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Asian Dub FoundationArtist info Asian Dub Foundation is an alternative electronica band from London, England. Formed in 1993, their style blends breakbeat, dub, dancehall, hip-hop and reggae with distinct Asian influences. Band members include John Pandit (aka Pandit G) (turntables), Deeder Zaman (aka Master D) (vocals) and Aniruddha Das (aka Dr Das) (bass), later joined by Steve Chandra Savale (aka Chandrasonic) (guitar and adf mastermind), Sanjay Tailor (aka Sun-J) (midi, soundeffects), and Bubble-E (dancer). Master D left the band in 2000, shortly after that the band was joined by new members: Pritphal Rajput (aka Cyber) (dhol, tabla), Rocky Singh (drums), MC Spex (vocals), MC Lord Kimo and Akhtar Ahmed (aka Aktarv8r) (vocals), the latter recruited from the band's ongoing education project ADFED... Read more

Asian Dub Foundation - Jericho
Facts and fictions.

Asian Dub Foundation - Community Music ( Full Album )
Community music is an album by Asian Dub Foundation, released in 2000. It received much praise from critics. 1. Real Great Britain 0:00 2. Memory War 3:13 3. Officer XX 6:50 4. New Way New...

Asian Dub Foundation - A History Of Now ( Full Album )
A History Of Now is an album by British Dub band, Asian Dub Foundation. It was released in 2011. 1. A New London Eye 0:00 2. Urgency Frequency 4:48 3. London To Shanghai 9:15 4. A History...

Asian Dub Foundation - Rebel Warrior As the Asian Underground took hold and influence into the alternative scene, musicians from similar backgrounds and narratives...

Asian Dub Foundation - Flyover -

Asian Dub Foundation Ft NAGA - ZIG ZAG NATION
Click here to subscribe: 'Zig Zag Nation', the first track taken from our new album 'More Signal More Noise'. Out 10th July 2015! Buy now on: iTunes:...

Asian Dub Foundation - Stand Up
Click here to subscribe: From new album 'More Signal More Noise - Out 10th July 2015 Buy now on: iTunes: Amazon:...

Asian Dub Foundation - Fortress Europe
Do not own the rights of this video, just sharing it with the world.

Asian Dub Foundation - R.A.F.I. Full Album
Tracklist 00:00 Assassin 04:14 Change 07:21 Black White 10:55 Buzzing 16:31 Free Saptal Ram 20:56 Modern Apprentice 25:52 Operation Eagle Lie 30:09 Hypocrite 34:39 Naxalite 39:35 Loot 44:43...

(PV) Asian Dub Foundation - Buzzin

Asian Dub Foundation - Blade Ragga
Click here to subscribe: From the album 'More Signal More Noise. Buy now on: iTunes: Amazon:

Asian Dub Foundation - Flyover
Asian Dub Foundation Performs Flyover Album: Tank I have no credit in the creation of the album art or the song.

Asian Dub Foundation - Strong Culture
Strong Culture by Asian Dub Foundation on Facts and Fictions.

Asian Dub Foundation - New Way New Life
Video for the eponymous song from "Community Music", the CD by Asian Dub Foundation.

Memory War - Asian Dub Foundation
Dub Stylee!!

Asian Dub Foundation - Witness

Asian Dub Foundation - Rise To The Challenge

Strong Culture By Asian Dub Foundation (Beyond Good & Evil 2 Trailer Music)
This song was used in the much awaited debut trailer for 'Beyond Good & Evil 2'. The song is titled 'Strong Culture' by artist Asian Dub Foundation. Watch 'Beyond Good & Evil 2' Trailer Here:...

Asian Dub Foundation-Rebel Warrior

1000 mirrors
1000 mirrors video / asian dub foundation & sinead o'connor / directed by henri-jean debon.

Asian Dub Foundation - Take Back The Power
My little contribution to ADF fans.

Asian Dub Foundation Rebel Warrior

Asian Dub Foundation - Real Great Britain
Video for the eponymous song from "Community Music", the CD by Asian Dub Foundation.

Asian Dub Foundation - A New London Eye
Click here to subscribe: Video for Asian Dub Foundation's new single 'A New London Eye', released on 30th May 2011 on Cooking Vinyl.

Asian Dub Foundation - Burning Fence
Asian Dub Foundation's Latest Video and the first video to come from the Album Punkara. Great Track and a Great Video - Enjoy!

Asian Dub Foundation - Culture Move (La Haine)
La Haine (Mathieu Kassovitz, 1995)

ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION siberian slengteng

Asian Dub Foundation - La Haine
Asian Dub Foundation o ADF es una banda musical de dub que mezcla ritmos de drum and bass y reggae con melodías tradicionales de la India y letras de rap (raggamuffin) originaria de Londres,...

Rafi's Revenge.

Asian Dub Foundation-Keep Bangin On The Walls- Live Tour-2003
1 Cyberbad 2 Charge 3 Blowback 4 2 Face 5 Fortress Europe 6 Riddim I Like 7 New Way New Life 8 Rise To the Challenge 9 Assatta Dub 10 Enemy Of The Enemy 11 La Haine 12 Naxalite 13...