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Camera Obscura - James
LYRICS: James, he came to my place He said he had to see my face He hopes that we can still be friends In his own way, he'll love me til the end And, James, he came to the door Wanting...

Camera Obscura - James
Magicrpm Sans Pile Session @ Le Truskel - Paris 2009.

Camera Obscura - James - Subs. español
Si de alguna forma está mal la traducción, es por la letra... hay varias letras en la web y me confundía... no sabía cual era la correcta, en fin... GRACIAS POR VER EL VIDEO :D.

James - Camera Obscura cover
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Camera Obscura on... 'James'
Subscribe to 4AD here: Part 6 of 11. Camera Obscura track-by-track about their latest album, My Maudlin Career (4AD - Released April 20/21 2009).

Camera Obscura - James - Live @ The Glass House
Camera Obscura perform James at The Glass House in Pomona, CA on June 9, 2009.

Camera Obscura - James (Vintage Vinyl, St. Louis, MO 12-1-09)
Camera Obscura perform James at Vintage Vinyl in St. Louis, MO. I recorded the whole set so check out the other videos, too.

Camera Obscura - French Navy (Official Video)
Subscribe to 4AD here: Join the 4AD mailing list here: The first video from Camera Obscura's brand new album, "My Maudlin Career",...

Camera Obscura "James"
Camera Obscura live at the Glasshouse Pomona, CA June 9, 2009.

Camera Obscura - French Navy - Cemetery Gates
The indie pop group Camera Obscura perform the song "French Navy" for Pitchfork TV during an episode of Cemetery Gates. Subscribe to Pitchfork TV so you don't miss any new content: http://www.yout...

james by camera obscura
this is a cover of james by camera obscura.

Camera Obscura - Forests & Sands

Camera Obscura - James - Live Paris Oct 16, 2009
Camera Obscura - James - Live Paris, France on Oct 16, 2009.

Camera Obscura - James live at LA Lights Indie Fest, Bandung
Camera Obscura live at LA Lights Indie Fest, Bandung.

"James" by Camera Obscura @ Other Music In-Store
Camera Obscura performing "James" at Other Music in New York, NY.

Camera Obscura "James" 041010
Camera Obscura performs "James" at Hailey's in Denton, TX on 04/10/10.

Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out Of This Country
Camera Obscura - Let's get out of this country 2006 (Blair Young - The forest of black)

Camera Obscura - James
Grand Ballroom at Manhattan Center, New York, NY June 7, 2010.

James - Camera Obscura (live @ Studio SP)
May 26th 2010. Sorry about shaking so much, it's a heavy camera! And yes, there is a lot of chatter going on. It wasn't as noticeable during the show, but it's in the video anyway.

Camera Obscura - James, Antone's 6/15/2009
Camera Obscura playing "James" at Antone's, Austin, TX.

Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career
You kissed me on the forehead Now this kiss is giving me a concussion We were love at first sight Now it's crush It's crushing Now choose two stops through the city though I'm lost easily...

Camera Obscura - You Told A Lie
From Pitchfork Media's Best New Album, My Maudlin Career comes Camera Obscura's You Told A Lie.

Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out Of This Country
Music video by Camera Obscura performing Let's Get Out Of This Country. (C) 2006 ELEFANT RECORDS.

Camera Obscura - Honey In The Sun (Official Video)
Subscribe to 4AD here: Join the 4AD mailing list here: Check out this Camera Obscura video for 'Honey In The Sun' off their latest...

Tears for Affairs - Camera Obscura Lyrics

Camera Obscura - The Sweetest Thing (Official Video)
Subscribe to 4AD here: Join the 4AD mailing list here: Camera Obscura are back with an adorable video for "The Sweetest Thing" off...

Camera Obscura - James (Coachella 2010)
Saturday April 17, 2010 at Coachella.

Camera Obscura James Grand Ballroom NYC on June 7, 2010
Camera Obscura performing their song "James" (from the album My Maudlin Career) at the Grand Ballroom in New York City on June 7, 2010.

Camera Obscura - Strange Faces
Camera Obscura comprised Nigel James and Peter Oldroyd, and hailed from the UK. The band formed in 1982 and soldiered through record label hardships until 1987, when they went on indefinite...

Camera Obscura - James live in Thessaloniki
Block33 on 29/10/20010.

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