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Annette PeacockArtist info Annette Peacock (née Coleman) (born 1941, Brooklyn, New York, USA) is a vocalist, composer, poet and producer mostly active within avant-garde/free jazz, active from the mid 1960s to the present. She is generally appreciated for her adventurous song writing and for her pioneering work with early synthesizers and vocal processing. Music critics are often quick to note that, despite some recent attention and a few re-releases, her work remains remarkably under-appreciated.Annette Peacock began composing at the age four years... Read more

Annette Peacock - I'm The One (Full Album)
Artist: Annette Peacock. Album: I'm The One. Year: 1972. Genre: Experimental/Jazz. Country: United States. Track list: 1. I'm The One (0:00) 2. 7 Days (6:50) 3. Pony (10:43) 4. Been & Gone...

Annette Peacock - Unsung Heroine
A unique and rare behind-the-scenes look at maverick singer-songwriter Annette Peacock recording her album An Acrobat's Heart for ECM in Oslo in 2000. Featuring interviews with Annette and...

Annette Peacock - Survival (The Perfect Release 1979).
After her stunning, groundbreaking album X-Dreams received wildly enthusiastic critical reviews and attained nothing less than complete public indifference, composer, singer, songwriter, and...

[Full Album] Annette Peacock - Sky-Skating LP (Ironic, 1982) Paul Bley, Avantgarde (tracklist below) (check 15:25, 16:28, 03:50, 20:48, 08:33) Avantgarde jazz/electronic album by Annette Peacock (the first on her own Ironic label)...

Annette Peacock - My Momma Never Taught Me how to Cook
'My Momma Never Taught Me how to Cook' by Annette Peacock from her 1978 album "X-Dreams."

Annette Peacock - Pony
'Pony' by Annette Peacock from her 1972 album "I'm the One." Also heard on Morcheeba's "Back to Mine" mixtape.

Annette Peacock - I'm The One
'I'm the One' by Annette Peacock from her 1972 album "I'm the One." The song picks up properly at about 3:34. Before that it's rather experimental and psychedelic, which I like, but some people...

Bill Bruford & Annette Peacock - Goodbye to the Past

Annette Peacock - Pony
Neste Vídeo Capa vou Mostrar a música "Pony" do álbum Annette Peacock - I'm the One - 1972.

Annette Peacock - Dear Bela

Annette Peacock - Real And Defined Androgens
Peacock, Annette [ Music and cover are posted just for the benefit of the artists involved. If someone (artists, label) feels that this video coliddes with the authors rights and wishes,...

Back To The Beginning - Annette Peacock
Feels Good to Me 1978 debut solo album by the British drummer Bill Bruford. Live at Oxford Polytechnic 17 -May -1979 Bill Bruford – drums Allan Holdsworth R.I.P – Guitars Dave Stewart...

Annette Peacock - The Succubus
From the 1979 L.P. 'The Perfect Release' Aura Records.

Dear Bela - Annette Peacock
Dear Bela (Annette Peacock) 1978 X-dreams - Annette Peacock Annette Peacock: keyboards & vocals; Bill Brudford: drums Dave Chambers: saxophone; Jeff Clyne: bass Brian Godding: guitar; Tom Cosgrove:...

Annette Peacock -- 1/2 Broken
"Been In The Streets Too Long"Album. Sol Nastasi--electronic percussion Annette--vocal,syntesisers,piano. 1/2 Broken (1971) Recorded '83.

Annette Peacock - Blood
Annette Peacock - Blood.

Annette Peacock - A Song To Separate
recorded 1974.

Annette Peacock - The succubus
Paris - Live 1981.

Anette Peacock - The Succubus
Song: The Succubus Artist: Anette Peacock Album: The Perfect Release Label: See For Miles Records Ltd. Lyrics: none.

Annette Peacock - I belong to a World that's destroying Itself
From "Synthesizer Show" (aka "Revenge") from 1971.

Annette Peacock - Too much in the skies
From her album X-dreams (1978)

Annette Peacock - "young," directed by Dale Hoyt
A music video directed by Dale Hoyt for "young," a track from Annette Peacock's current album "31:31", available at Screened at The Whitney Museum of American...

Annete Peacock - Rubber Hunger (The Perfect Release 1979) HQ
Annette Peacock is a genius whose work does not fit into the standard categories. This recording is a mixture of sultry blues and jazz with the vocals being the artist's sometimes erotic, and...

Annette Peacock and Paul Bley: Live in Vienna (1970)
This performance was originally broadcast on European radio. According to (accessed 22 March 2013): "With the acquisition of two Moog synthesizer...

Too much in the skies - Annette Peacock, from X-Dreams
Annette Peacock, from X-Dreams.

Annette Peacock - Love's out to Lunch (1979)
Annette Peacock is a genius whose work does not fit into the standard categories. This recording is a mixture of sultry blues and jazz with the vocals being the artist's sometimes erotic, and...

Annette Peacock w/ Coldcut "Just for the kick"
New Coldcut re-mix "Just for the kick" featuring Annette Peacock.

Annette Peacock - Solar Systems (1979)
Annette Peacock - Solar Systems (1979) [Sanctuary Records] My Mama Never Taught Me How To Cook... (The Aura Years 1978 -1982) Rock, Funk 70's.

Bley-Peacock Synthesizer Show - Mr. Joy
Revenge: The Bigger The Love The Greater The Hate (Polydor 1971)

Anette Peacock - don't be cruel
Anette Peacock's cover of "Don't be cruel" featuring the one and only Mick Ronson. | bob marley - dadju | | | | | | If you want love nf | | | DANY BRILLANT Quand tu entendras ma chanson | bob marley | no rest for the wicked | trap phone don q | Rap do Kakashi (Naruto) | Tauz RapTributo 09 | | | |;u=2120 | | | | | | | aime moi | | | |