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Anthony Warlow Music of the Night
Anthony Warlow Music of the Night.

Anthony Warlow - Bring Him Home
Anthony warlows version of Bring him home from les miserbales AMAZING.

Anthony Warlow singing "Anthem" on TV
A very young Anthony Warlow singing "Anthem"(from the musical "Chess") in a TV show bak in the year 1990 or so.

Anthony Warlow in the role of Enjolras
PLEASE RATE!!!! Dont leave bad comments i will erase it, not because i dont like free speech; as a matter of fact if you give a bad comment on a video that i ...

Lily's eyes - Anthony Warlow & Philip Quast
My favorite male duet from one of my favorite musicals, "The Secret Garden", sung by Anthony Warlow and Philip Quast in a concert, in 1995 or 1996.

Jekyll & Hyde - Confrontation - Anthony Warlow
Anthony Warlow sings Confrontation from the Complete Work. For more Jekyll & Hyde videos, please visit my new J&H account: ...

Jekyll & Hyde - 34. Confrontation
Decided to upload the whole thing after all. This is the Original Concept Recording of 1994 (the amazing Anthony Warlow as Jekyll/Hyde). I numbered all of them ...

Anthony Warlow ~ Anthem
From "Centre Stage."

Anthony Warlow Bui-Doi from Miss Saigon

Alive - Anthony Warlow (Jekyll and Hyde)
Anthony Warlow singing "Alive" and its Reprise from the Original Complete Concept Recording of the musical Jekyll and Hyde. My opinion: The most ...

Anthony Warlow singing "This Is The Moment" live on TV
Anthony Warlow singing this is the moment on a TV show. What a voice!

The Impossible Dream - Anthony Warlow
Anthony Warlow singing this big number from Man of La Mancha back in 1990 or 1991. He wasn't singing it in character though.

Smile - Anthony Warlow
Anthony Warlow's killing Smile.

Anthony Warlow sings Soliloquy from Carousel
i just couldn't resist...(: Billy Bigelow and Julie Jordan return to their home town a married couple. The town, however, has turned hostile. Billy finds himself ...

Anthony Warlow sings Johanna
Anthony Warlow sings Johanna from Sweeney Todd. Track found from Centre Stage Album.

Love Changes Everything - Anthony Warlow
Love Changes Everything from "Aspects of Love" Anthony Warlow Music and lyrics by Andrew Lloyd Webber From the album "On The Boards" Universal ...

John Farnham, Olivia Newton-John and Anthony Warlow 1
Here is John Farnham, Olivia Newton-John and Anthony Warlow singing their opening medaly of songs from The Main Event Concert in 1998 with high quality ...

THIS IS THE MOMENT - Anthony Warlow

Phantom of the Opera - Anthony Warlow & Ana Marina (Australian Cast)
A very rare version! Restored and repaired by me :) (wtach in 480p) Only on my channel is the original version. All rights reserved.

Music of the Night - Anthony Warlow
Anthony Warlow singing Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera. Warlow is the greatest singer ever =D.

Anthony Warlow singing Anthem on TV(another version)
Anthony singing Anthem on Hey Hey it's Saturday, about the same time with the other one I posted. He was most likely to be lip syncing here, for the soundtrack ...

Anthony Warlow - Australian Anthem
Anthony Warlow performing the Australian National Anthem at the NRL Grand Final, October 5th 2008.

Lily's Eyes - Secret Garden - Anthony Warlow & Philip Quast
"Lily's Eyes" duet from the musical "Secret Garden", as sung by Anthony Warlow and Philip Quast.

If I Loved You - Anthony Warlow
If I loved you sung by Anthony Warlow on Midday show, around 1990.

I Need to Know - Anthony Warlow (Jekyll and Hyde)
Anthony Warlow singing I Need to Know from the original Concept Recording of the musical Jekyll and Hyde. My opinion: This is gold. I can't imagine why they ...

Anthony Warlow, Anna O'Byrne: The Mirror+POTO

Anthony Warlow ~ L.O.V.E.
From "Back in the Swing." Pictures and clips of one of my very favorite classic Hollywood movie couples, Ann Sheridan and Ronald Reagan.

Anthony Warlow and Simon Burke singing
Anthony Warlow and Simon Burke singing on Aussie show. Early 1990s.

Anthony Warlow - Who Can I Turn To
Anthony Warlow singing 'Who Can I Turn To' on Midday Show. The song is from the musical "The Roar Of The Greasepaint, The Smell Of The Crowd", written by ...

Being Alive - Anthony Warlow
Anthony Warlow - Being Alive. Not Frank Wildhorn-related- just thought I'd share.

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