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AmbrosiaArtist info Ambrosia has been the name of at least four artists:1. Ambrosia was a California, United States band formed by David Pack (guitars, vocals), Christopher North (keyboards), Burleigh Drummond (drums) and Joe Puerta (bass, vocals). On their self-titled LP in 1974, they blended quirky progressive rock with lush harmonies and scored hits with the offbeat song Nice, Nice, Very Nice and the ballad Holdin' on to Yesterday. Their subsequent albums focussed more and more on the pop ballads and less and less on the progressive elements, and while they had some success with singles, they called it quits after 1982's Road Island... Read more

Ambrosia - Biggest Part of Me (HQ)

Ambrosia - How Much I Feel (with lyrics)
Ambrosia's 1978 hit "How Much I Feel" with lyrics below. LYRICS: I don't know how this whole business started Of you thinkin' that I had been untrue But if you think that we'd be better parted...

Ambrosia - Holdin' On To Yesterday (with lyrics)
Lyrics: Thanks for checking out our videos and site!

Ambrosia - Life Beyond L.A.
Ambrosia life byond LA.

AMBROSIA - You're The Only Woman ((Stereo))
In 1980, Warner Bros. released One Eighty, a smash LP that produced two of the year's biggest hits, "You're the Only Woman", reaching number thirteen, and "Biggest Part of Me", which reached...

Ambrosia - Biggest Part Of Me Live
Ambrosia playing Biggest Part Of Me Live From June 1980.

Ambrosia - You're The Only Woman (You & I) HQ
"You're the Only Woman (You & I)" is a song by American soft rock band Ambrosia, from the album One Eighty. Released as a single in 1980, the song reached #13 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100...

Ambrosia - Time Waits For No One (1975)
From their first album, the one with "Holding On To Yesterday" Hope you like it. I do not own any copyrighted material.

Nice,nice, very nice ,Ambrosia
Ambrosia.This song already on Youtube, but it need to be shown and heard again here 'cause it is a very good example of music from the seventies wich is unknown today by most of the Youth....

Ambrosia Holding On To Yesterday

England Dan & John Ford Coley - We'll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again (HQ)

England Dan & John Ford Coley...Love is the Answer
Lyrics...Love is the Answer: Name your price A ticket to paradise I can't stay here any more And I've looked high and low I've been from shore, to shore, to shore If there's a short cut I'd...

Bread - Baby I'm A Want You - Lyrics
Baby I'm A Want You Bread Lyrics: Baby, I'm-a want you Baby, I'm-a need you You the only one I care enough to hurt about Maybe I'm-a crazy But I just can't live without... Your lovin'...

David Gates - Lorilee
David Gates - Lorilee. la imagen quedo de fondo los doobie brother, es que al principio pensé que era de ellos el tema. disculpen mi error. tendria que corroborar antes de subir. es que...

AMBROSIA - How can you love me [Official Music Video]
AMBROSIA - How can you love me

Bread - Lost Without Your Love (1977)
Lost Without Your Love by Bread. Lost and all alone I always thought that I could make it on my own Since you left I hardly make it through the day My tears get in the way And I need...

Ambrosia - And...Somewhere I've Never Travelled - 4/18/2013
Ambrosia performs "Somewhere I've Never Travelled" from the 1976 album of the same name at the Suffolk Theater in Riverhead, NY. The Suffolk Theater is a beautifully restored 1933 Art Deco...

Orleans - Still The One (with lyrics)
Orleans' 1976 hit "Still The One" with lyrics. Enjoy and please leave your comments! Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright...

Holed of MoM - Ambrosia (Original Mix)
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Ambrosia: Reviving An Old Tune | Trying Out A New Pick
Learn the Essentials of playing Bluegrass Guitar like the Legends: Learn the Tips, Tricks, & Techniques of Legendary Players: http://www.SecretsofTexasBlues...

Ambrosia for the Soul
Song: Ambrosia for the Soul; Album: Pure Sounds This was the last assignment I turned into my broadcasting class in high school. Random note: I think the main influence for this was dreams......

Firefall - You Are The Woman (HD with lyrics)
FIREFALL'S 1976 song "You Are The Woman" with lyrics below. Enjoy and leave your comments. LYRICS: You are the woman that I've always dreamed of I knew it from the start I saw your...

England Dan & John Ford Coley - Some Things Don't Come Easy.wmv
England Dan And John Ford Coley Some Things Don't Come Easy - Lyrics If I did not love you so I would not go through all this pain I'd find someone else But I know it would never be the same...

Ambrosia - Alesana ( Guitar Cover )
me playing ambrosia by alesana. please its my fist cover on yout tube so go easy.

Firefall - Strange Way
From the 1978 album "Elan" and one of their last major hits. Lyrics: Didn't I hear you cry this morning didn't I feel you weep Teardrops falling down on me Like rivers in my sleep...

Firefall - Cinderella

Kahldera-'Gods Drink Ambrosia, Devils Drink Whiskey'
'Gods Drink Ambrosia, Devils Drink Whiskey' from the Kahldera concept album "Ozymandias" (2012)

Orleans - Dance With Me
Live MS performance 1975.

Firefall - Just Remember I Love You (with lyrics)
Firefall's 1977 hit "Just Remember I Love You" with lyrics. Enjoy and please leave your comments! Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the...

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