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Pornstar - Big Muff
From the album "MUSIC FROM THE AURAL EXITER" . Composed and produced and performed by Itaal Shur. -uploaded in HD at

Big Muff - Pornstar [Audio]
Nettwerk Music Group is excited to shine the spotlight back onto Maxi Records, one of New York's best loved independent house labels. Throughout the 90's, Maxi Records was one of the leaders...

WAUR AM 930 "Beat Radio" 10June98 T3SB. (JLSii)
Beat Radio broadcast on WAUR, Sandwich/Chicago AM 930. 6PM-Til 6AM (CT) Weekdays and Weekends, from Wed.18 Feb to Sat. 24 Oct of 1998. This was an ALL Dance format. Analogue Tape, TDK MA110,...

Ian Eskelson - Pornstar Empyre
A bitter comparison to Love vs Lust... *REMIXED & REMASTERED VERSION You can download the shit out of this song for FREE: Thank you for listening! LYRICS: The...

Pornstar - Sir Martian ft. DJ KenHard
Pornstars!! Rolling like a big shot Big bottles So i guess Prostars taking big shots ..... Big bottles, prostars taking big shots (x4) If you got a problem well then take it to akin Im in houston...

Young Sam - Pornstar (OFFICIAL)
07. Young Sam - Pornstar [Wake & Bake] Young Sam - Pornstar [Wake & Bake] Young Sam - Pornstar [Wake & Bake] Young Sam - Pornstar [Wake & Bake] Young Sam - Pornstar [Wake & Bake] Young Sam...

TÖLTSD LE INGYEN ITT: Zene: Walston (Danka Dávid) Szöveg/rap: Juró (Balogh Szabolcs) Vocal mixing/mastering: Dan Sparks (Nagy Zsolt) ______...

PORN STAR BY BODENE (official Audio)
Pornstar by bodene ENGINEERED BY BDMIX PROD BY trapmafia New single official audio.

Like a Porn Star (song)
Written, produced and performed by Ric Woods. A cool, sexy groove that's easy to sing. Please send your notice of intent to [email protected]

Fermez Les Yeux by KEZIA
from the debut album "Little Bird" from Kezia will be out soon.

Wish I had a thick black bitch with a pussy like a five course dish, mmm delish can you feel me now Or I'm in the ice cream whip every time a nigga stop the flava switch mmm delish.