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Alisha's Attic - I Am, I Feel
"I Am I Feel" was released in 1996 and reached No.14 in the UK singles chart. It was the 1st release from their debut album "Alisha Rules The World". Subscribe: ...

Alisha's Attic - Alisha Rules The World
"Alisha Rules The World" was the title track of Alisha's Attic's 1996 debut album and reached #12 in UK singles charts. Subscribe: Like us on ...

Alisha's Attic - The Incidentals
Music video by Alisha's Attic performing The Incidentals.

Alisha's Attic - Indestructible
So give me a sign... I was in love with this video back in 1997.

Alisha's Attic-I am I feel
Alisha's attic singing, I am I feel,live on Top of the pops, from I think 1996!

Alisha's Attic - White Room
You are entering the White Room Yeah, that's the password And you can leave your hangups at the door now Coz this is the White Room My asylum And you ...

Alisha's Attic - Indestructible
Released in 1997 and reached No. 12 in the UK charts. Subscribe: Like us on Facebook: Follow ...

Alisha's Attic - I Wish I Were You

Alisha's Attic - Air We Breathe
The 4th UK Top 20 single release from their debut album "Alisha Rules The World". "Air We Breathe" was released by Mercury Records in 1997. Subscribe: ...

The Incidentals - Alisha's Attic
The Incidentals by Alisha's Attic from The Collection CD. Please watch my other videos or visit me at NO COPYRIGHT ...

Alisha's Attic - I'm, I'Feel + White Room (The White Room, 1996)
Presented by Marc Radcliffe, Channel 4, UK. RTP2, Lisbon, Portugal.

Alisha's attic - Pretender got my heart
beautiful song from Bridget Jone's diary.

Alisha's Attic - He's A Rebel (1997)
Released on the soundtrack album for the 1997 movie, "Bean". Their version of the '60's hit for the Crystals. This song was written by Gene Pitney.

Ukulele Cover - Alisha's Attic - Indestructible
A ukulele cover of Indestructible by Alisha's Attic. We loved them back in the 90's!

Alisha's Attic - Alisha Rules The World - Live (1996) in Australia on Recovery [HD]
Alisha's Attic perform live on Australian TV. Other songs: I Am I Feel,Pretender Got My Heart, Alisha Rules the World, The Incidentals, Indestructable, White ...

Alisha's Attic - Alisha Rules The World - Top Of The Pops - Friday 1st November 1996
Taken from TOTP (BBC1) on Friday 1st November 1996.

Alisha's Attic - Pretender Got My Heart

Alisha's Attic - I Am, I Feel (1996) (with lyrics)
Alisha's Attic -- I Am, I Feel (1996) (Mercury) Genre: Electro, pop Lyrics: He said: "Angel put that purple skirt on, y'know it makes me hot" He said: "Come on, ...

Alisha's Attic - Alisha rules the world

Alisha's Attic - I Won't Miss You
Alisha's Attic. With lyrics.

Alishas attic - adore u
alishas attic - adore u with lyrics pic slide show i made. one of my fave songs ever kinda sopy (hides)

alisha's attic-alisha rules the world
couldnt find this anywhere on youtube so uploaded under the terms on the fair use policy...all rights go to their respective owners.

Alisha's Attic - Wish I Were You - Top Of The Pops - Friday 8th January 1999
Taken from TOTP (BBC1) on Friday 8th January 1999.

Alisha's Attic The Golden Rule
Fanmade video clip.

Alisha's Attic - Push It All Aside - TOTP 2001
Originally broadcast on 23/03/2001 - no copyright infringement intended.

Do I Lie - Alisha's Attic Lyrics
the rights to this song belong to Alisha's Attic and the team behind the workings of this song. I made this video with windows movie maker. I love it. It's so true.

Alisha´s Attic-Indestructable live
Alisha´s Attic.

Alisha's Attic - Don't Let Love Bring You Down
Track 3: The Attic Vaults 1 No copyright infringement intended. From the inlay (punctuation as original): The Attic Vaults are a collection of unreleased, unheard ...

Alisha's Attic - Alisha Rules the World (live) + interview (Recovery, 22/3/1997)
Live acoustic performance of 'Alisha Rules the World' on Australian TV show 'Recovery', followed by an interview, airing 22nd March 1997. 90s 90's ABC Karen ...

Alisha's Attic - Air We Breathe- Turner Round The World (1997)

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