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Anita CarterArtist info Ina Anita Carter (March 31, 1933 in Maces Springs, Virginia – July 29, 1999 in Goodlettsville, Tennessee) was the youngest daughter of Ezra Carter and Maybelle Carter (Mother Maybelle) and said to have the best voice of all the Carter Sisters. She was a versatile singer who experimented with several different types of music and played stand-up bass alongside her sisters Helen Carter and June Carter Cash in the famed country music act the Carter Sisters. The trio joined the Grand Ole Opry radio show in 1950, opened shows for Elvis Presley, and joined the Johnny Cash Show in 1961.In 1951, Anita scored two Top Ten hits with "Down the Trail of Achin' Hearts" with Hank Snow at No... Read more

Anita Carter ~ Blue Doll (widescreen)

Anita Carter - Ring Of Fire - (ORIGINAL) - (1962).
(Written by Merle Kilgore & June Carter). Issued on SINGLE 72073. (Record shows "Ring Of Fire") From LP "Anita Of The Carter Family" (1964). (LP shows ...

Anita Carter(1) Enjoy this beautiful voice ...
Video von Whitedoggies99 I'd Rather Be Sorry God Is Once Around The Briar Patch Morning Sun.

Yesteryear In Nashville - Anita and Helen Carter
Anita and Helen Carter interviewed by Archie Campbell.

I Can't Help It - Hank Williams & Anita Carter.AVI
I Can't Help It - Hank Williams & Anita Carter.

Hank Williams & Anita Carter - I Can't Help It If I'm Still in Love with You

Anita Carter - Wildwood Flower
Anita Carter singing The Wildwood Flower, recorded in 1964.

Mountain Lady ~ Anita Carter

Anita Carter - Making Believe
Classic country music.

June Carter Cash & Anita Carter - Wildwood Flower

The late Anita Carter possessed one of the most beautiful voices in country music. This track is contained in her CD "Ring of Fire" and also in the box set entitled ...

Anita Carter - ALL MY TRIALS
Anita Carter recorded this traditional folk song in 1962. Anita was known as "The Appalachian Angel" and this tribute to her is a reminder to all of us that she truly ...

Anita Carter - All Smiles Tonight
Johnny Cash Show - 1x17 [Ep 17] - Marty Robbins, Nancy Ames, Glen Campbell, Ed McMahon [Jan. 28 '70] I Do Not Own The Rights For This.

Anita Carter & the Carter Family, live in 1971
Not sure what the name of this song is, but commenters usually fill me in pretty fast! It could be "Walkin In the Sun On The Sunny Side of Spain" or some ...

Waylon Jennings & Anita Carter ~No One's Gonna Miss Me~
The warm and powerful baritone voice of Waylon and the crystal clear beautiful soprano voice of Anita Carter....A lovely combination....

Johnny Cash & Anita Carter - Sing a Traveling Song
Johnny Cash Singing A Song written by Helen Carter's Son.

Anita Carter Sweet Memories
The Carter Family -- Three Generations Anita Carter with Lorrie Davis, Helen Carter Jones, and Danny and David Jones Label: Columbia -- KC 33084 Format: ...

Anita Carter - I Never Will Marry (c.1964).
From an 1864 Song "Oh,My Love's Gone" 1906 Belden...Other Names are "The Shells Of The Ocean".& "Down By The Sea Shore...Adapted by A.P.Carter 1933).

Helen Carter & Anita Carter - Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
With Chet Atkins Playing Guitar.

Anita Carter - Loving Him Was Easier
song by: Kris Kristofferson photo: Henry Horenstein, Lonestar Ranch, New Hampshire 1974.

Anita Carter and Bob Wootton - It Doesn't Matter Anymore
Anita Carter and Bob Wootton singing "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" during Johnny Cash concert in Prague - 1978.

Anita Carter sings "Take Good Care Of Him" (live)
From the April 22, 1970 episode of "The Johnny Cash Show," Anita Carter nails a solo number, "Take Good Care Of Him" back by the Tennessee Three, the ...

Anita Carter and Carl Smith Amazing Grace
Anita Carter and Carl Smith Amazing Grace.

Anita Carter - Live -Ring of Fire
Anita Carter - Ring Of Fire.

Johnny Cash, June & Anita Carter - Church In The Wildwood & Lonesome Valley

Hank Snow & Anita Carter - When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again (1962).
(Written by Wiley Walker & Gene Sullivan)...Recorded 10 July 1962 [19:00-22:30] RCA Victor Studio, 1611 Hawkins St., Nashville, TN - Hank Snow [Vocal ...

That's What Its Like To Be Lonesome - Anita Carter.avi

Anita Carter - Fair And Tender Ladies (1962).
Written by Maybelle Carter as "(Come All Ye) Fair And Tender Ladies").....Recorded 24 October 1962 - (Released 1963) - [14:00-17:00] Columbia Recording ...

Helen Carter & David Jones, Anita Carter & Daughter, Lorrie - Gold Watch & Chain

Satan's Child - Anita Carter
Couldn't find it on YouTube. I do not own the rights to this song, and will take it down on request. Please ask nicely though because you might hurt my feelings if ...

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