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At vance - Only Human

At Vance "The winner takes it all" (with lyrics) - ABBA
Taken from "Dragonchaser" (2001) Lyrics : I don't wanna talk About the things we've gone through Though it's hurting me Now it's history I've played all my cards ...

At Vance - Only Human (Full Album)
1. The Time Has Come 0:00 2. Only Human 3:55 3. Take My Pain 9:10 4. Fly to the Rainbow 13:30 5. Hold Your Fire 19:41 6. Four Seasons - Spring 25:30 7.

AT VANCE " Dragonchaser"- [Album Completo/Full Album]
Tracklist: 1. Dragonchaser 2. Ages of Glory 3. Crucified 4. Beethoven, 5th Symphony 5. Heaven Can Wait 6. The Winner Takes it All (ABBA cover) 7. My Bleeding ...

at vance - eye of the tiger w/ lyrics
Survivor cover from their "No Escape" album of 1999.

At Vance - Ride The Sky (Full Album)
0:00 - Ride The Sky 3:31 - Torn - Burning Like Fire 8:11 - Last In Line 12:43 - Wishing Well 15:57 - Salvation Day 20:22 - Vivaldi. Summer 2nd Set 24:07 - Power ...

At Vance - No Escape (Full Album)
1. Flying High 0:00 2. No Escape 5:14 3. No Speak 8:30 4. Die in Your Arms 10:12 5. All for One, One for All 15:41 6. Money, Money, Money (ABBA cover) 20:08 ...

SOS (ABBA Cover) - At vance
At vance Heart of steel-(2000) SOS (ABBA cover) (Sorry for "atvance" in the first seconds of video) Lyrics: Where are those happy days, they seem so hard to find ...

At Vance - Princess Of The Night
Artist: At Vance Song: Princess Of The Night Album: Heart Of Steel (2000) One of my favourite songs by At Vance. Enjoy ^^ Lyrics: I've been waitin' for such a ...

At Vance - Broken Vow
The song Broken Vow by the band At Vance. I wasn't able to find this on here, so i'm uploading it myself. This song rocks, hope you enjoy it. Lyrics: Watching the ...

At Vance - Money, money, money (Abba)
Proyecto nuevo 1.

At Vance - Beethoven, 5th Symphony
Recensioni dei migliori album Heavy Metal sul mio blog I miei diari di viaggio tra Europa e Asia all'indirizzo ...

At Vance - The Winner Takes It All (Sub español)
Album: Dragonchaser (2001) At Vance.

At Vance - Shout
Artist: At Vance Song: Shout Original Artist: Tears For Fears This song is featured on the compilation known as Hard Rock Covers, in the sixth album. This videos ...

At Vance - Princess of Ice
AT VANCE - PRINCESS OF ICE She's got a smile that is made out of ice No one's here to save the tears she cries As she dances in the moonlight Behind those ...

At Vance - The Winner Takes It All
Great cover of the ABBA classic from 1980.

At Vance - Lost in your love (Sub Español)

At Vance - Evil in You
[The Evil In You] - Evil in You.

At Vance Vivaldi Winter
from Chained Album Power Metal.

At Vance - Eye Of The Tiger
Artist: At Vance Song: Eye Of The Tiger Original Artist: Survivor This song is featured on the compilation known as Hard Rock Covers, in the seventh album.

At vance - Lost in your love
At vance - Lost in your love (audio and lyric) ------------------- the summer breeze in your hair seems to be so warm and tender is your love really true that it can't ...

S.O.S. At vance.
At Vance's cover of AbbA's SOS... too cool!!!!!!!!!

At Vance - Fly To The Rainbow

At Vance - The Time Has Come
The Time Has Come By : At Vance Album : Only Human (2002) You took their lives And you took their souls To be the king of their land You brought them misery ...

At Vance - Answer Me
From "VII" album.

At Vance Vivaldi Summer
from No Escape Album Power Metal.

Fallen Angel - At Vance with lyrics
A great song by a great band! From the album The Evil In You.

At Vance ~ You and I
Hermosa canción.

AT VANCE - Money Money Money (Tribute To ABBA)

At Vance - Princess Of Ice (Subtitulada)

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