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Bipul ChettriArtist info Being born and living in India haven't even slightly deduced Bipul Chettri's enormous love for Nepal and Nepalese culture. Sticking to the roots, he victoriously blend aspects of ethereal Nepali folk with modest modern folk feel varying from Saxophone to jazz drumming. He is considered as one of the important artist among the 'New Wave of Nepalese folk' movement.SoundCloudhttps://soundcloud... Read more

Bipul Chettri - Asaar
Download Song: Join Us: Asaar means the Monsoons in Nepali. The monsoons...

Bipul Chettri & The Travelling Band - Asaar (Live in Kalimpong)
Asaar @ Kaleybung. with: Pranai Gurung - Guitars Rahul Rai - Bass Kiran Nepali - Percussions Prabir Sekhri - Keys Reuben Narain - Drums.

Bipul Chettri - Asaar (The Soundcheck Series) Feat. Kiran Nepali & Rishu Nepali
We met Rishu Nepali, a madal player about 15 minutes before we recorded this during a rehearsal session at a hotel with Kiran Nepali just before the Image Music Awards event in Kathmandu. Shot...

Bipul Chettri - Asaar (Cover) Lyrics Video
Cover song of Asaar - Bipul Chettri by Rajiv with lyrics. Please accept this attempt by me & forgive me if there is any mistake in this song. Thanks.

Bipul Chettri & The Travelling Band - Official US Tour Video, 2016
Some random shots we took across Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Phoenix, Austin, Sedona, Boston, New York, Cape Cod, Baltimore and Washington DC during our U.S. Tour in July 2016. Music...

Asaar - Bipul chettri guitar chords | lesson
This video is a guitar chord and strumming tutorial of asaar by Bipul Chettri.I will demonstrate guitar chords both with capo and without capo.

Bipul Chettri - Syndicate (Single)
'Syndicate' is a simple story of two ordinary people sharing a public space and the individual fantasy world we sometimes enjoy ourselves to be in. * 'Syndicate' refers to the vehicle reservation...

Bipul Chettri & The Travelling Band - Asaar (Live in Kathmandu)
This video is an amalgamation of cellphone footage shot by members in the audience from the Concert at Club25hrs in Kathmandu (11 October 2014). We would like to thank Prerna Bomzan, Utsav...

Bipul Chettri - Asaar Karaoke | lyrics
This video is a karaoke of song "Asaar" by Bipul Chettri. Watch all cover of Bipul Chettri songs here : SYNDICATE GUITAR CHORDS :

Bipul Chettri & The Travelling Band - Asaar (Live @ The Electric Brixton, London)
The audience joins us for Asaar during an encore in London. What a crowd. The Travelling Band Pranai Gurung - Guitars Rahul Rai - Bass Reuben Narain - Drums Prabir Sekhri - Keys Kiran Nepali...

Asaar - Bipul Chettri (Cover) | Ajit Rai |2017
Direction/Dop: Sultan Edhingo Cover: Ajit Rai Original Track: Asaar - Bipul Chettri Gaffer: Pabin/Nabin Post Production: Sultan Films. (c) 2017.

Asaar - Kina badhdai Chha(Mashup) Asha Bhosle // Bipul Chettri | Ganesh and Sunita Cover|
Follow Ganesh Music on FaceBook: Mashup of two Nepal's popular songs. Enjoy. Original: Asha Bhosle and Bipul Chettri.

Bipul Chettri & The Travelling Band - Asaar (Live @ Sydney)
'Asaar' with the lovely Sydney crowd. The Travelling Band Pranai Gurung - Guitars Reuben Narain - Drums Kiran Nepali - Percussions Shivam Khare - Keys Rahul Rai - Bass Video Footage Courtesy:...

Asaar - Guitar Lesson
Visit Nepali E-Chords on Facebook - ------------------------------------------------------------ Bipul Chettri G/C Em/C/D/C Em/C/G/D E/C/E/C/D.

Bipul Chettri & The Travelling Band - Asaar (Live @ The Attic, Kathmandu)
The Travelling Band Reuben Narain - Drums Rahul Rai - Bass Pranai Gurung - Guitars Kiran Nepali - Sarangi, Tungna, Percussions Shivam Khare - Keys Sound - Binaya Amatya.

Asaar - Bipul Chettri (Karaoke Version)
If you wish to use this recording as your cover, all we ask is that you leave a link to our channel and credit to Nepali Karaoke for the instrumental in your video description. This recording...

Asaar - Bipul Chettri
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ASAR Bipul Chetri Karaoke
Nepali songs ko Karaoke nai huna thats why created one for you guys.

Bipul Chettri & The Travelling Band - Asaar (Live @ Purple Haze, Thamel)
The crowd joins us for Asaar at Thamel. Apologies for the sound. The audio recording from the sound console got wiped off during a power outage, so this is all we could salvage from the camera....

Bipul Chettri Asaar studio cover
you can easily seen our cover videos asaar by acoustic guitar.

Bipul chettri Asaar cover stage performance Milan Gurung
Bipul chettri Asaar cover Milan Gurung.

Bipul Chettri - Asaar (Cover)
Vocals/Guitar - Nation Shakya Flute - Anij Maharjan.

Youraj Sunuwar - Asaar (Fingerstyle Cover)
Fingerstyle cover of Bipul Chettri's Asaar. Gears Used: -Canon t3i/600D w/ Zoom H1.

nepaali song ASSAR lesson ,, bipul cheetri

bipul chettri - asaar
purple haze rock bar, thamel Date: Jan 1, 2015.

Mann + Aasar Bipul Chettri Fusion Cover
Vocals and Rhythm guitar- Sandhya Joshi Lead Guitar and Backing vocals- Suraj Joshi.

Asaar-Bipul-Piano tutorial
Tutor: Dr.Umesh Regmi Page:

Bipul Chettri - Asaar cover | lyrics
This song is originally by Bipul Chettri. You can subscribe to my channel for new songs and videos. Please find the lyrics below. Dont forget to watch my...

ASAAR-BIPUL CHETTRI (Fingerstyle cover)

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