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Anaïs MitchellArtist info Anaïs (uh-nay-is) Mitchell (aka Anais Mitchell), is a singer-songwriter from Vermont, USA, who attended Middlebury College. Anaïs' voice is akin to Cyndi Lauper's & song-writing / delivery's inspired by the confessional styling of artists such as Ani DiFranco. In 2002, she released The Song They Sang.... Read more

Anais Mitchell: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
Her voice is soft and sweet, her guitar work deft and evocative, but Anaïs Mitchell is a songwriting storyteller first and foremost. Robbed of a gift for melody and poetry, Mitchell would...

Folk Alley Sessions: Anaïs Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer - "Tam Lin (Child 39)"
Anaïs Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer perform "Tam Lin (Child 39)" at Folk Alliance International in Toronto, ON. February, 2013. Filmed and recorded by Beehive Productions for

Anais Mitchell - "Coming Down" Official Video
From the album "Young Man in America", released on Wilderland Records, February 2012. Jay Sansone- Director Bjorn Delacruz- Producer...

Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer - Tam Lin (Child 39) // The Crypt Sessions
Don't forget to subscribe for more Crypt Sessions: Watch Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer perform 'Geordie (Child 209)' here:

Anais Mitchell One-Take - "Our Lady of the Underground" (2010)
From 2010, Dusty Wright presents singer/songwriter Anaïs Mitchell at her farm in Vermont. This is another wonderful song from her album Hadestown (A Folk Opera). Dusty Wright's One-Takes are...

Anais Mitchell - Venus
Anais Mitchell performs "Venus" at WNRN in Charlottesville, Virginia. Please subscribe to our videos!

Anaïs Mitchell - Young Man In America
taken from young man in america -- wilderland records wilder001 - 2012 my mother gave a mighty shout opened her legs and let me out hungry as a prairie dog young man in america young man in...

Anais Mitchell performs 'Namesake' for BalconyTV Hamburg Subscribe to us right now at 'Like' us on Facebook - Follow us on Twitter - http://Twi...

Anaïs Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer - Riddles Wisely Expounded
I do not own the rights to this music, if you like it go and buy it.

Anais Mitchell - Out of Pawn
From 'Xoa', 2014.

Anais Mitchell - Mockingbird [♪]
Since it's not uploaded already. Download link [@192kbps]: buy it if you like it, not supporting piracy, blahblah.

Anaïs Mitchell ft. Greg Brown - Why We Build the Wall
From the concept album, Hadestown All content is property of its respective owners; None of it being mine. This media is for entertainment purposes only.

Anaïs Mitchell - Lost in the Stars (Weill & Anderson) @ The Green Room 42, 4/09/18
Anaïs Mitchell sings “Lost in the Stars” by Kurt Weill and Maxwell Anderson. Piano: Dave Malloy, Bass: John Murchison, Guitar: Nick Choksi The Green Room 42, 4/09/18, 7:00 pm show.

Anais Mitchell - Annmarie

Anaïs Mitchell - Your Fonder Heart
From the album The Brightness.

Anaïs Mitchell - Before the Eyes of Storytelling Girls
her best song, in my opinion.

Anais Mitchell - Deportee - Live at Mccabe's
Anais Mitchell Live at Mccabe's 5-19-2017. Deportee (Plane Crash At Los Gatos) by Woody Guthrie. Joining Anais on guitar is Austin Nevins. audio & video by Wayne Griffith.

Anaïs Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer - Willie Of Winsbury at Folk Awards 2014
Anaïs Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer perform Willie Of Winsbury at the 2014 Folk Awards.

Anais Mitchell One-Take - "Why We Build The Wall" (2010)
Dusty Wright presents singer/songwriter Anaïs Mitchell at her farm in Vermont performing "Why We Build The Wall." Recorded in 2010. Dusty Wright's One-Takes are a series of live songs by artists...

Anaïs Mitchell - Hadestown (Full Album)
More by Anaïs Mitchell, Justin Vernon, Ani DiFranco and Ben Knox Miller on:

01 - Wedding Song (Anaïs Mitchell - Hadestown)
Track 1, featuring Justin Vernon (Bon Iver). From the 2010 album Hadestown by Anaïs Mitchell. The album is a "folk opera" of the story of Orpheus and Eurydice and it's fantastic. I couldn't...

Anaïs Mitchell - Song of the Magi
when we came we came through the cold we came bearing gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh and there were trumpets playing there were angels looking down on a west bank town and he so loved...

Anais Mitchell - Now You Know
There is no doubt, that Anais Mitchell is one of the best songwriters of our time. So we were more than happy to have her play a concert for us in Munich... Check out the session we did with...

Anais Mitchell - Shepherd (album version)
album version of track from the new album Young Man in America from

101: Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer - "Clyde Waters" // The Bluegrass Situation
Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer perform "Clyde Waters" at "McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, CA Subscribe: Discover more:...

Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer - Geordie (Child 209) // The Crypt Sessions
Don't forget to subscribe for more Crypt Sessions: Watch Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer perform 'Willie's Lady (Child 6)' here:

Anais Mitchell - Of A Friday Night
"Of A Friday Night" by Anais Mitchell (mislabeled as "The Brightness" in the podcast). Used in the episode "The Candidate" of Welcome to Night Vale. As always, if you like what you hear, please...

Anais Mitchell - Stop Draggin' My Heart Around
Anais covers Tom Petty/Stevie Nicks in the Fredric March Play Circle at the Wisconsin Union Theater - 10/12/17.

The Shepherd's Song - Anaïs Mitchell - Paris 2010
La Java Janvier 2010 Cameras : Steve Cass- Karel Beer - Julie Debes Montage : Julie Debes.

Anaïs Mitchell - If It's True
From the album "xoa", released on Wilderland Records, September 2014

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