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Angel WitchArtist info Angel Witch is a British heavy metal band assembled in 1977 in England. They were closely associated with the NWOBHM (New wave of British heavy metal) movement together with bands such as Iron Maiden and Saxon.The band was founded under the name of Lucifer and initially comprised guitarist and vocalist Kevin Heybourne, guitarist Rob Downing, bassist Kevin Riddles and drummer Steve Jones. Lucifer split and Steve Jones joined up with Bruce Dickinson to form Speed... Read more

Angel Witch - Angel Witch
Track 1 from the 1980 Angel Witch 7" single.

Angel Witch - Angel Witch (1980) - Full Album
The first album by the NWOBHM band, Angel Witch, up for your pleasure and listening! Lineup: Kevin Heybourne - Vocals, Guitars Kevin "Skids" Riddles - Bass Dave Hogg - Drums Tracklist:...

Angel witch, Angel witch HD promo Video 1980
Best quality Video direct from the master. Angel witch 1980 promo battersea London. copyright... Dayvog.

Angel Witch - Screamin' 'n Bleedin' (full album)
Band: Angel Witch Album: Screamin' 'n Bleedin' Origin: London, United Kingdom Genre: NWOBHM Release: September 28th 1985 Label : Killerwatt Records Lineup: Dave Tattum Vocals Kevin Heybourne...

Angel Witch - As Above So Below - Full Album
"As Above, So Below" is the fifth studio album by British heavy metal band Angel Witch. It is their first album in 14 years. All songs written by Kevin Heybourne. 1. "Dead Sea Scrolls" -...

Angel Witch live at Interceptor Fest on October 6, 2017
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Angel Witch "Dead Sea Scrolls"
Order at: Angel Witch "Dead Sea Scrolls" from the album "As Above, So Below".

Angel Witch - Angel Witch
Song: Angel Witch Band: Angel Witch Album: Angel Witch.

Angel Witch - Angel Witch - 1980 (FULL ALBUM) [HD]
Tracklist: 1.Angel Witch 00:00 2.Atlantis 03:23 3.Withe Witch 07:07 4.Confused 11:56 5.Sorcerers 14:58 6.Gorgon 19:04 7.Sweet Danger 23:10 8.Free Man 26:17 9.Angel Of Death 31:03 10.Devils...

FROM THE ALBUM :ANGEL WITCH (1980) I've been locked away for all these years Now I can see the light of day Things have changed a lot since I was last out here I guess that's the way things,...

Unsung Classics: Angel Witch - Angel Witch
My band: This video begins a new series that showcases lesser known metal bands/songs that should be heard by everyone. Rate and share with friends! Part 2 coming...

Angel Witch - Witching Hour
A song from As Above, So Below (2012), the fourth studio album by N.W.O.B.H.M. band, Angel Witch. Lyrics: It's the witching hour and I seek your evil shell But maybe I won't have the time...

Angel Witch - Baphomet (1978 Demo)
"Sinister History" (Zoom Club Records, 1999) 1. Baphomet 07:18 2. Sorceress 04:27 3. Extermination Day 03:59 4. Flight 19 06:28 5. Hades Paradise 06:08 6. Devil's...

Brutal Legend Soundtrack - Angel Witch - Angel Witch
Angel Witch - Angel Witch Game: Brutal Legend I do not own the game or music.

Angel Witch - Angel of Death & Baphomet (30.09.2017 - Łódź - Magnetofon)

Angel Witch - Baphomet & Angel Witch Live @ Keep It True 2013
Baphomet & Angel Witch with NWOBHM legends Angel Witch from the Keep It True Festival at Tauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Königshofen in Germany on April 20, 2013.

Angel Witch - Angel Witch [Lyrics on screen]
I don't own this song. All rights go to origial owners Kevin Heybourne - Vocals / Guitars Kevin "Skids" Riddles - Bass Dave Hogg - Drums.

Angelwitch Live at the Underworld 2009 HD
Intro (Angel Witch) | (0:00) Sweet Danger | (0:54) Confused | (3:57) Gorgon | (7:03) Sorceress | (11:41) White Witch | (16:18) Atlantis | (21:37) Extermination Day | (25:35) The Night Is Calling...

Angel Witch - Frontal Assault (Original UK Edition) 1986 - Full Album
1. Frontal Assault 00:00 2. Dream World 04:01 3. Rendezvous with the Blade 07:49 4. Religion (Born Again) 14:22 5. Straight from Hell 18:35 6. She Don't Lie 22:56 7. Take to the Wing 28:45...

Angel Witch - Sweet Danger
Track 1 from the 1980 Sweet Danger 7" single.

Angel Witch - White Witch
From the 1980 album "Angel Witch" In the middle of last night she went out to get her revenge On the black witches they tried to kill her They tried to sacrifice and burn her soul in flames...

Angel Witch -- Frontal Assault -- 1988 - J.C.I. / KillerWatt Records
1. Dream World 2. She don't Lie 3. Frontal Assault 4. Something Wrong 5. Straight From Hell 6. Evil Game's 7. Waltz The Night 8. Goodbye 9. Fatal Kiss 10. Whose To Blame 2013 Tyranny Music...

Angel Witch - Straight From Hell
Track taken from 1986's "Frontal Assault"

Angel Witch - Guillotine
As Above, So Below (2012)

Angel Witch - Suffer
Track 2 from the 1981 Loser 7" single.

Angel Witch...Gorgon
This is the NWOBHM band Angel Witch playing their song Gorgon.

Angel Witch "Angel Of Death"
Link: Track taken from the 1980 self titled album Angel of death A faceless evil spirit that haunts Searching for the soul that he must take...

Angel Witch - Angel Witch
The song Angel Witch, performed in the studio.

Angel Witch - Gorgon
Track 2 from the 1980 Angel Witch 7" single.

Angel Witch - Baphomet
Angel Witch Various Artists Compilation: Metal for Muthas Released: 1980 Label: EMI Records. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Daniel Caesar get you | | | | | | | | 無間道 | 無間道 | | | 無間道 | 無間道 | |