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ArchaicArtist info Archaic was formed by 3 ex-members of Braindeath (2001-2004, Hungary) in 2004, setting a new path in musical experience - mainly thrash coloured with many kinds of other influences - but still based on the old style of the group. Among a couple of concerts, the band had its second blitzkrieg in Kiev (Ukraine) the same year, but for the first time under the name Archaic. The members have decided to record the first album and started prepare for the big event. Originally only 4 songs were planned to be on the EP, but according to the band's decision finally 10 songs were recorded to create a full album... Read more

Archaic - Aromatic Roots
Artist: VA Album: Dark Side of Dawn Year: 2015 Label: Blue Hour Sounds The BUY Link of the V.A:

Archaic - Acha ᴴᴰ
Subscribe: Artist: VA Album: Chacaruna compiled by Emiel Release: July 21, 2017 Label: Sangoma Records Genre: Psychedelic Style: Psytrance, Forest trance...

Archaic - Riding of The Dragon
Subscribe: Get it: Archaic - Riding of The Dragon, from the album XV, released on 2015-08-20 Parvati 15th Anniversary...

Archaic - Visionary plants
VA Cymatic Freakuencies 2009.

Archaic - Forest ship

Archaic - Wild Crafting
Archaic - Wild Crafting @ V.A. Harmonize ~ Hypnotique Recordings Buy:

Archaic - Hypereal
MUSIC is like SELF EVOLUTION... You start listening to certain kind of music and it evolves as your sub-conscious mind demands something different or music with some deeper state of consciousness...

Borknagar - The Archaic Course [Full Album]
All rights reserved to Borknagar Para descargar este album visita nuestro blogspot / To download this album go to our blogspot : Recuerden comprar el album...

Archaic - Acha
Archaic - Acha @ V.A. Chacaruna ~ Sangoma Records Buy:

Archaic - The Archer
Band: Archaic Album: Time has Come to Envy the Dead Year: 2007 Song: The Archer Must see:

Archaic - Lost Tribe
VA - Digital Music Therapy (2007) (Compiled By DJ Beardy Weirdy)

Archaic - Another Reality
Subscribe: Get it: Archaic - Another Reality, from the album Open Gates, released on 2013-11-11...

Archaic - Inner Surroundings
Archaic - Inner Surroundings @ V.A. Synchronize ~ Hypnotique Recordings Buy:

Archaic - Triptolemus
Subscribe: Get it: Archaic - Triptolemus, from the album Kykeon, released on 2014-09-12 Parvati...

Archaic - Bhagsu

Archaic - Sonic Mandala
Subscribe: Get it: VA - Digitally Yours, released on 2013-07-01 by Parvati Records - PRVEP04....

Archaic - Metamorphosis
Sonic Driving 2011.

Archaic Mushroom Power

Archaic Explorer
Artist - Archaic Song - Explorer Release - Tropical Visions Purple Hexagon Records.

Archaic - Adyton
Archaic - Adyton @ V.A. Cryptoforestry ~ Timecode Sangoma Records Buy:

Archaic - Mushroom Power
Subscribe: Buy: VA - Footprints 3, released 2013-05-01, Parvati Records, PRVEP03 Also check...

Archaic - Audio Phenomena
Subscribe: Get it: Archaic - Audio Phenomena, from the album Kykeon, released on 2014-09-12 ...

Archaic - Wild Crafting
Artist: VA Album: Harmonize Year: 2017 Label: Hypnotique Recordings Various Artists - Harmonize has been carefully selected by Trailoka showcasing some of the most cutting edge sonic frequenci...

Archaic - Kykeon
Subscribe: Get it: Archaic - Kykeon, from the album Kykeon, released on 2014-09-12 Parvati Records...

Archaic - Owl Trip
Sonic Driving 2011.

Archaic - Deep Cave
Sonic Driving 2011.

Archaic - Ethereal Entities
VA - The Tale Of The Eagle 2014 Dark Psy / Forest.

Archaic - Bhagsu
Artist - Archaic Album - V.A. Mystic Vocation Label - Sangoma Records Country - South Africa Released - 22 May 2015 Genre - Electronic Style - Psy-Trance No Copyright intended, for promotional...

Archaic - Wolves
Album : Wildness (2008) Genre : Psychedelic Trance Style : Twillight FullON.

Rudimentary Peni Archaic full album
Rudimentary Peni Album " Archaic " (Full) 01) One and all 02) Suffer 03) Incrematorium Flame 04) Lost 05) The Rain 06) Mercy of Slumber 07) The Curse 08) The Enlightened Dreamer 09) XN.H.S...