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Allied Vision - Unforgiven
from "Unburied" ( Zoth Ommog - 1997)

Allied Vision - Xenon Viewer
Dark-Elektro at its finest, layered, complex, dark, futuristic and sci-fi laden!

Allied Vision - Embodied Screw
from the "M M B O" (Man Must Be Overcome) album - 2001 Intracraneal Possession prod.

Allied Vision - Penumbra
Unreleased Allied Vision song. Oscar sent me the mp3 back in 2009. If you like it, write him an email and ask him for more unreleased stuff, and I will put that up ...

Allied Vision - Hidden
Simply Oscar Storm :D Underrated dark electro/ebm ARTIST: Allied Vision TITLE: Hidden ALBUM: MMBO.

Allied Vision - Demon Sect
One of my favourite tracks by Oscar Storm - the robotic vox, mechanical beats and dense atmosphere remind me of WH40k's Necrons. Total apocalyptic ...

Allied Vision - Clockwork Life
O.S. Bandwidth (2003)

Allied Vision__Coaxial Hardware.avi
Allied Vision - Coaxial Hardware

ALLIED VISION All the dead

Allied Vision - Alienate
O.S. Bandwidth (2003)

Se if I can get a free WebcamMax! Record Video to Win Free WebcamMax From Nov 17, 2006 to Dec 16, 2006.

Allied Vision - Back to Ashes
Complex multi-layered brutal sci-fi electro-industrial.

Allied Vision - Confession Of Dementia
Another one of my faves from Man Must Be Overcome. I love the slow, dark, overwhelming oppressive and brutal feel of this track. Wish there was more music ...

Allied Vision - Revolted Generator
Oscar Storm & Allied Vision.

Allied Vision - Lance of Destiny
from the "Unburied" album - 1997 Zoth Ommog prod. Re-issued in 1999 by Gashed! prod.

Allied Vision - Symbolic Schism
MMBO (2001)

Allied Vision - Flooded In Blood
release: Elektrauma vol. 2 compilation (1995) origin: Spain.

Allied Vision - Last Wave
Oscar Storm. The best of.

Allied Vision - Black Wizard
Unburied (1997)

Allied Vision - Spreader (Instrumental)
Unburied (1997)

Allied Vision - Deliver Us From Evil (Promo Version)
Best track off OS Bandwidth IMO.The promo version sounds better with more harsher vocals.

Allied Vision - Transition
Opening track from Man Must Be Overcome. Possibly my all-time fave electro-industrial - perfect beat, aggression, intensity and harsh vox!

Allied Vision - Unforgiven (Fire Drill Mix by Gridlock) (1999)
Spanish electro-industrial project ALLIED VISION with an Ambient/IDM/Industrial remix by American IDM/Industrial duo GRIDLOCK from the debut full length ...

Allied Vision - Xenon Viewer
O.S. Bandwidth (2003)

Allied Vision - Blasphemous
Fantastic, dark and brutal track from master Oscar Storm. Pure cyber doom!

Allied Vision - Insane Gargoyle
My fave track from "Unburied". The overall intensity of it in general and brutality of the beat always makes me think of epic futuristic warzones.

Projeto formado em meados dos anos 90 por OSCAR STORM. Oscar alcançou lugar de destaque na cena industrial espanhola, já ao lançar seu 1º album 1997 ...

AVT Stingray
Allied Vision Technologies - Stingray - Imagefilm, Musik von Sunray Music GmbH / Slizzy Bob.

Oxide Paradise
Utilizing apocalyptic themes, manic sampling,harsh vocals, drum machines, and futuristic ambiance- Allied Vision is simply "State of the Art" in the rivet-head ...

Coaxial Hardware
Excelente video de AV.

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