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Alex Masi and the Ernie Ball Music Man Silhouette Guitar
Guitarist Alex Masi demonstrates his Music Man Silhouette Guitar. Ernie Ball was the first to offer rock strings with the creation of Slinkys, and further ...

Alex Masi - Attack of the Neon Shark
Español: Ok, como vi que no hay mucho material sobre Alex Masi en YouTube, y como a mi me parece estupendo, decidi tomarme la molestia de subir esta ...

Alex Masi Trio al Village 30-07-2011
Alex Masi Trio al Village 30-07-2011.

Alex Masi - Toccata and Fuge in D Minor
From the 2001 album: In The Name Of Bach

Alex Masi - Theory of Nothing 2010 Full Album
1. Theory Of Nothing (4:09) 2. Ladies Of The House (6:00) 3. Queen Of Headfuck (4:17) 4. The Past (5:07) 5. Breakfast At Owsley's (4:27) 6. Big Bad Science ...

Guitar Day 7 - Alex Masi
Un estratto della performance di Alex Masi al Guitar Day 7! Alex ha fatto urlare a dovere la sua Music Man Silhouette ed ha riscosso un grande successo!


Alex Masi- Una vita in tour | di Stefano "Sebo" Xotta Durante gli anni 80, decade d'oro per la chitarra in cui tantissimi storici guitar ...

MASI - God promised a Paradise (official video)
A Guitarist extraordinaire Venice born ALEX MASI has worked with various big names, including W.A.S.P. and QUIET RIOT man Frankie Banali, TALISMAN's ...

ALEX MASI - End Of A Dream
Brano strumentale dall'album "Tales From The North" (1995)

Alex Masi Italian Clinics 2009
Il report del clinic tour di Alex Masi, chitarrista virtuoso italiano che ha costruito la sua carriera da oltre due decenni negli Stati Uniti. Alex utilizza chitarre Music ...

Alex Masi clinic @ Tarcento (UD)
Alex Masi clinic @ Tarcento (UD)

Alex Masi - Moonlight Sonata (III)
This time, I have uploaded this song from the album "In the name of Beethoven" wich was released in 2005. It is full of compositions made of this mastermind.

Alex Masi Rock of Changes
Vertical Invader is Italian shredder Alex Masi's brilliant 1990 instrumental CD, which was not out long enough for the thousands of guitar fans who wanted a copy ...

Symphony No. 5 First Movement (L. V. Beethoven) - Alex Masi

Alex Masi Ladies Of The House
Very good ambience of this music xD xD.

Alex Masi DV Mark
random messing around with the dv mark bad boy 120.

ALEX MASI On and on (Eternal Struggle 2001)
Alex masi is one of the great neoclassical influence electric guitar virtuosos.

Alex Masi - Movements
Originally released in 1987, Fire in the Rain was the debut album from Masi, the solo project formed by Italian guitar virtuoso Alex Masi. For this outing, Masi ...

Alex Masi - Toccata
from "Attack of the Neon Shark" (Italy/USA, 1989)

Alex Masi - DFWM
Alex Masi - Attack of the Neon Shark (1989)

Alex Masi - Antistructure
From the album, "Late Nights at Desert's Rimrock".

ALEX MASI Blue morning blue day (Eternal Struggle 2001)
Great cover from Foreigner song.Alex Masi is one of the great neoclassical influence electric guitar virtuosos.

Alex Masi - In the name of Bach - Siciliano in c minor from sonata for violin & harpsichord BWV 101
Alex Masi Brano tratto dal disco In the name of Bach. By alex Masi and Lion Music. Il grande Alex Masi suona in modo meraviglioso ma in questo brano il feeling ...

Masi Downtown Dreamers (FULL ALBUM) Original Cd Press
1. God Promised a Paradise 0:00 2. Thunder and Lightning 3:22 3. Movin' On 8:05 4. Undercover (Rock and Roll Lover) 12:04 5. Hangin' On 15:40 6. Foggy Day ...

Alex Masi - Antistructure
Alex Masi - Antistructure from Late Night At Desert's Rimrock (2006) album.

Alex Masi
Another Alex's video.

Alex Masi - Allemande From Suite in D Minor BWV 812
From the 2001 album: In The Name Of Bach

Alex Masi - Allegro C Maj K. 545
From the 2003 album: In the Name of Mozart

Alex Masi - Trapped in a Warm Feeling
More insane fretburning from the 1990 Solo album "Vertical Invader" by Alex, along with some delicate acoustic work. This guy definately deserves to be better ...

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