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Annette Peacock - Unsung Heroine
A unique and rare behind-the-scenes look at maverick singer-songwriter Annette Peacock recording her album An Acrobat's Heart for ECM in Oslo in 2000.

Annette Peacock - I'm The One
'I'm the One' by Annette Peacock from her 1972 album "I'm the One." The song picks up properly at about 3:34. Before that it's rather experimental and ...

Annette Peacock - I'm The One (Full Album)
Artist: Annette Peacock. Album: I'm The One. Year: 1972. Genre: Experimental/Jazz. Country: United States. Track list: 1. I'm The One (0:00) 2. 7 Days (6:50) 3.

Annette Peacock - Survival (The Perfect Release 1979).
After her stunning, groundbreaking album X-Dreams received wildly enthusiastic critical reviews and attained nothing less than complete public indifference, ...

Annette Peacock - Pony
'Pony' by Annette Peacock from her 1972 album "I'm the One." Also heard on Morcheeba's "Back to Mine" mixtape.

Annette Peacock - My Momma Never Taught Me how to Cook
'My Momma Never Taught Me how to Cook' by Annette Peacock from her 1978 album "X-Dreams."

Bill Bruford - Back to the Beginning. Vocals: Annette Peacock.
This song is from Rock Goes to College. It was filmed at Oxford Polytechnic, England on March 7th 1979. The Group: Annette Peacock - vocals Allan Holdsworth ...

Annette Peacock - Real And Defined Androgens
Peacock, Annette [ Music and cover are posted just for the benefit of the artists involved. If someone (artists, label) feels that this video coliddes with the authors ...

Annette Peacock - The Succubus
From the 1979 L.P. 'The Perfect Release' Aura Records.

Annette Peacock / Paul Bley - Dreams
1971 Revenge: The Bigger The Love The Greater The Hate - Recorded live by Annette Peacock and Paul Bley on the 6 April 1969, 2 June 1969 and 3 ...

Dear Bela - Annette Peacock
Dear Bela (Annette Peacock) 1978 X-dreams - Annette Peacock Annette Peacock: keyboards & vocals; Bill Brudford: drums Dave Chambers: saxophone; Jeff ...

Bill Bruford - Bruford with Annette Peacock & Allan Holdsworth, OGWT 02-27-78
Bruford performs on British television with Annette Peacock & Allan Holdsworth. Track listing: Feels Good to Me, Back to the Beginning.

Annette Peacock - Survival
From the album The Perfect Release, 1979 Born in 1941 in Brooklyn, New York, Annette began composing at age four. Her mother was a violist in the San ...

Annette Peacock Sky-skating 1982
Annette Peacock Sky-skating 1982.

Annette Peacock - Too much in the skies
From her album X-dreams (1978)

Annette Peacock - "young," directed by Dale Hoyt
A music video directed by Dale Hoyt for "young," a track from Annette Peacock's current album "31:31", available at Screened at ...

Annette Peacock and Paul Bley: Live in Vienna (1970)
This performance was originally broadcast on European radio. According to (accessed 22 March 2013): "With ...

Annette Peacock - I belong to a World that's destroying Itself
From "Synthesizer Show" (aka "Revenge") from 1971.

Annette Peacock - Pony
Neste Vídeo Capa vou Mostrar a música "Pony" do álbum Annette Peacock - I'm the One - 1972.

Annette Peacock - Solar Systems (1979).wmv
Annette Peacock is a genius whose work does not fit into the standard categories. This recording is a mixture of sultry blues and jazz with the vocals being the ...

Annette Peacock - Questions
Questions - música 7 do álbum x~dreams.

Annette Peacock - Blood
Annette Peacock - Blood.

Hard to belive this track came out in 71",it was so ahead of it's time.There are so many musical complexities in this tune,some might feel it to be a little over ...

Annette Peacock w/ Coldcut "Just for the kick"
New Coldcut re-mix "Just for the kick" featuring Annette Peacock.

Annette Peacock : My mama never taught me how to cook
Annette Peacock . X-Dreams. Aura Records 1979.

Bley-Peacock Synthesizer Show - Mr. Joy
Revenge: The Bigger The Love The Greater The Hate (Polydor 1971)

Annette Peacock - Happy With My Hand (from Abstract-Contact)
1989 Ironic Records I don't own shit.

Annette Peacock - Too Much In The Skies [1978]

Annette Peacock - Mia's proof
Annette Peacock - "An acrobat's heart" - ECM - 2000.

Anette Peacock - The Succubus
Song: The Succubus Artist: Anette Peacock Album: The Perfect Release Label: See For Miles Records Ltd. Lyrics: none.

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