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Axiom Funk - If 6 Was 9 ft. Bootsy Collins

Axiom Funk with Bootsy Collins If 6 Was 9

Bootsy Collins/Axiom Funk - If 6 Was 9 - HQ - example of high dynamic range
Axiom Funk - If 6 Was 9 (Jimi Hendrix cover). From CDDA "Funkcronomicon" I was surpised by its dynamic range (in theory DR16, like classical music!

Axiom Funk - Orbitron Attack (Eddie Hazel)
Track 4 on Disc 1 of "Funkcronomicon" Guitar: Eddie Hazel Bass: Bootsy Collins Organ: Bernie Worrell Drums: Jerome Brailey.

Axiom Funk ‎– Funkcronomicon Double LP 1995
01. Order Within The Universe (Feat. Bernie Worrell, Bill Laswell And Dxt) 02. Under The Influence (Jes Grew) (Feat. George Clinton, Bootsy Collins And Sly 03.

Bootsy Collins & Axiom Funk - Sax Machine
Something To Blow Your Socks Off!! 1995.. :p.

Axiom Funk - If 6 was 9
"If 6 was 9" by Axiom Funk from Funkcronomicon (1995)

Axiom Funk- If 6 Was 9
Axiom Funk doing their version of Hendrix's song if 6 was 9. my awesome lava lamp.

Bootsy Collins Part 1
This is my tribute to Bootsy. Anyone that knows the history of funk music would know that William "Bootsy" Collins and his brother Phelps "Catfish" Collins had a ...

Bootsy Collins Part 2
This is the continuation of my tribute mix to Bootsy Collins. Tracklist 1. Still the Man (ft. The JBs) • Bootsy Collins 2. The Pinocchio Theory • Bootsy Collins 3.

P Funk Vol 3, by TD Production
P-Funk Vol 3 continues with some of their greatest jams. This set contains rarely heard songs from Bernie Worrell, Eddie Hazel, Axiom Funk, Mutiny and other ...

Bootsy Collins - Axiom Funk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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P Funk Vol 1, by TD Production
P-Funk greatest hits. 1. Maggot Brain - Funkadelic 2. Munchies For Your Love – Bootsy Collins 3. Until It Rains - Eddie Hazel 4. You Got Me Wide Open (Ft.

[Fan Album] Buckethead & Friends - Scattered Works #1
Compilation of songs on other artists albums and more. 01. The Mask (feat Bernie Worrel) 00:00 02. Trumpets and Violins, Violins (on Axiom Funk) 07:44 03.

Axiom Funk - Tell The World
Axiom Funk - Tell The World "Tell The World" Vocals: Maceo Parker, Bobby Byrd, Godmoma Keyboards, Voice: Sly Stone Other Music: Bootsy Collins ...

Updated Mega Funk Mix Old School Complete Sound Enhanced DeLuxe
Both mix 1 and 2 (uploaded earlier on my other YT-account ( combined into one hell of a non-stop funk-experience ...

TD's Top Funk Jams 1
Tracklist (version 3, had to remove Lakeside because of copyright claims) 0:00 Reach for It Son of Reach (TD Ext Remix) • George Duke 08:16 Good Thang ...

Axiom Funk - Pray My Soul w/ Eddie Hazel
Resurrected by Bill Laswell from the studio cutting room floor, this is Eddie Hazel at his best. The liner notes credit Grace Cook as the guitarist, but as any ...

Bill Laswell: Axiom Sound System Musical Freezone (1 of 2)
Throughout three decades, Bill Laswell has been a constant innovator, fusing seemingly disparate genres into a whole new sound. Touching upon everything ...

Axiom Funk - Funkcronomicon - If 6 was 9
Enjoy folks, axiom funk : if 6 was 9.

Eddie Hazel - California Dreamin'
Album : Game,Dames & Guitar Thangs (1977)

Axiom Funk - Cosmic Slop (ft. Material)
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Axiom Funk - Animal Behavior
"Animal Behavior" by Axiom Funk from Funkcronomicon (1995)

Axiom Funk - Pray My Soul (Eddie Hazel)
"Pray My Soul" by Axiom Funk from Funkcronomicon (1995)

Funkadelic - Maggot Brain [HQ]
Eddie Hazel: Guitar God.

Axiom Funk - Sax Machine
"Sax Machine" by Axiom Funk from Funkcronomicon (1995)

Axiom Funk - Tell The World [Sly Stone]
"Tell The World" by Axiom Funk from Funkcronomicon (1995)

Cosmic Slop Axiom Funk / Salma Hayek

Axiom Funk - Funkcronomicon - Free Bass
enjoy guys, Axiom funk - free bass.

Axiom Funk - Funkcronomicon - Under The Influence
Next epic track from Axiom Funk, enjoy folks.

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