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Autumn TearsArtist info Autumn Tears is a neoclassical darkwave band from Billerica, MA, United States, formed in September 1995 by Erika T. Swinnich (vocals, musical arrangements) and Ted Tringo (keyboards and piano, musical arrangements, vocals). After an intensive period of song writing and rehearsing, they entered West Sound Studios to commit to tape the works they had created. In April of 1996, their first CD, "Love Poems for Dying Children, Act I" was released through Dark Symphonies, their own record label... Read more

Autumn Tears - the beauty in all things

Autumn Tears - And Then The Whispering
Gazing deeply into small eyes Forever softly they shall speak Whispering voices from deep within Cries of pain for no one to hear They shall never see beyond Endless seasons of changing emotion...

Autumn Tears- Carfax Abbey
Taken from the album "Act I - Reprise MCMXCVIII"

Ophelia's Crown - Autumn Tears
Ophelia's Crown: Hand in hand she walks with me and the shame, it's burning my eyes etching each memory in time, just to be by her side her face carved deeply in innocence she...

Autumn Tears - Ophelia's Crown (Subtitulado)

Autumn Tears - This My Melancholic Masquer
Autumn Tears - Garden Of Crystalline Dreams - This My Melancholic Masquer.

Autumn Tears - A Dreaming Kiss
Banda norte americana tema de su segundo dijco una obra maestra del 97 ¨Love Poems for Dying Children - Act II: The Garden of Crystalline Dreams.

Autumn Tears - Canticle
From "The Hallowing" (2007)

Autumn Tears - At a Distance
Pics from Pico Island ''Azores'' by

Autumn Tears - The Battle...Act II
Neoclassical / Darkwave Band, formed in 1995 USA.

Autumn Tears - Autumn Requiem
Autumn Tears (Love Poems for Dying Children - Act I, 1996) Autumn Requiem.

Autumn Tears - The Eloquent Sleep (lyrics)
Autumn Tears - The Eloquent Sleep (lyrics)

Autumn Tears- Do They Ever Sing? ....

Vashti Bunyan - Autumn Tears - If in Winter - How Do I Know - I Know
Vashti Bunyan - Autumn Tears - If in Winter (100 Lovers) - How Do I Know - I Know Album "Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind" (Singles and Demos 1964 to 1967)

Autumn Tears - The Dance (Subbed)
i made this vid while ago. all credit goes to Autumn Tears, tribute only Enjoy.

Autumn Tears Remember

Autumn Tears. The Broken Doll
Autumn Tears. Love Poems For Dying Children - Act III - Winter and the Broken Angel.

Autumn Tears - The Widowtree (lyrics)
I've choosen some pics found in Google images and made a simple video but my will is only to share this wonderful music... Enjoy! Do you remember fingers of sunlight as they were caressing...

Autumn Tears - The Funeral Bazaar
Autumn Tears - The Funeral Bazaar from The Hallowing album 2007.

Autumn Tears The Last King Falls

Autumn Tears- So Sweet... The Tears
De las mejores bandas de Ethereal Wave.

Autumn Tears - A dreaming Kiss
"A dreaming kiss" by Autumn Tears. I dont own this song...

Lake of Tears - Forever Autumn [Full Album] 1999
Country: Sweden Genre: Progressive, Doom Metal Label: Black Mark Production Songs: 1. So Fell Autumn Rain - 0:00 2. Hold on Tight - 5:22 3. Forever Autumn - 9:25 4. Pagan Wish - 15:18 5. Otherwher...

Autumn Tears - A Dreaming Kiss

Autumn Tears - The Intermission
Band: Autumn Tears Album: Love Poems for Dying Children... Act I (Reprise MCMXCVIII) Song: 10 - The Intermission Year: 1996 All rights belong to the artist. Support the band. Buy the album.

Autumn Tears- Flight
Taken from the album "Eclipse"

Autumn Tears - Spirit

Autumn Tears - Black Heaven
Lyrics- [Deceit: ] what A Precious Mistake Thou Has Made a Fool You Hath Made Of Me ...So Be It i Take Thee Now With vengeance And Fury my Wrath Shall I Beset upon The Souls Of Innocence...

Autumn Tears - The Passion and the Fury + lyrics
Taken from the album "Love Poems for Dying Children... Act III: Winter and the Broken Angel" (released in 2000) So, I was listening to their discography here:

Autumn Tears - Eclipse
Taken from the album "Eclipse" Autumn Tears Eclipse.

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