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Art TatumArtist info Art Tatum (Arthur Tatum, Jr., October 13, 1909, Toledo, Ohio, USA - November 5, 1956, Los Angeles, California) was an American jazz pianist and virtuoso who played with phenomenal facility despite being nearly blind since birth.Tatum is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time. He was noted for the complexity and speed of his performances, which set a new standard for jazz piano virtuosity... Read more

The Best of Art Tatum | Jazz Music
Subscribe for more jazz and classical music: Listen to our playlist “The Best of Jazz” on Deezer: Like us on ...

Art Tatum -- Yesterdays
Pianist extraordinaire Art Tatum performs "Yesterdays".. composed by Jerome David Kern and Otto Harbach.

Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson - The Art of Piano
Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson – The Art of Piano Find the album here: ...

Art Tatum Documentary
A short Toledo Stories Documentary about one of the best Jazz pianist's of all time. DISCLAIMER- No copyright infringement intended.Credit goes to the makers ...

Art Tatum - The best of [HQ]
Tracks: You Took Advantage Of Me (1st Version) What Is This Thing Called Love My gal Limehouse Blues I've Got The World On A String I've Got A Right To ...

Art Tatum -- Tiger Rag
Art Tatum's Tiger Rag - by Jazz Classics CD feel free to visit

Art Tatum plays Dvorak
Rare footage of Art Tatum playing his rendition of Humoresque by Dvorak.

Art Tatum's Tea for Two (1933)
This is Art Tatum's flawless recording of Tea for Two, recorded in 1933, which was the version that was played during a cutting contest with its two competitors, ...

Art Tatum & Friends - Outstanding Jazz Pianist, a Virtuoso Bursting with Pulse, Swing & Harmony
Art Tatum & Friends - Outstanding Jazz Pianist, a Virtuoso Bursting with Pulse, Swing & Harmony Find the album here: ...

Art Tatum - You're Driving Me Crazy (Full Album)
Art Tatum - You're Driving Me Crazy (Full Album) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tip: click on the time and listen ...

Art Tatum plays "Tenderly" - A Comparison
1. rec. 1949 (00:00) 2. rec. 1953 (3:08)

All The Things You Are (1953) by Art Tatum
This one's for Lizzie. From the album, "Art Tatum Solo Masterpieces Vol. 3", Pablo.

Ray Charles on Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson & Nat King Cole
Ray Charles discussing some of his musical heroes with Clint Eastwood. From Eastwood's 2003 documentary "Piano Blues".

Count Basie on Art Tatum, with Oscar Peterson 1980
Oscar Peterson interviews Count Basie in 1980. Original video - Piano - Oscar Peterson & Count Basie Bass - Niels ...

Art Tatum plays Cherokee (1954)
Art Tatum, the greatest (Pablo recordings)

Art Tatum - Tea for Two (Audio+Sheet Music)
'Tea for Two' as played by the legendary Art Tatum w/sheet music. Note: - Audio comes from the Zenph re-performance of Tatum's original 1933 rendition of the ...

Over the Rainbow (1953) by Art Tatum
From the album, "Art Tatum Solo Masterpieces Vol. 6", Pablo.

Art Tatum plays I Got Rhythm (solo,1940)
no words...Art Tatum, the greatest pianist ever. Incredible Virtuoso and absolute Genius. broadcast, Los Angeles 1940.

ART TATUM – Yesterdays (Solo, 1954, HD)
Art Tatum – Piano Solo „Yesterdays“ – M: Jerome Kern, T: Otto Harbach (1933) Kontakt sowie eigene Klavierstücke unter Contact ...

Art Tatum/Gershwin "The Man I Love" PIANO SOLO P. Barton FEURICH 218
related video in overhead keyboard view: One of two pianos solo ...

Art Tatum plays Chopin (Valse in C# Minor, Op. 64, No. 2)
Vladimir Horowitz once said that if Art Tatum ever took up classical music seriously, Horowitz would quit the next day. This was recorded on a cheap tape ...

The Incredible Art Tatum - Anthology of inhuman stride
a selection (obviously not exhaustive) of his dizzying stride technique ... be prepared to not believe your ears ... WARNING: to be taken in small doses, it can ...

Phineas Newborn / Art Tatum Documentary
Interviews: Jamil Nasser, Jacki Byard, Oscar Peterson, Tiny Grimes)

Art Tatum plays "Honeysuckle Rose" (1951) + my transcribed score
A transcription I made 3-4 years ago to further train my aural skills. Also, one of the most face-melting solos I've ever heard. PDF link: ...

Art Tatum : Art's Blues ( 1947 ) ( Fabulous Dorseys )
Jam Session From The 1947Film "Fabulous Dorseys" Art Tatum : Piano Tommy Dorsey : Trombone Jimmie Dorsey : Clarinet Charlie Barnet : Sax George Van ...

Art Tatum plays Caravan (1940)
broadcast, Los Angeles 1940.

Art Tatum runs Jazz Lesson - Ragtime to Stride Piano Part 1/2
Art Tatum runs Jazz Lesson - Ragtime to Stride Piano Part 1/2 Downloads exercises here: ...

The Genius of Art Tatum - Divine Madness! Jazz Master Class #36 w/Dave Frank
Join Dave Frank for a serious and hilarious in-depth master class on the one and only Art Tatum! Topics include Tatum runs, stride variations, musical textures, ...

Art Tatum -- Tenderly
Art Tatum performing "Tenderly".

Art Tatum/Gershwin "The Man I Love" P. Barton, FEURICH piano
One of two pianos solo arrangements of Gershwin's "The Man I Love". My recording of a George Gerswhin transcription: This ...

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