chick Corea & Return To Forever Band - Spain drum cover
Whew, hot latin jazz song. I once had to play this for my bassist buddy for his application to a conservatory. Afterwards I've really grew fond of this song, PLUS it's ...

Spain - Drum cover - Chick Corea - Masatoshi Drums
Hi all, My name is Masatoshi Inoue from Japan. I'm playing the drums in Japan as a professional drummer about for 20 years. I just wanna be a part of music ...

Spain Drum Cover by Samuel Pettit.
This is more the Al Jarreau version (without vocals) than the Chick Corea version. It was fun doing something different to what I usually do.

Chick Corea -Spain ( Drum Cover) jazz backing track
Get the track here: Dietmar Kholer making this very difficult drum performance look effortless. Way to lay it down Dietmar! Please ...

張學友 - 月巴女且 (Drum cover by Chandler Chan)
All copyrighted material is used under the guidelines of "Fair use" in title 17 &107 of the United States code. Such material remains the property...

Spain- Chick Corea ( Drum Cover)
Spain- Chick Corea played by Leo Dima-ala.

Spain Chick Corea
Drum played by DENY..... with 24 bars drum solo ... from 3.05 Spain is an instrumental jazz fusion composition by jazz pianist and composer Chick Corea.was ...

Don't You Worry 'bout A Thing - Olivia Ong (Drum Cover By Chandler Chan)
Hi, youtube, a sweet song to every one , Nice samba song and awesome double time in the last part. Enjoy =D ...

Spain Chick Corea Drum cover

spain drum cover

Una breve adaptación de esta hermosa pieza. Agradecimientos por los arreglos y capturas de teclados y bajo a KEVIN BARROSO.

Chick Corea and Bobby McFerrin Live - Spain (drum cover)
From the Play album. There is no drum part on this recording, but it's a lot of fun to join in regardless. Re-recorded in HD.

Spain - Drum Cover
A Chris Thorpe drum cover of Chick Corea's classic 'Spain'. The recording features Kingsley Buitendag on piano and Omar Kimmie on bass. Many thanks to ...

DRUM COVER - Chick Corea's "Got A Match"
Here is a tough track but had fun challenging myself to do it. Another Version will be out soon featuring my buddy Leslie and someone else. Check this out, like it ...

Spain(Chick Corea) drum cover
Spain(Chick Corea) drum cover by Dol.

Murakami DrumCam - Spain - Chick Corea
Espero y les guste.! Cover de Spain una rola de Chick Corea.

"Spain" drum cover Chick Corea by 14 yr Greyson
Cover of Chick Corea's Spain.

Dream Theater hell's kitchen (Drum Cover by Chandler Chan)
All copyrighted material is used under the guidelines of "Fair use" in title 17 &107 of the United States code. Such material remains the property...

Spain Chick Corea Drum Cover
Drum Cover Spain Chick Corea Long Version Francisco Gonzàlez Drummer Percussionist November 2016.

“Spain” by Chick Corea - Drum Cover by Evan Yako
Session drummer/drum teacher and recording artist and therapy drummer(Healing Through Evan Yako's Drumming) Evan Yako: ...

Chick Corea Spain Drum Cover by Alvaro Morales with Dream Cymbals
Alvaro Morales playing a tune by Chick Corea using Dreams Cymbals. Dream Cymbals Set: 14 " HiHat Bliss 10 " Splash Bliss 17 " Crash Bliss 16 " Crash Bliss ...

Spain "drum cover"
Grabado en la ciudad de Amatitlán, Guatemala. Por el baterista independiente José IsmA.

Spain - Michel Camilo & Tomatito (Drum cover)
A drum cover of Spain as performed by Michel Camilo & Tomatito with external drums by Rhythmantic. Chick Corea composition covered by virtuoso pianist ...

Plusimpuls - Spain (Chick Corea) Drum Solo
Mitschnitt einer Probe für das Konzert am 21.3.2014 im Village, Habach Sebastian Schwarzenberger - guitar Michael Eichele - bass Bernhard Pricha - drums ...

Chick Corea - Spain (drum cover)
backing track by Com Music reference drum pattern by Jeffrey Middelved earphone recommend.

Spain - drum cover
Simone Menolascina : drum.

陳奐仁 & MC Jin - 買一送一 (Drum Cover By Chandler Chan)
A very very Groovy song . =D Enjoy. ================================= Side Camera : Gopro HDhero3 Foot Camera : Canon S90 Drum Model : Roland ...

Chick Corea - Spain Drum cover
A quick drum cover of Chick Corea - Spain. Recorded with a Zoom H1 Handy recorder. Drum set is a Pearl Session with Istanbul Samatya cymbals (14'' Hi hat, ...

Spain Chick Corea Drum Cover
This video is about Spain Chick Corea Drum Cover.

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