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Artension - Phoenix Rising - 1997 (Full Album)
More about Artension here: 1. Area 51 (0:00) 2. Through the Gate (7:29) 3. Valley of the Kings (14:12) 4.

Artension - New Discovery - 2002 (Full Album)
More about Artension here: 1. New Discovery (0:00) 2. Remember My Name (6:15) 3. Innocence Lost ...

Artension - Sacred Pathways - 2001 (Full Album)
More about Artension here: 1. Voyage to Nasca (0:00) 2. Your Victory (0:56) 3. Running Out of Time (6:19) 4 ...

Artension - Goin' Home
Beautiful song, from their Phoenix Rising album.

Artension - Forces of Nature - 1999 (Full Album)
More about Artension here: 1. The Forces of Nature (0:00) 2. Ride like the Wind (6:28) 3. Behind Your Eyes ...

Artension - Tall Ships
excelente cancion de su album Forces Of Nature.

Artension - Into The Blue
Neo-classical/progressive metal. Off of their album, "Rising Phoenix".

Artension - Symphonic Expedition
Artension - Symphonic Expedition.

Artension - Machine - 2000 (Full Album)
More about Artension here: 1. Machine (0:00) 2. The Way (5:24) 3. Madness Calling (11:18) 4. Mother Earth ...

Artension ~The Key
Into The Eye of The Storm 1996

Artension - " Lost Memory"
Remember how it used to be When you were young and you were free But that was many years ago Now you're not so young, you know It's just a lost memory ...

Artension - New Discovery
Artension - New Discovery.

Artension - Into The Eye Of The Storm
Artist: Artension Title: Into The Eye Of The Storm Album: Into The Eye Of The Storm Year: 1995 Genre: Progressive Metal Origin: US Lyrics: Set a course for ...

Phoenix Rising - Artension
Phoenix Rising - Artension.

Artension - The Emperor
Artension - The Emperor.

Artension - Forces Of Nature
forces of nature mp3.

Artension "Forbidden Love"
Album "Phoenix Rising" 1998, vocal John West

Artension - endless days - new discovery
progmetal neoclasico.

Artension - Let It Ride
Artension - Let It Ride.

Artension - I See Through Your Eyes
Machine is an album released by neo-classical progressive metal band Artension in 2000.

Artension - Blood Brothers
Neoclassical-Progressive metal featuring Vitalij Kuprij on keyboards.Taken from the album "Phoenix Rising" 1997 Not my own copyrights.

Artension-Future World
Future World is a 2004 album by melodic neo-classical progressive metal band Artension. The album, while not a concept album, is still strongly themed around ...

Artension-Shape Shifter
From their third album Forces of Nature.

ARTENSION-Endless Days (Original version) in HD,lyrics(LAMBORGHINI Aventador)
Artension-Endless Days,original long version,from the album New Discovery (2002). Artension was a North American neo-classical progressive metal band, ...

Artension - The Day Of Judgement
Artension - The Day Of Judgement - Future World.

Nightmare ~ Artension
Album "Sacred Pathways" 2001

Artension - The City Is Lost
Artension's song The City Is Lost from their album Phoenix Rising.

Your Victory - Artension
Sacred Pathways.

Artension - I See Through Your Disguise Band: Artension Album: Machine Year: 2000 Style: Progressive Metal Line Up: ...

Artension - Wings Of War
Artension - Wings Of War.

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