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AnekdotenArtist info Anekdoten is a Swedish progressive rock band, made up of guitarist/vocalist Nicklas Barker, cellist Anna Sofi Dahlberg, bassist/vocalist Jan Erik Liljeström and drummer Peter Nordins.They are notable for the use of the mellotron and the heavy, trippy sound, dominated by a bass guitar. Their music is associated with the tradition of 1970s progressive rock music, especially King Crimson, but they have also covered songs by Van Der Graaf Generator and Magma in their live performances. ... Read more

Anekdoten - Until All the Ghosts Are Gone (2015, Full Album)
Anekdoten's 6th album. Enjoy! Please support the band by buying a physical/digital copy. All music and images belong...

Anekdoten - Gravity. Live at Progressive Circus, Malmö, Sweden 2016
Recorded live at Progressive Cirkus, Malmö, Sweden on April 9 2016 Nicklas Barker: Guitar, Vocals Jan Erik Liljeström: Bass Peter Nordins: Drums Anna Sofi Dahlberg: Mellotron & Keyboards...

Gravity - Anekdoten
The song Gravity by swedish band Anekdoten.

Anekdoten -Vemod- 1993 Full Album
Initially named after ''King Edward'',ANEKDOTEN started in 1990,at a time when progressive rock was on a rise in Scandinavia.After two critically-acclaimed demo tapes they released their first...

Anekdoten - Progfest 1994

Anekdoten - Karelia
First track from their first album - Vemod. So, I guess Karelia's an autonomous republic to the north of Russia and Finland. Fuckin' Swedish, I'm tellin' ya.

Anekdoten - From Within Live At the Rehearsal Room
Heavy progrockers Anekdoten performing the song From Within at the rehearsalstudio for the European spring tour 2004. Filmed by Tord Lindman. Please visit

Anekdoten - Our Days Are Numbered
From Until All The Ghosts Are Gone (2015) Line-up: Nicklas Barker - vocals, guitar, Mellotron, keyboards Anna Sofi Dahlberg - vocals, Mellotron, violin, synthesizers Jan Erik Liljeström -...

Anekdoten - Thoughts in Absence
Track four of eight from Vemod. Anna Sofi's fuckin' hot. Plus she's win at cello and mellotron.

Anekdoten, Nucleus "Live" Québec 2015 (Full HD)
11e Convention Terra Incognita, Québec, 17 Mai 2015. Enjoy in Full HD!! Achetez les Albums sur: Page Facebook:

Anekdoten - The War Is Over (Official video)
Anekdoten The War Is Over Video Official High Resolution.

Anekdoten - Nucleus (HD)
I do not own this song: I'm uploading it because it is not listenable on YouTube, yet. All the credits hence go the original artist. Taken from the album "Nucleus", released in 1995 on Virtalevy.

ANEKDOTEN : Shooting Star
18ème Crescendo avec ce monumental Anekdoten en clôture du festival, qui nous propulse loin, très loin dans le monde des émotions inénarrables... Merci.

Anekdoten - Sad Rain (Live @ 2Days Prog+1, Veruno 2016)
live video degli Anekdoten, in concerto a veruno, durante la rassegna musicale 2 days prog +1 2016, festival dedicato alla musica rock progressive. per ulteriori informazioni: sito internet...

ANEKDOTEN "Shooting Star" Live at Crescendo Festival - Saint-Palais sur Mer, France - 20.08.2016

Anekdoten - If It All Comes Down To You
From the album Until All the Ghosts Are Gone (2015) Nicklas Barker: Guitars & Voice Anna Sofi Dahlberg: Mellotron Jan Erik Liljeström: Bass Peter Nordins: Drums & Vibraphone Theo Travis: Flute.

Anekdoten - Ricochet
Anekdoten - Ricochet Gravity album.

Anekdoten - Harvest

Anekdoten - When I Turn

Anekdoten The Great Unknown

2016 Anekdoten
Anekdoten au festival Crescendo 2016.

Anekdoten - Hole
Anekdoten - Hole.

Anekdoten - "Shooting Star"
Mind-blowing track from "Until all the ghosts are gone", released in 2015. Support the artists! -uploaded in HD at

ANEKDOTEN : The Old Man and the Sea
Au dernier Festival Crescendo, le 20 Août 2016 ! Grands frissons pour ce concert de clôture après 3 jours de festivités musicales dont on ne se lasse pas années après années.

Anekdoten - "A Sky About To Rain" Live @ MX Rockbar (Alingsås) 2016-03-19
Anekdoten spelar på MX Rockbar i Alingsås 2016-03-19 Nicklas Barker (Vocals, Guitar) Jan Erik Liljeström (Vocals, Bass) Anna Sofi Dahlberg (Keyboard, Mellotron, Vocals) Peter Nordins (Drums)...

Anekdoten - Sad Rain
Final song from their Vemod album. I think it's actually a bonus track, which is sort of lame, but also good, I guess. Anywho, Vemod's finally done with this. :D.

This too will pass - Anekdoten
This too will pass é uma das musicas do album, Walking The Dead, Live in Japan 2005.

Anekdoten - The Old Man & The Sea
Track numbah turr. If you love Swedish prog rock as much as I do-- and I know you do-- give the next person you see an epic high five.

The song Monolith by swedish band anekdoten Traduzione: Monolite Una tempesta sarà sorgere e costruire dal cuore delle lune di Marte essere preparati per quel giorno Quando camminiamo dal...

Anekdoten - The Flow
This is definitely one of my faves from Vemod. This and Wheel. 5/8. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | shirley manson samson | | | | | | | | | DANY BRILLANT puerto rico | | | | | |