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And Also The TreesArtist info And Also the Trees is a post-punk / gothic rock band formed in 1979 in Worcestershire, UK.The group started in the dawn of the 1980s in Inkberrow, a small village in Worcestershire, far in the countryside. They never had the pressure to move to London. Inspired by the ideology of a still-developing post-punk movement, the band was influenced almost exclusively by the landscape and history of the rural environment that surrounded them... Read more

And Also The Trees - And Also The Trees (Full Album)
And Also The Trees (1984) Genre: Post Punk 00:00 So This Is Silence Talk Without Words Midnight Garden...

And Also The Trees - Virus Meadow (Full Album)
Virus Meadow (1985) Genre: Post Punk 00:00 Slow Pulse Boy 05:09 Maps In Her Wrists And Arms 9:25 The Dwelling...

and also the trees midnight garden
and also the trees one of there best hits enjoy!

And Also the Trees - The Klaxon (Full Album, Experimental 90's UK Post-Punk)
Ingenious Melodic Experimental 90's New Wave/Post-Punk from the UK. The band is called "And Also the Trees", and the album "The Klaxon"( released in 1993) Video and description by Neueregel...


AND ALSO THE TREES - 'Missing in Mâcon' (a 'FD' 90 minutes HD live film)
Live film recorded on the 28th of september, 2013 in the venue 'la Cave à Musique' in Mâcon, Burgundy, France. Setlist : 0:00 Rip Ridge 4:55 Maps in her wrists and arms 10:00 Hunter not...

And Also The Trees - Green Is The Sea [1992] Full Album
"GREEN IS THE SEA" Released:1992 Recorded at The Live House, Cornwall. Mixed at The Chapel, Lincolnshire, January 1992 Made in Germany Track Listing: 01.-Red Valentino 00:00 02.-The Fruit...

AND ALSO THE TREES Live @ Jardin Moderne Rennes 23/04/2013 (Kfuel Show) Full Set ! 1/6
Les photos sont superbes et le compte-rendu de cette soirée magique offerte par l'indispensable asso Kfuel est à lire absolument:

AND ALSO THE TREES - Bridges (live)
'Maësharn' bonus, previously unreleased. Watch 'Maësharn" here Sound by Matthew Devenish.

AND ALSO THE TREES - Maësharn (official 'FD' live documentary)
'Maësharn' is a film following And Also The Trees on their 'Born into the waves' tour in France, with interviews of the band and their close staff, backstages and soundchecks, and above all...

And Also The Trees - So This Is Silence

And Also The Trees - Slow Pulse Boy VIDEO, LIVE, The Evening of the 24th, 1986, Remastered
Video and Audio 1986 Live @ La Dolce Vita, the evening of the 24th October, Lausanne. Edited in 16:9. Sound remastered Oct. [email protected] Listen loud and enjoy. Voice : Simon Jones. Guitar:...

And Also The Trees - Wallpaper Dying, Live 24th october 1986
sound remastered 2012.

Marvelous New romantic-goth-postpunk........ Album: And also the trees Date: 1984.

And Also The Trees - (Listen For) The Rag And Bone Man
Tracklist: 1.-Domed 0:00 2.-The beatiful silence 6:11 3.-Rive droite 10:02 4.-May of the woods 5.-The way the land lies 6. The legend od mucklow 7.-Candace 8.-Stay away from the accordion...

And Also The Trees - The Dutchman
No copyright infringement is intended Music: And Also The Trees, The Klaxon, 1993, Picture:

And Also The Trees‎--( Farewell To The Shade)
1: Prince Rupert 2: Macbeth's Head 3: The Nobody Inn 4: Belief In The Rose 5: The Street Organ 6: Lady D'Arbanville 7: Misfortunes 8: The Pear Tree 9: Ill Omen 10: The Horse Fair...

And Also The Trees ~ Stay Away From The Accordion Girl
(Listen For) The Rag And Bone Man (2007) If you see the accordion girl Better walk the other way Underneath the viaduct Might be where you'll hear her play If you see the accordion girl I'll...

AND ALSO THE TREES - Dialogue ( FD 'acoustic' session)
Recorded in 'le grenier' in the venue 'La Vapeur' in Dijon, France durinf Kill Your Pop Festival #9. This is our 101th session ! And this session is a part of a 4 tracks session + a short...

And Also The Trees - Scarlet Arch
The last song from the 'A Room Lives In Lucy' single released in 1986. Lyrics: Lie in the pale summer heat Find a clock as it ticks... Oh, to never sleep, But the clock ticks so loud...

And Also The Trees - Slow Pulse Boy
And Also The Trees - Slow Pulse Boy Somewhere the blast furnace explodes Plumes of amber in the night sky Each explosion bounces From horizon to horizon From horizon... to horizon And for...

And Also The Trees - Your Guess
Unofficial Video, 2016. 'Your Guess' is a song from the NEW album 'Born into the waves'.

And Also The Trees - Shaletown
photos by: SHALETOWN - AATT On the blue-green rising, falling tide Breathing in the pebbles Sighing out the salt breeze Chaff is blowing from...

And Also The Trees - Essen, Grend 2017-03-24 (Full Concert, Sbd Audio)
At March 24th, 2017 I was allowed to film the Concert from this fantastic band. I am not a professional filmer, and I am still learning! Its a "one-men-concert" video, and I still learn cutting...

And Also The Trees | Bloodline | A Take Away Show
Subscribe for more: Read the article: La Blogotheque presents: and Also The Trees | Bloodline | A Take...

And Also The Trees - Beautiful Silence
Song: Beautiful Silence Album: (Listen for) the Rag and Bone Man ----------- Note: I´ve got the original records of the music I post here. If you like the music please support the...

AND ALSO THE TREES - 05 - There was a man of double deed (LIVEQUEST #50)
AND ALSO THE TREES Live at La Chapelle des Carmelites (Toulouse France) recorded on the 4th november 2009 Simon Huw Jones (vocals) Justin Jones (guitare, accordion) Ian Jenkins (double bass)...

And Also The Trees ~ Dialogue
The Klaxon Released:25 Oct 1993.

AND ALSO THE TREES John Peel 7th April 1984
AND ALSO THE TREES John Peel 7th April 1984.

And Also The Trees - Winter Sea
And Also The Trees - Winter Sea, Born Into The Waves (2016) Support the artist:

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