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Arrayan PathArtist info ARRAYAN PATH (formerly Arryan Path) is the personal project of singer/songwriter Nicholas Leptos which came together in 1997 with Nicholas’ friend, guitarist Clement Fung. Throughout the years Nicholas has had great help from his brother Socrates Leptos as well as others.Following their two demos (“Return to Troy”, 1999 and “Osiris”, 2000) the band’s debut album, “Road to Macedonia” was released in 2004 by Greek label Steel Gallery Records. As a result of this album’s solid musicianship and great epic atmosphere the band quickly gained a huge following, especially in Greece... Read more

ARRAYAN PATH - Gabriel is Rising (Official Video)
Taken from the ARRAYAN PATH album "Chronicles of Light", released in February 2016. Album available on CD, Limited Digipak & Digital.

ARRAYAN PATH - Clepsydra (official video)
From the ARRAYAN PATH album "IV: Stigmata" (PBR 023), released in June 2013 on Pitch Black Records. Video credits: Shot and Directed by Stavros ...

Arrayan Path - IV: Stigmata [Full Album]
Awesome neoclassical power metal from Cyprus! PLEASE support this great band! Buy the record as i did! TRACKLIST ...

Arrayan Path - The Fall of Mardonius
Epic power metal masterpiece by Cypriot heavy metal band Arrayan Path. The song "The Fall Of Mardonius" is taken from their third full length album "Ira ...

Arryan Path - Molon Lave
Arryan Path are a metal band from Cyprus that have so far realeased 3 albums and have recently changed their name to Arrayan Path. The song "Molon Lave" is ...

Arryan Path - Road to Macedonia
"Road to Macedonia", the best song of Greek metal band from Cyprus "Arryan Path"!!

Arrayan Path - Terra Incognita [Full Album]
Terra Incognita is the second studio album by power metal band Arrayan Path. The intention is to promote the band's album. Support the the music!

Arrayan Path - December

Arrayan Path "Molon Lave",Up The Hammers IX,March of MMXIV,Athens,Hellas.
If you are from Hellas,feel shivers across your spine(or even a boner!!!) with this Anthem of Ancient Hellenic historical thematology.No matter the place of origin ...

Arryan Path - Cassiopeia
Arryan Path - Terra Incognita Full-length, Pitch Black Records , February 16th, 2010 , (Lemesos, Cyprus) Line-up : Nicholas Leptos - Vocals , Socrates Leptos ...

Arrayan Path - Solomon Seed
Taken from album “Chronicles of Light” (2016) Nicholas Leptos - vocals, growls and weird noises Socrates Leptos - guitars Alexis Kleidaras - guitars Paris ...

Arrayan Path - The Storyteller
Arrayan Path - IV: Stigmata (2013) Buy NOW!

A Killer Song of the Stigmata Album. Produced by Vagelis Maranis at Maranis Studio. Enjoy!

Arrayan Path - Thor (The Powerhead)
This is a cover of the song "Thor" by the Cypriot band Arrayan Path. Originally written and played by Manowar.

Arrayan Path - The Poet Aftermath
Brilliant ballad, included as a bonus track on Arrayan Path's album "Ira Imperium" (Pitch Black Records - 2011) Lyrics She was all the pain in his poems She was ...

Arryan Path - Minas Tirith
Track 9 and final track from the 2010 album 'Terra Incognita' (Pitch Black Records) by USA/Cyprus based band Arryan Path. Heavy/Power Metal. TheMetalHQv2 ...

Arrayan Path - Ignore the Pain
Taken from album “Chronicles of Light” (2016) Nicholas Leptos - vocals, growls and weird noises Socrates Leptos - guitars Alexis Kleidaras - guitars Paris ...

Arrayan Path - Immortal Beloved
Band : Arrayan Path Album : Road To Macedonia Track : #7 Year : 2004 Genre : Power Metal Country : Cyprus - HELLAS Supporting Hellenic Metal Scene ...

Arrayan Path - Gabriel is Rising
Album: Chronicles of Light By the band Arrayan Path, Cyprus Their Facebook: Unknown power metal on fb: ...

Arrayan Path - Pharaoh's Wish
Band: Arrayan Path Song: Pharaoh's Wish Album: IV: Stigmata Country: Cyprus.

Arryan Path - Liberation song

Arryan Path-osiris.wmv
great epic power metal from cyprus,Osiris Demo, 2000...

Arrayan Path Lex Talionis
Disclaimer This is for promotional only, the band has the rights of the song that I put on the video and I tried only to promove their work without any profit for ...

Arryan Path - Arryan Path
The song Arryan Path from the album "Road to Macedonia" released in 2004.

77 days till Doomsday - Arrayan Path.wmv
Ira Imperium - Album Arrayan Path - Band.

Arrayan Path - The Fall of Mardonius - Η ΠΤΩΣΗ ΤΟΥ ΜΑΡΔΟΝΙΟΥ The time for battle has come For Greece to crash the Persians In Boeotia in 479 B.C. They ...

Arrayan Path-Judas Iscariot
From the album IV:Stigmata (2013)

Arrayan Path - Ira Imperium (The Damned)
Ira Imperium (The Damned) feat. Tony Martin (ex BLACK SABBATH) Epic Power Metal Masterpiece from Cyprus! Nicholas Leptos - Vocals Alexis Kleidaras ...

ARRAYAN PATH - Kiss of Kali
H Καλύτερη μπάντα ever!Awesome Power/epic metal band from Cyprus! album:Ira Imperium(2011) ARRAYAN PATH is: Nicholas Leptos-vocals Socrates ...

Arrayan Path "Stigmata" (Official Lyric Video)
Taken from the ARRAYAN PATH album "IV: Stigmata" (Pitch Black Records, PBR023). Order CD at: Also available on iTunes and ...

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