Free Download Chick Corea - Spain (Drum Cover By Chandler Chan) mp3

Chick Corea - Spain (Drum Cover By Chandler Chan)
Hi YouTube, the song what i am covering is called "Spain" from "Chick Corea", i jam this song by using Roland SPD SX for my reedit backing, and i did add a drum solo part of it, i spend much...

안우진 - Spain (Drum cover)
안우진 - Spain (Drum cover) [email protected] [모던드러머한충렬카페]

Chick Corea and Bobby McFerrin Live - Spain (drum cover)
From the Play album. There is no drum part on this recording, but it's a lot of fun to join in regardless. Re-recorded in HD.

Chick Corea Spain Drum Cover by Alvaro Morales with Dream Cymbals
Alvaro Morales playing a tune by Chick Corea using Dreams Cymbals. Dream Cymbals Set: 14 " HiHat Bliss 10 " Splash Bliss 17 " Crash Bliss 16 " Crash Bliss 19 " Vintage Bliss Crash Ride 22 " Ride Bliss.

Chick Corea - Spain Drum Solo

Una breve adaptación de esta hermosa pieza. Agradecimientos por los arreglos y capturas de teclados y bajo a KEVIN BARROSO.

Chick Corea - Spain (Derrick's Drum)
This is my first time on jazz, i know it's not an excellent performance, but hope you guys still like it. Enjoy!

Spain Drum Cover by Samuel Pettit.
This is more the Al Jarreau version (without vocals) than the Chick Corea version. It was fun doing something different to what I usually do.

Spain-Chick Corea Drum (cover) Jazz backing track with Lady Drummer Denise
Backing track available at Lady Drummer Denise funkifying the Chick Corea classic "Spain" Please check out more of Denise at :

Drum Cover: Spain-Michel Camilo and Tomatito
Website: Google +: George Guest Twitter: Instagram: FaceBook: http://www.Facebook....

DRUM COVER - Chick Corea's "Got A Match"
Here is a tough track but had fun challenging myself to do it. Another Version will be out soon featuring my buddy Leslie and someone else. Check this out, like it, love it, hate it, share...

Gandhi Manohara - SPAIN (DRUM COVER)
Thanks for watching! Don't forget to subscribe my channel like, comment, and share my video if you enjoy it! instagram : Gandhimanohara16 snapchat: Putugandhi16...

Spain Chick Corea cover HQ
this is a killer piece in Latin jazz style, Rayan Aridi-drums Simon Best-bass Aidan "nadia" Little-Guitar check these links if you love me www.radrum.wordpress.c...

Spain x Chick Corea x Drum Cover x Jeffery Wayne II
Hey everybody. I'm going to try to post every Monday and Wednesday. But I hope you enjoy this video, I really enjoyed playing this song. Also, I am using it as an audition video. Facebook:...

Spain - Drum Cover
A Chris Thorpe drum cover of Chick Corea's classic 'Spain'. The recording features Kingsley Buitendag on piano and Omar Kimmie on bass. Many thanks to these two great musicians and especially...

Raditya Budikusuma Drum Cover Spain
Drum Set : Snare drum sonor force 507 Hi - Hat Zildjian K Crash zildjian Schimit 16" Stagg 16" SH Small Tom - Tom Mapex Mini Chine Stagg DH 12" Effect Cymbal : combo splash ZXT 10" & Stagg...

Al Jarreau - Spain Drum Cover by 10 yo Kalonica Nicx
10 yo Girl Drummer from Indonesia.

Chick Corea - Spain (drum cover)
backing track by Com Music reference drum pattern by Jeffrey Middelved earphone recommend.

Chick Corea & Return To Forever Band - Spain drum cover
Whew, hot latin jazz song. I once had to play this for my bassist buddy for his application to a conservatory. Afterwards I've really grew fond of this song, PLUS it's very fun to play, altough...

Yunan Helmy Drum Cover (SPAIN - Al-Jearrau)
Tugas Akhir Mayor Drum SMKN 12 Surabaya . Live At Gedung Kesenian Cak Durasim Surabaya . ENJOY :)

Chick Corea - Spain Drum cover
A quick drum cover of Chick Corea - Spain. Recorded with a Zoom H1 Handy recorder. Drum set is a Pearl Session with Istanbul Samatya cymbals (14'' Hi hat, 16'', 18'' Crashes, 20'' ride,...

ADLIB DRUM SOLO REC WITH ZOOM H6 AS A MULTITRACK RECORDER AT MY LIVING ROOM MY VINTAGE YAMAHA YD-9000 (HIP-GIG MOD) SSD1350A(13"snare) 10"tom 13"tom 18" bass drum Zildjian K Constantinople...

Chick corea drum cover
Little things that count.

spain drum cover

"Spain" drum cover Chick Corea by 14 yr Greyson
Cover of Chick Corea's Spain.

Spain - Chick Corea (Drum cover) HQ
Hello, it's been a while. I decided to clean up my nonsense posts from years ago and every once in a while I will post new stuff, mostly drum covers from now on. I hope you like this cover...

Spain - Drum Cover By Claice Wang

Spain Cover by Chick Corea
Randy Severino Playing drums over BackingTrack.

Spain Chick Corea Drum Cover
Drum Cover Spain Chick Corea Long Version Francisco Gonzàlez Drummer Percussionist November 2016.

Murakami DrumCam - Spain - Chick Corea
Espero y les guste.! Cover de Spain una rola de Chick Corea.