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Arthur AlexanderArtist info Arthur Alexander (May 10, 1940 – June 9, 1993), born in Florence, Alabama, was perhaps one of the biggest stars to arise out of the American country-soul scene. Working with Muscle Shoals, a pioneering record label, Alexander's "You Better Move On" was the label's first hit and perhaps his best-known song, covered by The Rolling Stones. "Anna (Go to Him)" a US rhythm and blues Top Ten Hit (covered by The Beatles), "Soldier of Love" (covered by The Beatles, Marshall Crenshaw and Pearl Jam) and "Set Me Free" (covered by Esther Phillips and Joe Tex) were also major hits and established Alexander as a pioneering arranger of others' tunes, as well as an established songwriter in his own right. He switched to another label, Sound Stage 7 founded by Fred Foster, and although a 1972 album for Warner Brothers was promising, the singer's potential seemed to wither... Read more

Arthur Alexander - You better move on
What can one say about this record, apart from it being an absolute classic.

Arthur Alexander - Anna (Go to Him) (1962)
Writer: Arthur Alexander Releasing date: 17th September 1962 Format: 7" single Label: Dot Records (#45-16387) [Usa]; London [UK] B-side: "I Hang My Head ...

Arthur Alexander - Anna - 1962
Arthur Alexander - Anna - 1962 Something I made when I was bored.

Arthur Alexander - Soldier of Love
Arthur Alexander sings "Soldier of Love". One of his best, from 1962.

Arthur Alexander - "You Better Move On" - Stereo HQ
Arthur Alexander (May 10, 1940 -- June 9, 1993), born in Sheffield, Alabama, was perhaps one of the biggest stars to arise out of the American country soul ...

Arthur Alexander - In the Middle of it All
Arthur was very fond of this sad, countryish song - he recorded it at least 4 times. This is the first version, which was probably done about 1962 but stayed ...

Arthur Alexander - Burning Love (ORIGINAL VERSION)
The little-known original version of ''Burning Love'' by country soul singer Arthur Alexander. This version was released on Alexander's self-titled album in April ...

Arthur Alexander I Hope They Get Their Eyes Full (1962)

Arthur Alexander -1962- You Better Move On [Full]
1 You Better Move On 2:44 2 Love Letters 2:27 3 Hey! Baby! 2:21 4 Funny How Time Slips Away 2:45 5 Young World 2:12 6 A Thousand Stars 2:57 7 A Hundred ...

Arthur Alexander. Lonely just like me . 1993
An incredible singer song writer that was abused by the music industry.

Arthur Alexander - A Thousand Stars
Arthur Alexander A Thousand Stars.

Paul McCartney on Arthur Alexander and Sam Cooke
Paul McCartney and Ronnie Wood chat about Arthur Alexander and Sam Cooke's influence on their music. This clip is taken from The Ronnie Wood Show, ...

Arthur Alexander - You Don't Care
Arthur could sing and write soul, rock and roll, blues and country. John Lennon admired him immensely and The Beatles covered Soldier of Love. If Arthur had ...

Arthur Alexander - If it's really got to be this way
From the album "Lonely Just Like Me: The Final Chapter" (1993)

Arthur Alexander - Miles and miles from nowhere
And another previously unissued one. This time it's from the pen of Jerry Chesnut and apparently the first song from this gent to be recorded. He was to go on ...

Arthur Alexander - "Go home Girl"
Alexander deserves a special mention in pop and rock history for his particular influence, as indicated, on the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. It is believed that ...

Arthur Alexander - A shot of rhythm and blues (1962)
Writer: Terry Thompson ○ Releasing date: Fall 1961 [Usa]; March 1962 [UK] ○ Format: 7" single ○ Label: Dot Records (45-16309) [Usa]; London (HLD 9523) ...

anna (live) Arthur Alexander
from Lonely Just Like Me.

Arthur Alexander-Baby For You..
Taken from the CD "The Monument Years" (Ace Records).

Love me warm and tender - Arthur Alexander (1962 )
Arthur Alexander, born in Florence, Alabama on 10 May 1940, was probably the greatest country soul singer ever. His influence was immense and he inspired ...

Arthur Alexander - You're the Reason
From the 1962 album "You Better Move On", released on the Dot label. Written by Bobby Edwards, Terry Fell, James Hanley, and Mildred Imes. Recorded at the ...

Sharing The Night Together - Arthur Alexander
I do not own the rights to this song and in no way am profiting from it. I am simply sharing the beautiful sound in the hopes to keep it alive with the younger ...

Arthur Alexander - You Better Move On - Full Album (Vintage Music Songs)
Arthur Alexander (May 10, 1940 – June 9, 1993) was an American country songwriter and soul singer. Jason Ankeny, music critic for Allmusic, said Alexander ...

Arthur Alexander - Sharing The Night Together.wmv
This is the original version, came out in 1976. Covered in reggae by Delroy Wilson and later by Lloyd Brown....Enjoy.

Arthur Alexander - Love Letters
STEREO*. Arthur Alexander sings "Love Letters". 1962. Featured on his 1962 album 'You Better Move On'.

Arthur Alexander - All i need is you

Arthur Alexander - Funny How Time Slips Away
A wonderful version of a classic Willie Nelson-penned ballad, first done by Billy Walker & covered by Elvis, Nelson, Al Green, Narvel Felts, George Jones & many ...

Arthur Alexander - The Wanderer (stereo)
Published by Dot Records 1962. This video is for educational purpose and not for financial gains. I don't own any rights.

Anna(Go to Him)/Jesse Kinch (Arthur Alexander/Beatles Cover)
Jesse performs a classic, Anna (written and first performed by the late Arthur Alexander) from the "Please Please Me" album in light of the 50th anniversary of the ...

Arthur Alexander - Rainbow Road
Witten by Dan Penn and Donnie Fritts.

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