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ArchiveArtist info Archive is a music-collective, originating from London, UK, but based in Paris, France for many years where they enjoy a much bigger following. They are signed to Warner Music France. Archive was formed by Londoners Darius Keeler and Danny Griffiths in 1994 and began as an electronica project. At the beginning, they mixed Bristol-style, Massive Attack, Portishead with Rap... Read more

Archive - Controlling Crowds (full album)
1. Controlling Crowds - 0:00 2. Bullets - 10:09 3. Words On Signs - 16:02 4. Dangervisit - 20:01 5. Quiet Time - 27:38 6. Collapse/Collide - 33:32 7. Clones ...

Archive - Again
Archive - Again.

Archive - Lights [Full Version]
Track 6 from Archive's 2006 album of the same title. Over 18 minutes of pure awesome. Lyrics: It hurts to feel It hurts to hear It hurts to face it It hurts to hide It hurts ...

Archive - You All Look The Same To Me - Full Album
0:00 Again 16:19 Numb 22:05 Meon 27:49 Goodbye 33:27 Now And Then 34:50 Seamless 36:33 Finding It So Hard 52:06 Fool 1:00:35 Hate 1:04:18 Need I do ...

Archive - Distorted Angels
From 'Axiom', out 26th May ...

Archive - Live in Athens [full concert]
1. Lights (0:00) 2. Pills (18:04) 3. Sane (24:51) 4. Finding it so Hard (29:40) 5. Razed to the Ground (42:00) 6. Collapse/Collide (46:30) 7. Basterdised Ink (55:26) ...

The full length video of Archive's new single, Bullets, which is available to download now from iTunes.

Archive - Again (Long Version)
If I Was to walk away From you my love Could I laugh again ? If I Walk away from you And leave my love Could I laugh again ? Again, again...

Archive - FUck U - fun stop motion.

Archive- "Fuck You." [Lyrics.]
My second lyric video. - I am surprised this came to be so popular. - I was informed that the artist, of the picture, is Jisuk Cho. Do with that information, what you ...

LYRICS: Your love is like no other I want when we're together Our love to be forever You make me feel ( you make me feel ) You make me feel ( you make me ...

Archive - End Of Our Days
Taken from the new album 'Restriction' available now:

Archive - Goodbye

Archive - Bright Lights (Official Video)
'The False Foundation' Out 7 October: Pre-order 'The False Foundation' and download 'Driving In Nails' and 'Bright Lights' ...

Archive - live at Rock en Seine (Domaine de St Cloud, France)
Concert du 28 août 2011 au Domaine de St Cloud, St Cloud, France 1: Controlling crowds 00:00 2: Fuck U 10:26 3: You make me feel 15:58 4: Sane ...

Archive - Hatchet
The single taken from the album 'With Us Until You're Dead'.

Archive - Collapse Collide
Archive Collapse Colldide Live Controlling Crowds Tour Maria Q.

Archive - Fuck you
Upload your mp3 files to YouTube at

Archive - Bullets
Archive - Bullets, from "Controlling Crowds"

Archive - Fuck You
No copyright claim.

ARCHIVE - The False Foundation - 2016 Full Album
ARCHIVE - The False Foundation - 2016 Full Album Set List: 1- Blue Faces 00:00 2 - Driving in Nails 05:04 3 - The Pull Out 11:51 4 - The False Foundation ...

Archive - Again

Archive - The Empty Bottle (Full length video)
The music video for Archive's latest single, The Empty Bottle, taken from their album, Controlling Crowds. Buy The Empty Bottle at the link below: ...

Archive Violently
First track to be released from Archive's forthcoming album 'With Us Until You're Dead'. Released on the band's own Dangervisit Records on August 27th 2012.

Archive - Goodbye
Del Aguila y Amigos :

Archive - Black & Blue
New single from Archives new album Restriction, pre-order from here:

Archive - Again (Long Version) ; 2011
Archive - Again - (Long Version) ; 2011.

ARCHIVE - Axiom 2013 (release may 2014) Animation by Stuart Sinclair The movie, Axiom Story From The City by ARCHIVE/NYSU, ...

Archive - Controlling Crowds
From Archive's forthcoming album Controlling Crowds.

Archive (full concert) - Live @ La Carrière à Saint-Herblain
Après avoir fait la tournée des festivals cet été, Archive vient défendre son nouvel album en France. Sept mois seulement après son ambitieux projet "Axiom" (un ...

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