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Azam AliArtist info اعظم علی (Romanization: Azam Ali) was born in Iran but spent most of her early years in India before moving to the US in the mid eighties. She is a vocalist of astonishing diversity with a range covering music from the mediaeval European to the classical Eastern - Persian, Lebanese and Indian.In November 1995, along with Greg Ellis, Ali formed Vas, producing four albums: Sunyata (1997), Offerings (1998), In the Garden of Souls (2000), and Feast of Silence (2004).In 2002 she released her first solo album, Portals of Grace, which saw her expand her repertoire even farther and prove her to be equally as adept in singing in 13th century French-Provençal, Galician and Ladino as she is in Arabic... Read more

Azam Ali - Aramadı Sormadılar Beni [ Mahzuni'ye Saygı ]
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Azam Ali Elysium - Endless Reverie
Artist: Azam Ali Album: Elysium For the Brave Song: Endless Reverie.

Azam Ali - "Neni Desem"
From Azam Ali's new album titled "From Night To the Edge of Day". A collection of lullabies from the Middle East, Azam's hypnotic vocals grace each track with a beauty and tenderness that touches...

Niyaz, Azam Ali - Beni Beni
Azam Ali'nin diğer şarkılarınına, Grubu Niyaz'ın 'Nine Heavens' adlı albümüne ve kliplerine cafrande o r g'den ulaşabilirsiniz ulaşabilirsiniz.

The Hunt 2013 (Official Music Video)
In celebration of Niyaz's 10 year anniversary, the band re-records an old favorite calling it "The Hunt 2013", and releases it as a free download for fans. The music video was directed by Iranian...

"Del"- by NIYAZ featuring Azam Ali
From the "Best of Niyaz" compilation "Del" is based on an original song written by Bijan Mofid. Azam Ali- Voice, beats, programming Ramin Loga Torkian- Electric Guitar, Kamaan, Keyboards Mammad...

Azam Ali- New Album Coming 2018
First glimpse into the sound of my new English language electronic album which I have proudly written, produced and performed entirely on my own, albeit with the magic performances of a few...

Azam Ali - "Dandini"
From Azam Ali's new album titled "From Night To the Edge of Day". A collection of lullabies from the Middle East, Azam's hypnotic vocals grace each track with a beauty and tenderness that...

"Winter Forest"(Official Music Video)- By Azam Ali & Loga R Torkian
The song "Winter Forest" by Azam Ali and Loga R.Torkian from their 2013 album Lamentation of Swans- A journey towards silence nominated for a JUNO Award in Canada. Video directed by Shahin...

Azam Ali - Vas / Mandara

Muhteşem Kösem Müziği - Hanedan'a Sadakat 4 [Azam Ali]
Muhteşem Kösem Müzikleri Playlist ▻

Azam Ali - Portals of Grace - A Chantar M`er

Azam Ali & Loga Ramin Torkian - Ocean
The song "Ocean" from the album Lamentation of Swans - A journey towards silence Alternatif Hayat: Azam Ali:

Azam Ali - Aj Ondas (Early 12th century Galician) 1000% slower

Ephemere - Vas & Azam Ali - Garden of Souls
Ephemere, from the album Garden of Souls, by Vas and Azam Ali (all rights reserved).

Azam Ali- Izgrejala Jasna Zvezda (A bright star shines)
Based on a traditional folk song from Bulgaria. Azam Ali- Voice, Beats, Percussion, Programming, synths Sinan Cem Eroglu- Kaval, Kopuz Loga Ramin Torkian- Kamaan, Guitar If you are a subscriber...


Azam Ali "Lai Lai"
Azam Ali est une chanteuse née en Iran en grandit en Inde à partir de l'âge de quatre ans dans la petite ville de Panchgani, une station montagneuse dans l'État de Maharashtra....

Azam Ali - Abode (Türkçe Altyazılı) Delam Yek Gole Atish...Tanam Koreye Daaghe...wali Tu hame Donya,Darigh az Yek Cheraghe...Darigh az Yek n Gusheye Donia be In goshe...

Azam Ali - From Night To the Edge of Day (Full Album)
Play List: 1. Noor (The Light in My Eyes) 00:00 2. Dandini 04:53 3. Nami Nami 09:02 4. Neni Desem 14:17 5. Shrin 20:41 6. Mehman (The Guest) 26:15 7. Faith 31:40 8....

Azam Ali - Ocean
Song : Ocean Album : Lamentation of Swans Artist : Azam Ali & Loga Ramin Torkian Scenes from tom Lowe ' s documentary "TimeScapes(2012)" i do not own the documentary or song.

NIYAZ "Parishaan" (Official Music Video)
The song "Parishaan" from the new Niyaz album, SUMUD. Composed by Azam Ali, Loga Ramin Torkian and Carmen Rizzo, this song is based on traditional poetry by beloved 11th century Persian poet...

Azam Ali - Forty One Ways
Forty one ways to die One strong will to live World's gone all awry Faith is the battlefield Tender, I feel Tender, I feel And the wheels turn To fortify a design of free will ...

azam ali - spring arrives
azam ali - spring arrives (elysium for the brave)

Azam Ali - Vas - Refuge

Azam Ali - Mehman

Azam Ali "Nami Nami" LIVE
Azam Ali Performing "Nami Nami" from her album "From Night to the Edge of Day". Read more here:

Azam Ali & Vas - Leyli
We are waiting all Azam Ali & Niyaz fan our page: **** **** **** Gençlerden bir çocuk dedi ki: "Bilge dede, sen bize aşkın ne olduğunu anlat"...

Azam Ali - Dandini (AIWAA Edit)
Follow • AIWAA https://sou...

Azam Ali - I'm a stranger in this world
iranian music.

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